LenDale White lands in Denver

NFL_white1.jpgThe Seahawks unceremoniously cut running back LenDale White during offseason workouts.  To make matter worse, White ended up on the wrong end of a four-game suspension.

We assumed that White would serve his time and eventually be signed by the Bengals.

But necessity intervened in Denver, where running backs like Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter have dropped like flies.

Per a league source, White has signed a two-year deal to join the Broncos.

White entered the league in 2006 as a second-round pick of the Titans.  But he wore out his welcome in Tennessee, and with Chris Johnson emerging as a star they simply didn’t need him.

But then his college coach, Pete Carroll, decided he didn’t want White, and he has been available for the past couple of months.

White will be able to practice with the Broncos and participate in the preseason.  He’ll then leave for the first four weeks of the season.

UPDATE:  The Broncos have announced the move, and they’ve also released running back Kolby Smith to create a roster spot for White.

70 responses to “LenDale White lands in Denver

  1. Very funny regarding having him sign with Bengals.
    I guess if he raped girls, you would have said he would have signed with the Steelers. A mureder would have had him with the Ravens or Colts, and a DUI with the Fins.

  2. It is probably a deal for close to the minimum so it is a low risk high reward signing. When you add in that he has to know that this is probably his last chance to make it in the NFL I really don’t see much of a downside to this move.

  3. First running off Cutler and Marshall, and then picking Tebow in the first round and now signing LenDale White, Josh McDaniels continues to make all the right moves.
    On the bright side, whoever the new Bronco coach is will have a top 5 pick in the 2011 draft.

  4. LOL. McDaniels runs Cutler out of town, then Marshall, all for supposed character issues. Then he drafts choir boy Tebow.
    Now he’s signing a guy who’s not only suspended, he’s such a d-bag that his college coach didn’t want him around.
    What a joke.

  5. Why in the world would Denver take on a RB like White who is due to serve a 4 game suspension? It seems to me that with running backs like Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter dropping like flies, Denver would need/want a RB who will have an instant impact, right? Besides who else do they have on their roster?

  6. I feel like White has gotten a little bit of a raw deal. He has shown he has the potential to be a productive member of a team, at least in goal line situations, and I am glad to see he is getting a chance to prove as much. Obviously it will be a little tougher for him going from a team with a 2000+ yard back to one where the lead back has been injured and the teams QB is not known for making life easier on RBs. But I would guess in a 12 game season (due to his suspension) he will be able to churn out 6-8 TDs.

  7. Did they use ropes to secure him to the tower like they did with the Hindenberg?

  8. The chips should be properly installed on the shoulder. If White is a real man, he will be a steal for the Broncs

  9. Will LenWhale have the cab take him to some quack doctors office to get his pot card, as soon as he lands in Dungver?

  10. No really.
    Are there any stories today NOT about people I DON’T think lead us away from real football.

  11. LenWhale White?!?!?!
    Coach is fired after this year of destroying a good team.
    And he had a good team when he got there.
    KC, and the Raiders thank them.

  12. We assumed that White would serve his time and eventually be signed by the Bengals.
    Florio … Stop being such a douche bag…

  13. Shut the hell up, Florio. Despite your constant efforts to bash them, the Bengals will do just fine this year without LenDale’s fat ass.

  14. As I said last weekend, the broncos aren’t being truthful about the severity of Moreno’s injury………maybe they should be given the “Favre treatment” for telling a lie!

  15. Brady Quinn, Tim Tebow, and now Lendale White. Wow. Fire up the Delorean and get up to 88 mph and redo all of it.

  16. Dumb. Kolby Smith is good and what is Denver going to do if Moreno has to miss some games? White has 2 miss some games already, if Moreno does they are screwed.

  17. The Seahawks unceremoniously cut running back LenDale White during off-season workouts. To make matter worse, White ended up on the wrong end of a four-game suspension. We assumed that White would serve his time and eventually be signed by the Bengals.
    Now that was a cheap shot against the Bengals. The AFCN team that is now favored to win it all since they signed T.O.. I’m not making it up.

