Mawae says Jeff Fisher promised him a roster spot

The story of a man who may retire from the NFL for a third straight year has caused us to forget to mention the story of a man of nearly the same age who isn’t ready to retire once.

Free-agent center Kevin Mawae, the NFLPA president who has suggested multiple times that his leadership role in the union could be keeping him from getting another job, says that Titans coach Jeff Fisher promised Mawae a spot of the team, but that Fisher has failed to follow through.

“Jeff told me in April he guaranteed me a roster spot,” Mawae recently told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “Those were his
exact words, ‘I guarantee that you have a roster spot.’  He said that to
me twice.  But apparently Jeff is not doing contracts.  It would be great
if the two were on the same page instead of sending me mixed signals.”

Mawae, 39, has spent 16 seasons in the NFL, including the last four with the Titans.

“We have young players to evaluate and we are only in our second day
of training camp,” Fisher told Wyatt on Sunday.  “We haven’t even put pads on yet.  I’d like to think the
door is still open once the evaluation process is done or there’s an
issue.  When
I discussed this with Kevin there was no timetable.  [G.M.] Mike [Reinfeldt] and I are on
the same page.  He is excited about the roster and excited about
evaluating the younger players.”

Reinfeldt and Fisher likely aren’t excited by the fact that Mawae has gone public to bully them into giving him a job.  Indeed, even if some teams were reluctant to sign Mawae due in part to the fact that he’s the president of the NFLPA at a time of labor unrest that hasn’t been seen in more than two decades, the fact that Mawae has been so willing to complain openly about his beliefs in this regard will do nothing to persuade teams to be willing to give him a chance.

The best bet?  Quit talking to the media about it.  Lay low.  Stay in shape.  And maybe the phone will ring — if the damage hasn’t already been done.

17 responses to “Mawae says Jeff Fisher promised him a roster spot

  1. “The story of a man who may retire from the NFL for a third straight year has caused us to forget”
    You mean the story that exploded due to you and other press types who ran with it even without any statement from Favre what so ever?
    You’re excused.

  2. Right, and if he had “laid low” he would have never been called, made his comments in the middle of the season and been completely ignored, as opposed to mostly ignored.

  3. @FoF
    Nice try Mr. Kneepads. Keep on making excuses for your GOD. You sheep have no clue when it comes to Favre. He’s brought all of this on himself, been doing this since 2002!!!!!! But it’s all the media’s fault right? Get a clue loser!!

  4. Typical Union Douchbag Whiner. I hope all those retired players benefits he fought against bites him in the ass.

  5. Jeff Fisher is a scumbag. Plain and simple. Players generally leave the Titans when they have a chance. Maybe living in redneck Rockytop wears on them, or maybe Jeff Fisher wears on them. Fisher fits right in amidst the rebel vindictive populace who still hate outsiders and yankees. Kiffin is a California boy – just as bad as a yankee.

  6. I wish the Steelers would sign Mawae to mentor Maurkice Pouncey. I can’t imagine that there is much that he could learn from Justin Hartwig.

  7. Kevin Mawae was a probowler last season, how in the hell does anybody not want to sign him? It’s gotta be collusion based on the current CBA deal, nobody wants to pay the paycheck to somebody who’s gonna end up driving the situation to a work stoppage next year.

  8. Yeah Kevin…I know you may not get a job in the NFL. And I know training camps are opening up and you are being blackballed because you are the President of the Union. But you need to STFU and pray to God that somebody gets injured or doesn’t live up to their potential so you get another shot, even though you have pretty much been a top-5 center the last 15 years. Sure, that sounds about right, don’t you think, Mike? That’s easy for you to say since you have a steady source of income. Mawae is obviously being f’d over and he isn’t going to take it. I say good for him…put pressure on these a-holes who are screwing with your livelihood to make a statement.

  9. Apparently, Mawae is an idiot. After playing as long as he has, he should know that there are no guarantees of a roster spot – especially to someone about to turn 40.

  10. Did someone actually write Mawae is getting f’d over?
    The NFL is a business and I don’t think they want to bring in a 39 yr old before the season starts because if he is injured they would owe him more money than they would if they bring him in after the season starts. Everyone knows the guy can play so why do you need him in camp. At 39, it is really a question of how many games can he play in.

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