Plaxico's lawyer doesn't see a return to football soon

Yesterday we noted that a source described a New York Post report saying Plaxico Burress could be released from prison in weeks as “bogus.”

Today the New York Daily News quotes Burress lawyer Peter Frankel as saying no one should expect Burress playing in the NFL any time soon.

“There’s a very wide range of possible outcomes here, and I do not want to get too ahead of myself,” Frankel said. “I don’t see [a return to football] happening in the short term. He still has a year left on his sentence, so this is still completely up to the discretion of the Department of Corrections and what they want to do.”

Frankel added that Burress does want to return to the NFL once he’s out of prison. But all indications are that Burress, who turns 33 next week, won’t be available until 2011.