  18. And as soon as Chris Johnson gets injured, the Titans will be feeling even more stupid than they already should.

  19. Pretty sure LenWhale can match NoGain’s yards-per-carry average.
    Maybe he can hang on to the ball, as well.
    Or this might just be yet another desperation move from a team that has had to make a lot of them over the past decade or so.

  20. AHHHHHH!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Good luck to the Donkeys. They are going to need it with LenWhale hanging out there. His lazy ass thinks he deserves everything without working for anything. This guy is the definition of “TURD.”

  21. So they cut a RB to add Lendale White! Good Move! Lendale was a “barn burner” in Tennessee Denver will be #3 in AFC west this year

  22. He’s from Denver but not well liked there….. That should make things interesting!

  23. I called it when Moreno got hurt. While I’m on a hot streak, my prediction for the Browns is 7 to 9 wins.

  24. Sweet. That’s a real confidence-builder for your ground game, Bronco fan. After he gets back from his 4 week vacation he can back up Tebow on pinball dives. Enjoy.

  25. Hopefully he landed on McDaniels mouth finally shutting the 1st-team all douche coach up for a bit.

  26. If you want some posts on this story Florio you should of made the headline read: “Lendale White Tells All About Brett Favre as he lands in Denver”

  27. “LenDale White lands in Denver”
    Awesome. I love the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  28. This could be good. McD could help him with work ethic and he could be an excellent banger up the middle and open up the passing attack for ….. Tim Tebow.

  29. So the Broncos trade away Cutler and Marshall because they’re divas and then they sign LenDale White? McDaniels, thy name is hypocrite. I guess you can be a diva if you don’t have talent?
    Another move by McDaniels that makes sense to no one but him and his puppet Brian Xanders.

  30. Why would they do this??? If they wanted an overweight, out of shape running back with poor work ethics and off the field problems, Maurice Clarette was just released from prison. Hell, he is younger and less wear and tear on his body too lmao…
    The Broncos have the inside track on him too ;)…
    @ Piro: Ahhhh hahahahah isn’t that the truth. Like I said before Tebow will make a great NFL Fullback….

  31. Unless he landed in Denver after a lay-over in Minnesota, I don’t want to hear about it. Give me more Favre.

  32. Thats all fine and dandy but has anyone stopped to think what Brett Favre’s opinion is on this?

  33. LenDale White lands in Denver
    In related news, US Geological Survey reports a 8.3 magnatude quake being felt in the Denver area, coincidentally around the same time as White’s landing. Film at 11.

  34. Shiiiettt… This post has been the leading topic for hours…. I’m sure there is more to report than this fat dude finally finding a team to accept his ghetto booty.

  35. Why are a majority of the people who comment on stories do nothing but talk sh*t about whoever the article is about? Don’t you trolls have anything better to do than sit around and bash a player or a team who is obviously more successful and talented than you? Don’t be jealous that LenDale White’s living a much better life than you and still in better shape even when he’s overweight. Now get back in the basement where you trolls belong, just because the sun is down doesn’t mean you should run your mouth.

  36. I thought Tebow was goint to run the ball. Lendale????????????????????????
    Something’s burnin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Nate is Gay for Brady says:
    August 4, 2010 7:37 PM
    LenWhale White?!?!?!
    Coach is fired after this year of destroying a good team.
    And he had a good team when he got there.
    KC, and the Raiders thank them.
    Ever heard of camp fodder?
    Obviously not.

  38. Oh it keeps getting better and better. Keep messing that team up McD, Raider nation thanks you! hahaha!!!

  39. Well, so much for that hypocritical line of McDaniels about we only want high character guys. Unless of course he decides he doesn’t anymore, which is what this is looking like.
    Josh McDaniels has done more damage to Denver than the last 5 hail storms and tornadoes combined.
    3 to 5 wins this year, maybe.

  40. Tebow and Lendale in the backfield, i think defenses will be shaking in their boots

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