Jaguars lose third-round pick, possibly for season

Jacksonville’s youth movement on the defensive line has already hit a major roadblock.

The team’s third-round pick D’Anthony Smith will undergo surgery for a right Achilles tendon injury, according to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.  If the tendon is torn as expected, that would probably knock Smith out for the 2010 season.

Smith was expected to get significant snaps in a big-bodied rotation behind first-round pick Tyson Alualu and overly beefy second year player Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton.  

This is one of those injuries that won’t make huge headlines, but takes away at what the heart of what G.M. Gene Smith is trying to do in Jacksonville, building their defense around stout run stoppers.  Just like the franchise used to.

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  1. lets analyze this. smith wants the jags to be “stout” run stoppers. they dont play in the same div as pitt, balto and cincy anymore.
    they play with indy. no stout run game there. i hear they like to toss the pigskin.
    they play with houston. they also like to pass and dont really pound the rock.
    they play the titans. while the titans do run the ball it’s a lot more dash and not too much crash. the jags therefore need to flow to the ball more.
    they need a speed defense, not a 3-4 350 pounders up front. to get through their division and into the playoffs.

  2. The Jaguars did not draft “stout run stoppers” at defensive tackle this year. They drafted two penetrating “3-technique” defensive tackles, in addition to 2 defensive ends, in a quest to get more pressure on the passer. This is just another example of how Mike Florio is full of misinformation.

  3. @ numberfour,
    Good idea, lets analyze it. First of all, all GM’s want their defensive front to be stout run stuffers. Especially when the Cleveland Browns run for like 300 yards against you in your last game.
    -The Colts were 2-0 against the JAGS in 2009 with those two wins coming by a combined margin of 6 points. The first loss was a 14-12 game in INDY. The second was a 35-31 loss in Jacksonville. Manning was not sacked in either contest. The difference? The Colts could get pressure on Garrard, the Jags could not get pressure on Manning.
    -The Titans were 1-1 against the Jags and the main difference in the two contests, besides Garrard throwing for over 300 yards in the win vs the loss is Chris Johnson rushed for over 200 yards against the Jags in TEN. It was Vince Young’s first start of the year. The Jags weren’t physical at all on defense in that game, it wasn’t that they couldn’t catch Johnson, it was that they couldn’t tackle.
    -The Texans were 0 and 2 against the Jags in 2009. Despite the Jags having one of the worst D’s in the league and the Texans having a very good offense.
    The Jags have one 350 punder and he is a run stuffing nose guard. D’Anthony Smith was a 300 pound athletic interior tackle. Alaualua has the speed and quickness of a DE but will play inside. The other two DE’s they drafted are pass rushers. So nice try in analyzing the situation but your analysis is not only wrong, it is totally absurd. Is it possible to both become a run stuffing defensive front as well as speed rushing defensive front? That certainly is the hope in Jacksonville.

  4. HooskerDo says:
    August 4, 2010 11:18 AM
    It is what it is.
    Is it what it is? Perhaps it is just water under the bridge, or a catch 22. Maybe we could talk about the weather when we meet?

  5. Ok Smith and Alualu are not just run stuffers they are pass rushers, they both are at 300 lbs each, and we have depth there no problem this is football you have to move on.

  6. myeaglescantwin says:
    August 4, 2010 1:29 PM
    Jacksonville still has a team??
    Your Eagles will find that out on Sept 26…

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