If Stan Kroenke calls, Dick Vermeil would listen

Former Rams coach Dick Vermeil thinks Stan Kroenke is the right man to be the Rams’ next owner, and Vermeil says he’d be interested in returning to the franchise in some capacity if Kroenke asks him.

Oh yeah, I’d listen,” Vermeil told Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “There’s nobody in the United States more prepared to be an owner as Stan Kroenke. It’d be a crime for him not to end up with this football team.”

Vermeil says Kroenke hasn’t approached him, but that he started thinking about getting involved in the Rams again when he talked to another potential Rams buyer about it.

“I was part of another group trying to get in to buy this team,” Vermeil said. “They invited me to be involved, and I was sort of excited about it.”

And if Kroenke is approved as the Rams’ next owner, Vermeil would be excited about working for Kroenke, too.