Tony Sparano thinks Jake Long will be "scary good"

Dolphins tackle Jake Long has started all 32 games in two seasons since being taken first overall in the 2008 NFL draft. But coach Tony Sparano says Long is capable of being not just a starter but a star.

Discussing how good Long can be, Sparano said, “Pretty scary good.”

Sparano said Long still has to learn some of the nuances of playing left tackle in the NFL. But the Dolphins still think Long has all the tools that made them decide to take him with the first pick in the draft and give him a contract guaranteeing him $30 million (which, given the insane rate of inflation for high NFL draft picks, now doesn’t seem like all that much money).

“Listen, Jake Long is a pretty good player for us,” Sparano said. “This is the offensive line coach in me coming out, but there’s a bunch of things Jake would tell you he needs to do to raise the bar a little bit with his game.”

For his part, Long says he’s going to work at becoming the best left tackle in the league.

“I still have the same goals,” Long said. “We have our team goals, and that’s No. 1 to me. But it’s always in the back of my mind — always to be a Pro Bowler and an all-league guy. I still have a lot to do, and I will get better.”

26 responses to “Tony Sparano thinks Jake Long will be "scary good"

  1. As long as he’s playing in the same conference as Joe Thomas he’ll never start a Pro Bowl at left tackle.

  2. lieutenant Dan’s Ice Cream says:
    August 5, 2010 12:06 AM
    Most overrated player in the NFL
    That would be Mark Sanchez

  3. roland2305 says:
    August 5, 2010 12:32 AM
    As long as he’s playing in the same conference as Joe Thomas he’ll never start a Pro Bowl at left tackle
    So he is 2 for 2 in Pro Bowl selections and he still no good? He will start this year.

  4. Jake Long was a Pro Bowl starter last year along with Ryan Clady, but he pulled out because of injury. You guessed it, the RESERVE was Joe Thomas.

  5. lieutenant Dan’s Ice Cream & roland2305 need to get their head examined. Long had the most votes at LT, got the start, & decided to pass on this January’s pro bowl.

  6. Very good player but much over rated after being taken #1. Clady is better but not as well known because he was taken 11 spots behind.

  7. “Most overrated player in the NFL.” We both know that title belongs to Kim Kardashian’s bush.

  8. Is this seriously an article about how someone COULD BE very good if they work hard? You could write an article about every player in the league.

  9. Three Cloud says:
    August 5, 2010 5:01 AM
    Very good player but much over rated after being taken #1. Clady is better but not as well known because he was taken 11 spots behind.
    Yeah, just like Tom Brady in not as well known because he was picked so many spots behind a lot of QBs.

  10. One of the best Left Tackles (Anthony Munoz), maybe the best LT, to ever play the game recently stated there are two players he watches at the Left Tackle position…Jake Long and Joe Thomas.
    Jake Long is a monster…for my money he already is the best LT in the game. His run blocking is unparalleled.

  11. I love how someone sooo overrated can only be compared to the other two most elite LTs currently in the league.

  12. There’s a gap between Thomas and Long, and it’s called run blocking – something Thomas does better than anyone in the NFL, except for (maybe) Jahri Evans and Leonard Davis. As pass blockers they are comparable, and already the stars of the league at the position.
    Ryan Clady isn’t in the same zip code. He isn’t even close enough that he could zoom out twice on Google Maps and see the zip code that Thomas and Long are in. He could stand in the observatory of a skyscraper, steal a pair of binoculars from a tourist, and scope out the house of a cartographer living 20 miles away with a giant map of America on his living room wall, and that cartographer’s arms wouldn’t be long enough to stretch on his wall to show just how far his own zip code is from Joe Thomas’s and Jake Long’s.

  13. Long is a hell of a player and he’s right there with Thomas (He played in the Pro Bowl as a reserve as a rookie but was selected as the starter last year). I give a slight edge to Thomas because of experience but Jake should pass him this year or next but still, it’s hard to believe that there are any other LT’s in the league, let alone the AFC, that are better than those two.

  14. Three Cloud…
    Clady had one good year, while Long keeps getting better and better. He only allowed 2.5 sacks last year and 2 were in week 1.

  15. ftomeo, lieutenant Dan’s Ice Cream, muhangis:
    Go ahead, explain to us how YOU THINK he’s overrated, because you already sound like half a tard to begin with.

  16. Long has allowed less sacks through two seasons than both Clady and Thomas.
    Some would say that Thomas is of equal skill and talent (and I’d agree), but to say Long is over-rated is absurd. No LT in the league has allowed less sacks as a full-time starter over the last two years. Two years and two pro bowls. Statistically, he’s been one of the best in every measureable category for OLs.
    How is that over-rated?

  17. Overrated…rly? If you actually watch Long play every week you would see that he’s a freak of nature. The D-Line fears him.

  18. @ koa misi fan
    Brady was an obscurity based on where he was picked. After being named super bowl MVP in his first year as a starter all that changed.
    Long gets more exposure than Clady because he was picked #1, the team went from 1 to 11 wins his rookie year and Parcells’ teams always get exposure.

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