Colts' Charlie Johnson, Andy Alleman carted off with injuries

The Indianapolis Colts suffered two injuries on the offensive line in today’s practice.

Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star reports that offensive tackle Charlie Johnson and guard Andy Alleman were both carted off the field with leg or foot injuries.

There’s no immediate word about the severity of the injuries. Colts coach Jim Caldwell said he will provide more information about the injuries on Saturday.

Johnson is the Colts’ starting left tackle, so losing him for any significant period of time would be a tough blow to the Colts’ offense. Alleman, who started three games for the Chiefs last year, was signed by the Colts in the offseason.

7 responses to “Colts' Charlie Johnson, Andy Alleman carted off with injuries

  1. I’m a Saints fan, and I hate to hear of any player on any team getting injured. I hope they get well soon.

  2. Crabcake
    Cheering the injury of someone you have never met
    You Pats fans are classy aren’t you.
    It won’t matter Peyton STILL owns your coach, your defense, and most of all your QB.

  3. Man, our guy has played in 4SB’s, won three of them and wifed Gisele.
    Only thing Peyton owns is awful hairline genetics.

  4. Your guy could have been Trent Dilfer and they would have won 3 superbowls.
    And I wouldn’t mention hair at all Brady’s is retarded looking. You would think he would have a better stylist being gay.
    And I’d take Ashley Manning over Gisele I can’t even fathom how high maintenance Gisele is. Surely you realize that entire message is a sham to hide his true sexual preference?
    The pure fact is New England has not beaten Indy in so long nobody can even remember when it last happened.

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