Texans plan "tentative" press conference to announce Andre Johnson deal

The Texans are close enough to a new contract with Andre Johnson that they are ready to go public with it.

A “tentative” press conference has been scheduled for 2:30 ET to announce the end, which may make Johnson the highest paid receiver in football.  (Looks like hiring an agent was a smart move.)

“I think it’s a great thing for this organization and for a great person and a hell of a player,” said coach Gary Kubiak about a possible deal.  “I’ve been doing this a long time, and he’s what this game is all about. I’ll always say this about him, but having been here for four years, for him to stay the course with this organization through some tough times says a lot about what Houston means to him.”

Well, it’s easier to stay the course when the organization is so willing to rip up Johnson’s contract with five years left on it.  And Johnson is the rare player that’s worth such an extraordinary gesture.

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  1. 5 years left on his old deal and gets a new one making him the highest paid receiver in the NFL.
    Revis needs his agent.

  2. Ok, so did they tear up the new contract and start over or is he going to get an extension that will almost certainly mean that he WON’T see all of that money? His current deal keeps him around until he’s 33 and after 12 years, the Texans might decide that he may not last a couple of years and he could end up being asked to rework his contract or face being cut. He should probably think long and hard about putting 90% of his signing bonus away and not expecting to get the rest.

  3. I don’t have a problem with this, but it may set a bad precident. AJ is deserving of this, fully deserving of getting paidon par with the best receivers in the league. He has had MULTIPLE years of extreme success. But what happens when a second year player who was a low first round contract comes around after having an outstanding rookie year? He just signed a 5 year contract, right? Now he wants to re-do it after just one year. He doesn’t have years of CONTINUED success at the NFL level, but he has in his mind outperformed his low first round 5 year deal.
    AJ’s contract was good at the time, though long on th eyears without containing a clause similar to what is in Nnamdi Asomugah’s deal where his deal gets a bump if he is not the top X amount paid players in the league. You put a clause like that in your deal and you are doing something, especially if you are a top tier NFL player like a Brady (Tom, not Quinn) or a Manning or even an Andre Johnson.

  4. Blame the owners who have the right 2 rip a contract up for underperformance…as long as they can cut for underperformance they should compensate for outperforming their deal…whats fair is fair…

  5. godofwine says:
    He just signed a 5 year contract, right?
    He signed a 6 year extension in 2007 and that contract was scheduled to run though 2014 (His previous contract was scheduled to run until 2009). Indications are that he has now signed until 2016, which is two years beyond his current contract. The new contract is supposed to be 7 years for $73.5 mil with $48 mil guaranteed.

  6. Good for them but this will allow other Texans to demand the same if they feel they are paid less
    Also, I am sure players on other teams will want this

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