Cowboys lose Marcus Spears for 4-6 weeks

The Cowboys don’t really need an excuse to take defensive end Marcus Spears out of the starting lineup now.

The 2005 first-round draft pick by Bill Parcells will miss 4-6 weeks with a sprained MCL.  We first mentioned the possibility of the injury last night, and the Cowboys’ fears were confirmed by further tests.

Jason Hatcher looks like the next man up in Dallas, and Stephen Bowen should also pick up snaps.  Spears could find playing time hard to come by when he returns.

38 responses to “Cowboys lose Marcus Spears for 4-6 weeks

  1. Uh oh, no Marcus Spears, I guess those Superbowl plans are getting dimmer and dimmer. I wish the guy the best, even though I hate the Cowgirls I wish injury to no one, but stop counting those chickens before they hatch!

  2. Coming off his best season. I think that Hatcher and Bowen are more than servicable though.

  3. Dez high ankle sprain and Spears MCL…wonder if practicing on that Alamodome field turf every day has anything to do with it…

  4. @ Tiger
    You are obviously a Cowgirl hater because for any real Cowboy fan who knows the team knows this is a positive step. Not that he was injured of course but that he will be removed by 2 guys who are better.

  5. @ Chapnasty
    It’s obvious I don’t like the Cowgirls, because I said it…. But if Hatcher and Bowen are so much better; why did Spears start EVERY game while Bowen and Hatcher came in later? Obviously the Cowgirls thought he was better than both, he’s started every game for the last five years; c’mon man.

  6. Backup D-linemen are always a favorite of fans, mostly because they come in fresh for a handful of snaps every game and make a few plays, being as they are so fresh.
    Try those backup guys for 80% of game snaps, and then see how much you like them.

  7. Make no mistake, this is a BIG loss for the Cowboys.
    Spears had a very solid year last year and is a huge part of the 1st and 2nd down D…’s hoping for a quick recovery.

  8. Nice to hear a Cowboy got hurt. Cowboys are a bunch of sissy rednecks.

  9. Missing the preseason is not going to be a huge loss. If it was the first six weeks of the regular season, different story.
    Bowen, Hatcher, and Spears are all about the same in ability. Spears starts because he was the 1st rounder. Cowboys looked to replace him last year but he responded with his best season. He’ll be ready for Washington. It’s only an MCL, not an ACL.

  10. Despite being the starter for all 16 games last year, Spears played only 51.6% of all snaps at DE last year. Definitely hurts the depth, but not as big a blow as some of you are making it out to be.
    @Fed up: Your qb rapes little girls.

  11. Fed up…your Steelers are no better than 3rd place in your division this year, with or without Ben Rapistberger. Enjoy those last 2 superbowls the refs gave you.

  12. Lucky for the Cowboys, they have an experienced GM running the club so they have a lot of depth at all positions. Believe that and you should call me for a great bridge I have for sale.
    They just a QB and head coach and they will be going places (other than the golf courses after Week 17)

  13. Not a huge blow to the cowpies, although he was starting to show some worth last year. It really translates into 2 or 3 games and some valuable playing time for the backups. That being said, I hope they lose every game they play from now until eternity.

  14. The Cowboys aren’t even the best team on I-45. Cowboys getting hurt = rock hardness.

  15. I’m with you “Fed up” on your dislike of the Cowboys, but let’s be honest the large majority of the city of Pitt. are also rednecks. Hell, half of them are from WV.

  16. he has two excellent backups in hatcher and bowen. and will only miss the first game or so of the reg season at worst. i think they can manage, albeit not ideal

  17. hank? Typcial Texan name. First of all, Roethlisberger has never been convincted or even charged with rape. If you want to believe in a couple of drunken whores, that’s your business.
    And, “the refs handed you those wins” isn’t even worth addressing. Punks like you are just looking for excuses.

  18. jjared1101? Texas. A state that gave us such greats as George W. Bush.

  19. But, we are not sissies. The Dallas Cowboys are sissies. From Roger Staubach and the 70’s Cryboys that whined everytime the Steelers whipped them, to that fruitcake they got QBing the team now that has about as much brains as his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson.

