Elvis Dumervil has torn pectoral muscle

The results are in on Elvis Dumervil’s injury, and the news is bad.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Dumervil, the Broncos’ top pass rusher, suffered a torn pectoral muscle during Wednesday’s practice.

A torn pectoral muscle is usually a season-ending injury. Schefter reports that Dumervil is expected to miss about four months, which means he might be able to return for the final few weeks of the regular season.

Losing Dumervil, who’s coming off a 17-sack season in 2009, is a huge blow to the Broncos. The injury comes just two weeks after Dumervil signed a six-year, $61.5 million contract that guarantees him $43 million.

42 responses to “Elvis Dumervil has torn pectoral muscle

  1. Those last few weeks he’d be eligible would be valuable if the rest of his team didn’t blow…

  2. That’s a bummer. I just hate to see anything bad happen to the Broncos and Josh McDaniels.
    I thought drafting Tebow was going to put God’s protective angels around the Mile High City. It now appears the Broncos will need divine intervention to save their season from becoming a catastrophe.

  3. I just heard a report that an MRI confirmed the potential tear in Josh McDaniels’ sphincter muscle has gotten bigger, as the Broncos fans’ desire to ‘rip him a new one’ have increased.
    Also, could you PLEASE pointlessly update us on how Tim Tebow’s jersey is selling?

  4. Damn man I like this kid…and I hate to see this happen….Keep ya head up Dumervil and wish my Bengals never overlooked you…but work hard keep a good mindset and stay positive and happy things will happen again….You’re still young smuck the haters and stay focused!

  5. It wasn’t like they were going to win anything even if he had the same season as he did last year. I feel sorry for Brian Dawkins, that he has to rot away his career as a bronco.

  6. Can you say 6-10 and looking up at KC?
    Really though, that totally sucks. He is one of the best pass rushers to play in the past 10 years.

  7. Holy cow…Broncos cannot seem to get a break…wonder if McDaniels is getting the bad karma from being with Belichick all those seasons…of cheating…

  8. “CleanSlaton says:
    August 5, 2010 12:17 PM
    I just heard a report that an MRI confirmed the potential tear in Josh McDaniels’ sphincter muscle has gotten bigger, as the Broncos fans’ desire to ‘rip him a new one’ have increased.”

  9. Guess Timmy Tebow will have to play on both sides of the ball. He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread so I’m sure OLB in a 3-4 will be no tall task for him!!

  10. If Tebow’s urine can cure scurvy, i’m sure his hands will repair a torn pectoral muscle.
    Who needs stem cell research when you have Jesus 2.0 ?

  11. Wow feel sorry for the Donks and their fans. He is one of the better players in the league and it sucks to see him out for the year before its even started.

  12. Zach says:
    August 5, 2010 12:08 PM
    And you wonder why players hold out for a payday
    And you wonder why teams are reluctant to hand out guaranteed money contracts…..

  13. As a Steelers fan it sucks to see someone with so many similarities to James Harrison out for the season. Peter King called it the worst possible player the Broncos could lose, “QB included”.

  14. Sincerely, too bad. Now the Broncos won’t be able to stop anyone, nor score any points. If I was a Broncos fan talking about the Bears I’d display zero class by saying the Bears suck because of the crybaby, nonexistent WRs, blah-blah-blah. All I have to say the Donkeys will be horrible this season!

  15. no worries Tim tebow will do a prayer and a pass rushing angel will come in and save the day

  16. I love all the hatred spewed at the Broncos.
    As I see it, this comes from all the Super Bowl appearances, stomping on the hearts of the rest of the AFC West for so many years, and continuing to win- even if we are have a “bad” year of 8-8.
    There is nothing more dilinquent that making fun of someone’s faith (Tebow). What a bunch of garbage. There are hundreds of Christians, Muslims, etc. in the NFL, but Tebow “believes he is Jesus.” Pure stupidity and hatred. There are a lot of people on this board that need to worry about their own crappy teams, and not worry about how the Broncos WILL WIN THE AFC WEST THIS YEAR. GUARANTEED!
    When Denver continues to improve, show our crazy talent on offense, and Tebow develops; I can only hope for more hatred.
    The main ingredient here is jeolousy. Nobody will give McDaniels a break due to his age and steadfast belief in his system.
    Keep it coming douchebags.
    On a side note, Jacksonville could use Tebow pretty bad now. Those jersey sales and ticket sales might have kept them from going LA.

  17. That’s not news at all.
    The Chargers have been tearing the Broncos ass muscles for years now.

  18. This news is bad for the Broncos. I feel for Elvis he is a good guy who makes a difference for his team. Dont wish this on any team or player.

  19. the curse of McDaniels, the worm is turning in the AFC west, Chiefs are about to take over for the next few years…

  20. Bad for Elvis but good for McDaniels. I hope the A**hole gets fired. Maybe Tebow can play DE.

  21. @jkiddrock-
    Now you know how it feels like being a Bears fan the past two years. Haters everywhere, and people act like a talented 26 year-old QB can never improve. What a freakin’ joke?!

  22. for the denver fans who were razzing us charger fans about signing players and getting them in on time, and saying how rivers is going to be injured with no left tackle
    next time use your damn head , karma is a bitch
    i feel bad for doom, who is a legit great player in a 3-4 defense, he’s a solid player and i would have loved to see sd make a run at him if he’d have ever gotten to FA, and denver signing him was a GREAT thing, as you can never predict these types of injuries and you want to lock up a talent like this, as long as you can.
    but next time remember, karma ladies, don’t screw with karma, just applaud the signing and move on

  23. As if jkiddrock could have sounded any more clueless he throws in that gem about Jax at the end. You sir, haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about. See you week 1, suckers.

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