Peyton Manning: Colts passed because running game failed

The Colts had an AFC-low 366 rushing attempts last season, while quarterback Peyton Manning threw 571 passes. Manning says the reason he called his own number so often is simple: The Colts weren’t good enough at running the ball.

“I’d call the run and we’d get one yard, be in second-and-9,” Manning tells Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports. “After awhile, you do that and it’s hard to keep coming back to it.”

Colts president Bill Polian says he’s not concerned about the running game. But he also took another opportunity to point out, as he did after the Super Bowl, that the Colts’ offensive line could stand to play better.

“I will say this, the running backs did a pretty damn good job last year,” Polian said. “There were a limited number of plays where you would say they didn’t hit the right hole or make the right read. It was really about our ability to get some movement on the line of scrimmage.”

Even if Manning’s comments could be perceived as throwing his teammates under the bus, he says his teammates know he believes in the running game.

“If we’re throwing it every single play, it’s playing to [the defense’s] advantage a little bit and they know it,” Manning said. “We’re at our best when [the offensive linemen are] saying, ‘Put it on us.’ We just got to get back to that.”

36 responses to “Peyton Manning: Colts passed because running game failed

  1. Which comes first – running better or being more committed to the run. I like to see Peyton run up his numbers but I would like to see the Colts keep it on the ground a little more. I think Addai is going to have a really good season. Go Horse

  2. That’s what makes Peyton Manning the great leader he is. He’s always eager to give his teammates all the credit when the team fails.

  3. The Colts’ offensive line keeps getting thrown under the bus. 1st, it was their team president (Bill Polian) who blamed the O-line for the Super Bowl loss. It wasn’t the defense, who couldn’t stop the Saints. It wasn’t special teams (Hank Baskett) who lost the on side kick. It wasn’t Reggie Wayne, who ran a half-assed route. And it couldn’t be Golden Boy Peyton Manning…who threw the interception. Nope-the offensive line is to blame. What a crock of poop! Now Manning wants to point the finger at his line again?? Wow.

  4. How in the hell can it be said that Manning was throwing his teammates under the bus when he is stating the obvious. It’s idiot statements like throwing the team under the bus that shows how little about the game some people really know.

  5. Wow. Wonder how those offensive linemen feel…I know Peyton is the franchise, but I wonder if any of them fantasize about letting a pass rusher on in to pop ol big head one good time….lol!

  6. Wow! Going from a team that would go 19-0 to Super Bowl loser and flawed.
    I thought they were lucky a few times last year and were clearly beatable. They got to face two Wild Cards to get to the Super Bowl. But sometimes teams get in the zone and get that wave of good fortune. So you roll with it. Laying down the last two or three games of the regular season blew it for them.
    That, and the Saints were just better.

  7. Wouldn’t say he’s throwing them under the bus… whenever the running game has a good game, he’s first to sing their praises. The fact is that their running game was AWEFUL last year. The only reason they even ran the ball was to try to keep the D honest… but like he said, more often they were in 2nd and 9 and even 2nd and 11 or 12 was pretty common. Its called reality.
    If the Colts had the lowest ranked passing attack of the league, i ‘m sure we’d hear a lot of comments like from all the teammmates saying “we need to improve our passing game this year”. Its not throwing anyone under the bus, its called “reality”…

  8. The golden boy speaks and all listen. Funny how when the Colts lose a big game it is the o-lines fault.

  9. Blaming the rest of the team is getting to be a very bad habit or Peyton’s. It’s possible that if he didn’t take 30 seconds to change the play at the line of scrimmage the O line might get the jump on the defense.
    But then again we wouldn’t think he’s such a football genius if he didn’t wave his arms and point at every player on the field.

  10. Polian just isn’t as good as he used to be. He is not seeing the true picture. Peyton is gonna have to let him go.

  11. …and Polian continues to toss his offensive line under the bus. Not sure how he thinks this is productive. And if they do suck, isn’t it ultimately the GM’s job to fix it?

  12. God, all this guy does is bash teammates and toss them under the bus at will, but people still crap all over Tom Brady.
    Peyton Manning has has ONE offensive coordinator his entire career (and spare me the new guy he got last year…Tom Moore is still pulling the strings there). Tom Brady has had 3. So tell me, who is the “system quarterback”?

  13. Patented answer”throw the Oline under the bus!” Whatever happened to Team Chemistry?
    Peyton better watch it, maybe one of those Oline guys might really let him get sacked hard and say oh well??? Is anything ever good enough from the lower paid linemen?
    I hear another bus coming…

  14. I think he’s trying to use this as a way to line up another marketing deal. Probably HeadOn.

  15. I’m not a Colts hater or a Peyton hater, but it really sounds like he’s still trying to cover his ass for the Colts choking in the Super Bowl. By throwing everyone else under the bus. Not cool.