  20. # birdmancometh says: August 6, 2010 11:15 AM
    I’m with you “Fed up” on your dislike of the Cowboys, but let’s be honest the large majority of the city of Pitt. are also rednecks. Hell, half of them are from WV.
    Like the “hick” from Va Beach you have on your roster that not only tortures & kills sick & bleeding animals but also infects women with incurable disease.
    That city gave the Va Beach “hick” a standing ovation…”but let’s be honest”, if your city would give MV a standing O, those same fans would do the same for Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer or anyone else that throughout history has tortured animals!! Way to be dissing other teams fans!!

  21. George W. Bush is from Connecticut…but nice try though…
    And 95.6 passer rating (2nd highest among all active QB’s), 8.1 yards per attempt (2nd highest in NFL history), and a 63.4% completion percentage isn’t exactly sissy stuff.
    I understand the hating and the jealosy that people have of the Cowboys, but come on people, have some substance to your arguement.

  22. @Fed Up:
    Was that a question?
    And you’re right. Texas has nothing. Only 57 fortune 500 companies in the state. Of course, the Steelers are about all Pittsburgh fans have, so by all means, take solace in your football team. Your city still sucks, your QB is still a rapist, and no matter how much you win, you’ll always be second to Dallas when it comes to relevance.

  23. cowfags are the most trendiest homo team in the league! Most cowpuss fans also drive mustangs!!
    have fun sittin at home watching the SB this year…. in your own stadium!

  24. “NOT”??? how early 90’s of you.
    Just try to have a reason behind your hatred of the Cowboys. For example… I don’t like the Steelers because they pulled ahead in quest for the most Super Bowl victories. It’s a respectful dislike, but I don’t like it…call it jealosy. I also don’t agree with the continued employment of a man accused multiple times of sexual misconduct. He wasn’t convicted, but somehow he finds himself in these situations numerous times.
    Just come up with a valid reason…just one? And using the TO angle doesn’t work because it’s overplayed and he isn’t here anymore. And the Pacman Jones thing doesn’t work because he was here on a second chance, and the team learned that his talent level didn’t warrent that chance, so he was cut. Do you have anything else?

  25. I just don’t get why this team continually gets the pre-season hype and high power rankings. Didn’t anyone watch them get completely smoked in the most important game of their season last year? Did someone wave magic Troy Aikman/Randy White pixie dust over that team in the off-season or something?

  26. “I just don’t get why this team continually gets the pre-season hype and high power rankings.”
    I can’t understand why the Vikes get the same treatment. Didn’t anyone watch them in… oh… the most important game of their season every season since they were founded?

  27. @purpleguy
    Every team gets hype this time of year. The Vikings, Saints, Packers, Cowboys, Jets, Bengals, Colts, Chargers, ect… all teams that were in the playoffs last year are considered contenders. You probably hear more about the Cowboys because people like to talk about them. Just like you… i’ll take it that you are a vikings fan judging by your screen name. Why do you care enough to comment on Marcus Spears out 4-6 weeks? ………..exactly. The media talks about them because fans of other teams are interested in talking about them whether it be positive or negative.

  28. exactly jjared!
    Marcus Spears really a nobody in terms of NFL names. What many don’t know is that he has been one of the most dominate defensive ends in the game against the run, over the last 2-3 years, however, he completely dissappears on passing downs, and that makes him forgettable.
    The media loves the Cowboys, because any talk about them gets a rise out of other fans, but the truth is, they are a good team that has a lot of talent, and a lot of potential. And because there is a threat for the Boys to do something that has never been done before (homefield in the Superbowl), the hate is going to be greater than ever this year.

  29. @mama tried
    “most trendiest”? Really? Maybe mama should have tried to teach you English.
    As to Mr. Effed up; So you think Roger Staubach is a sissy. Does one need a few sexual assult investigations to be considered a man in your world? You do realize that Roger is a Viet Nam vet, right? You are aware that Roger Staubach recently got up out of his first class airline seat to trade places with a wounded returning veteran who was seating in the middle in coach, right? Later, his wife traded seats with another returning veteran. You still appear to be two letters short of “classy”. Nice to see that at least the ref in your last SB “victory” finally admitted that he blew it.

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