Albert Haynesworth to have MRI on knee

For the third straight day, Albert Haynesworth did not attempt the Redskins’ conditioning test because of his ailing knee.

Now the Redskins want to find out how bad his knee really is.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said today that Haynesworth will have an MRI on his knee.

The knee has been swollen for most of this week, and as a result Haynesworth hasn’t attempted the team’s conditioning test since Monday.

47 responses to “Albert Haynesworth to have MRI on knee

  1. sounds like he injured it trying to do the test. hmmmm maybe skins will have to pay him on the pup list this year as he sits on the bench

  2. Ha Ha…….i laugh in yalls faces…..whinesworth is a bumm……..plain and simple…..i say, once a bum, always a bum……

  3. Yes he’s a bum. Everybody knows he’s a bum. Even the akin know he is a bum.
    Thanks you for point it out to everybody who doesn’t know Salmen”Mr. Obvious”76

  4. robert ethen says:
    August 5, 2010 2:02 PM
    Albert’s whole body is “swollen”, why should his knee get special attention?

  5. AS I’ve asked before,”How does this end for Shanahan, and how does he get the team focused on football and solve/remove this distraction?”

  6. I think Shanahan is just making sure this bum isn’t faking it, period. Smart move and just a little bit more ammo to use against him.

  7. LMFAO, if his knee cant handle the conditioning test, there is no way he can play….

  8. Who DIDN’T know that acquiring Haynesworth for all of that cash wasn’t going to end well?
    If this MRI is bad news, this will go down as likely the WORST free-agent signing in the history of the league.

  9. tiger2471 says:
    August 5, 2010 2:29 PM
    I think Shanahan is just making sure this bum isn’t faking it, period. Smart move and just a little bit more ammo to use against him.
    If he’s faking it, why is the knee swollen?
    What is this the 8th day of camp? If so the score is now:
    Haynesworth 8
    Shanahan 0.

  10. You people are FUNNY…
    How is this ANY of Shanahans fault?
    As this conditioning test accurately pointed out, he was NOT in any kind of football shape AND he was most likely already injured.
    AND if he is not really injured and he is just trying not to take the conditioning test, the MRI will reveal that.
    Honestly, as a Redskins fan, I can’t stand the circus of Haynesworth and just want to focus on what is going on with the players that are ACTUALLY PRACTICING.

  11. Cue some stupid comment from BigMike.
    As soon as his mother lets him on the computer again.

  12. I guess you showed him huh Shanahan! Now he’ll get paid to sit on his ass all year, which was his dream scenario anyway.

  13. No one has mentioned this “big weightloss” from these extra workouts that he did in order to get smaller so he wouldn’t be the prototype nose tackle possibly being the reason for the swollen knee. Biggest mistake was not cutting their loses before they paid him the bonus. Synder’s ego got in the way again.

  14. I’m confused as to the logic. So he can’t run up and down a field and that’s shanahan’s fault? What I’m hearing is it’s the same knee he’s been having problems with for years and the condition is worse than expected. Fat boy ran around with the extra weight so long it’s caused damage in the ligaments.

  15. Haynesworth’s doctor:
    ‘Ok Mr. Haynesworth, I’ve got your MRI results here, and I just have a few things to go over with you; We DID find swelling in your knee, but were surprised to find that the swelling was comprised of cream gravy….Are you aware that you also have Ragu Old World Style spaghetti sauce instead of blood? Um, Mr. Haynesworth, you’re not allowed to bring food in here; nurse, take his cheeseburger please….’

  16. I told ya last week……this bum is always injured…..i predicted he would miss 6-8 games……Week 1 the Cowboys come to town…… better get your shit together foreskins!!!

  17. I hope that he gets ran off the road by a 120mph SUV that then leaves the accident where he actually does tear every single ligament in his knee. Then I hope he never plays again. That is what karma does when you broke some kids hip, and now have the audacity to fake your own injury.

  18. I said it before and I will say it again. If fat boy hurt his knee by running 200 yds, what do you think what would have happened to his knee if he actually was busting heads at first practice, this guy would be out for the year. Shanny did nothing wrong… Geeze people forget awful fast what this guy did.

  19. Not buying his BS excuses…his character issues have shown he doesnt deserve the benefit of the doubt. He said he does not want to play NT in a 3-4. Now, he doesnt have to practice for the position he does not want to play. The “injury” allows him to be lazy/stubborn about not practicing/playing in a 3-4 and the coach is made to look like the bad guy. “Shamesworth” is actually holding out while still technically in camp and getting paid. If he can’t jog 300 yards how is he supposed to run, shift direction, lean, stretch, etc. with 300lbs men resisting his efforts?

  20. tiger2471 says:
    August 5, 2010 2:29 PM
    I think Shanahan is just making sure this bum isn’t faking it, period. Smart move and just a little bit more ammo to use against him.
    Use against him in what way? As long as Haynesworth shows up, he gets paid. If the MRI doesn’t show anything, AH can just go back to pretending to run and failing the test.
    There is absolutely nothing Shanahan can do. If he cuts him, AH keeps the 20 million and gets picked up by another team in 30 seconds, and probably one that runs the 4-3, which AH prefers.
    If Shanahan has even half the brains he was born with, he will either waive the test if AH is in fact hurt, or if he’s not, have him run the test and tell him he passed no matter what the stopwatch says. He’s made his point. Time to stop hurting the team, which is what keeping your best defensive player out of practice is doing.

  21. This is not news, atleast the Lorenzo story was funny. All of these NFC haters, you know ‘Dirty Birds and Cowgirls’ need to worry about their own boys who keep limpin’ of the field. Big Al got his cheese coolin’ in the bank, ego gettin’ a chin check and he’s his makin’ peace with Jim. Let the games begin, and good luck makin’ the playoffs. Super Bowl ??? More like puff, puff give mo-fo.

  22. If it wasn’t for the fact that he hasn’t practiced at all this year, I would have guessed the McNabb injured his knee with one of his trademark “ankle hunter” throws.

  23. lol at the implications that “if Shanahan wouldn’t have made him take the test, he wouldn’t have a hurt knee.”
    I mean, if the knee is *that* vulnerable, it could definitely have been hurt in an actual practice — not just in doing some stupid test.
    It’s not like Rat-man made him scale the Great Wall of China…

  24. A twisted knee, for a person who had no intention of passing the test. He will win this battle eventually in court. I guess he is treating the Redskins as an obama government bailout.

  25. I don’t care for Haynesworth too much, I think that he’s overrated. He can play at a high level, but only on contract years. Haynesworth is a cry baby I agree, but I don’t know anyone his size that could pass that test seriously. If he’s hurt, that one’s one the coach. That was stupid, to make him run that specific test and keep failing him. They will feel that blow if he’s out.

  26. I say skip the MRI and let him take the conditioning test while riding in the back of a golf cart…

  27. there goes the weight loss he supposedly had. I hope the MRI shows a tear and he is out 6 games. This is comical and we all love to see weasel midget owner get the shaft. Story of his life….LMFAO.

  28. whatever the injury is, Albert’s agent will demand he be placed on the IR list and be allowed to keep his 21 million.

  29. You people are FUNNY…
    How is this ANY of Shanahans fault?

    Same crowd that thinks Vick is a victim of ‘the man’

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