  16. Starting to act and sound like Dan Marino. No ones blocking, gotta pass, and the guys aren’t running the routes right.

  17. I’m sorry Peyton; maybe I’m just stupid or something, but I fail to see how the running game or the offensive line caused you to throw that completion, er, interception, to Tracy Porter in the Super Bowl……

  18. Yeah you are just stupid or something…
    Best in the game stating a fact and the ignorant masses come out to play.

  19. That’s the thing, though. He didn’t need to call out anyone like that. He did it in a “aww shucks, what was I supposed to do?” way, which just sucks. Either call someone out to make a point and light a fire or don’t say anything at all. This isn’t constructive criticism, this is just buck passing. Of course if Manning does try to pass the buck, I’ll give 3:1 odds that Tracy Porter takes it to the house.

  20. I live in Indy so I get to hear all of the fans here make excuses for Manning too. No matter what he does he is never the one at fault.
    When they did win a SB I still think one of the RB’s should have gotten the MVP. Manning got it because of his name.
    Last few league MVP’s he has won were the same way. No way anyone can say Bree’s didn’t deserve it more!!

  21. Colts agree with Peyton so they’re trying to negotiate a deal to exhange the lumbering 35 year old for a younger more athletic QB like Mike Vick or Seneca Wallace.

  22. This guy complains about his teammates and throws them under the bus more in one season than TO has in an entire career. Yet he constantly gets a pass.

  23. # g7on says: August 5, 2010 9:01 AM
    Poor baby Peyton. Biggest crybaby in football.
    LOL first time in history I have agreed with a Jets fan. 😀
    The guy who noted the run game doing well in the SB is spot on. Also the one who noted how undeserving peymeaton was of the SB MVP. Fan and writer voted awards are meaningless popularity contests not a reflection of real value. Sometimes they (accidentally?)dovetail but usually not.
    Whenever people want to slob peymeaton’s knob they always talk about how he calls the plays. So when he stopped calling the runs in the SB where is the criticism? Both peyme and napolian are whiny blame everything else bitches.
    I hate when fans say stuff like WELL HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH. SO THE FVCK WHAT…it’s still something real leaders of men DO NOT DO…criticize any aspect of their team publicly. peyme is a horrible leader of men. napolian too.

  24. I can’t believe Manning had the audacity to say that. I’ll admit that Addai didn’t have a good season last year, but if everyone remembers he played GREAT in the Super Bowl. They just gave up on the running game WHICH IS REALLY WHY THEY LOST.

  25. How is it crying what he said? He wasn’t whining or bitching…he was stating the obvious. If some of you cared to watch the Colts all season you’d see that was exactly the case.
    I realize most of you simply hate Peyton for his success. Jealousy is fine…but it shouldn’t cloud objectivity.
    And if Peyton didn’t throw the ball so often, how many wins do you think the Colts would’ve had last season??? As any D-coordinator if they think the Colts passing offense or running offense is scarier. By far, they’ll say seeing Peyton drop back to pass is scarier.

  26. It was the running game that threw the pick? It was the runugn game that cost the Colts the game in 06 vs Steelers? I twas the running game that cost game vs S.D. in 09 playoffs?
    Manning is a sore LOSER! Lets see Mannign call 3 straight running plays!

  27. C’mon Peyton, don’t pin this on the backs. I didn’t expect him to throw his team under the bus. I thought the Colts organization would do it for him. Also, why is it that if McNabb said this people would go nuts about how he’s throwing them under the bus and he’s a bad leader? Just wondering, because McNabb has a bad reputation for things like that. Although this comment from Manning isn’t that different from what McNabb has said in the past.

  28. ummmm ok……the “thrown under the bus” quota has been reached for the year.
    moving along, yeah so where would the colts be without peyton? they sucked so hard before he arrived, he’s been the catalyst for their success so to the moron who said he wasn’t a leader of men…….you’re full of shit.
    say what you want about the interception and the running game, the o-line or peyton but peyton doesn’t play defense and he isn’t on the special teams. the colts didn’t spot the saints those points, new orleans earned it by kicking their tail.
    c’mon, peyton was the main reason that team was able to even get to the SB. he isn’t a bus driver like dilfer.

  29. One thing you can take to the bank is that Manning will never say it was his fault, EVER. He throws interceptions, it is because the running game failed and he had to throw too much, or the line played poorly. Manning has always been one to blame the others on his team, but never himself.

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