Willie Parker on Redskins' RBs: "can't be enough room for all of us"

The Redskins have opened training camp with a crowded backfield, and a question about whether they can split carries among Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson and Willie Parker.

According to Parker, they can’t.

“It’s only one ball,” Parker said. “So therefore, you know [there] probably can’t be enough room for all of us. That’s the game. That’s the way it is. Therefore, you got to go out and compete. . . . There ain’t even enough balls in practice.”

Ultimately, Parker will probably be proven right, and the Redskins won’t keep all three of their veteran running backs. Based on his contract, his past production and his relationship with Mike Shanahan, Portis’s job seems safe.

So a battle for a roster spot is brewing between Parker and Johnson.

23 responses to “Willie Parker on Redskins' RBs: "can't be enough room for all of us"

  1. Yes Willie, you are correct. Thats why let me be the first to thank you for coming in and helping Portis get hungry again.

  2. Plus, apparently, Clinton looks healthy and ready to play. He’s still the best back on the team.

  3. Hey Redskins,
    How about you sign J. Russell. He’s a big name, first round, free agent. He’s probably pushing about 330 or 340. This is exactly the kind of talent you have been signing for the past 11 years. Don’t let the CFL steal this one from ya.
    What do the Redskins and possums have in common?
    Both play dead at home and get killed on the road!
    Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder told reporters that the team is letting everybody down. Except, of course, Nationals fans.
    Mike Shanahan says he plans to be back in the NFL for the 2010 season. Or maybe he’ll coach the Redskins.
    The Supreme Court has refused to hear a case by Native Americans who consider the football team’s name to be racist. Why don’t the Redskins change their name to something more accurate and less offensive like the DC Colored People or the Washington Negroes?
    Redskins tight end Chris Cooley had three screws placed inside his tibia. Of course, everyone who watches the Redskins gets screwed.
    Fred Davis overslept during Redskins minicamp. Davis was unable to wake himself from a wonderful dream in which he played for a contender.

  4. Glad Fast Willie understands he needs to keep his bags packed…….. He’s probably happy to have stopped in, anyway.

  5. I’d cut all 3.. go young..
    Larry Johnson behaves like a child and is washed up..
    Willie Parker is apparently no longer able to carry the load; and
    Clinton Portis has been washed up for 2 years and now has concussion issues.. but he’s buddies with Dan Snyder so they keep him…
    What a sensible way to run a business.

  6. no clue why they would have 3 backs of their caliber anyway…parker hasn’t been healthy…johnson is a wild card…and portis is banged up…maybe if you put all 3 together you got a pretty good back

  7. Contrary to popular belief, Portis is in the best shape of his life, hungry and he has a huge chip on his shoulder. He’ll definitely gain at least 1000 yards this year, mark my word. I just hope the rest of the NFC East teams are as stupid as some of these posters, but I doubt it.

  8. Mad555 what’s with the negativity was your father a Skins fan and did he rape you as a child? Sorry to hear that Bro but good luck with ur life u HOMO

  9. The ‘Skins will probably hold onto Parker until it can be determined that Portis can take helmet-to-helmet hits without any headaches or blurred vision. LJ will probably end of up being the starter.

  10. they wont cut wighead.
    johnson will probly lay low for a while.
    willie has lost a step.
    willie may not get cut. but he probly will.

  11. they better keep all three and run the ball 70% of the time.
    Tellin you, Donny5 is not gonna be the “answer” to the question WILL THE SKINS SUCK AGAIN.
    Although the zone blockin run game Shanny is known for may be

  12. Mindful of Parker’s criticism, the Redskin trainers bought 3 nearly new footballs at a garage sale to make things go more smoothly in practice.

  13. Didnt know Portis was washed up for two years? last year he was injured so I can kinda see that. But in 08 he rushed for over 1400 yards like usual. Sounds like an unbacked opinion about a back who is close to being the Redskins all time leading rusher and surpassing the 10,000 yard mark. I dunno maybe I am wrong?

  14. I hope Willie makes the cut.. He was a Pro-Bowl caliber running back until he broke his leg in the last game of the 08-09 season (I think that was what year it was) against St. Louis. Through 15 games he was leading the NFL in rushing.. He never regained his speed and when Rashard Mendenhall took over last year he never whined – at least publicly.. He even helped Mendenhall out.. That’s not the case a lot of the time

  15. And for all of you English professors commenting about his grammar: He used the word ain’t.. That’s about all I can see that’s not correct.. And I’m sure most of you use the word in conversation daily.. I can’t stand hypocrites

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