Broncos to honor Floyd Little during scrimmage

Former Broncos running back Floyd Little, a Denver legend, will be in Canton Saturday night finally becoming a football immortal.

Meanwhile in Denver, Josh McDaniels, a Canton native, will honor Little during the Broncos’ scrimmage, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post

McDaniels called Little this morning at 6:20 A.M. Denver time to tell him the team would wear No. 44 decals (Little’s number) on their helmets on Saturday night.  The team will also play Little’s induction speech on the Invesco Field big screen after the scrimmage.

It’s a cool gesture by McDaniels, who plans to have Little speak to the team in September when Little formally receives his Hall of Fame ring during a game against the Colts.

And because we don’t know where else to put this link, please check out Gary Smith’s piece on Little from Sports Illustrated a few weeks back.  It’s an incredible, well-written story.

8 responses to “Broncos to honor Floyd Little during scrimmage

  1. Gregg–you couldn’t possibly know what is or is NOT written well. Your spelling, grammar and mechanics are first-grade level.

  2. and by the time the rest of the broncos, especially on offense, caught up with floyd… his career was over.

  3. It really is a great story in SI. Made me want to watch his induction knowing everything it took to get him there. Congrats to Mr. Little.

  4. Thanks for linking that story on Little. It was a great piece, and makes one wonder why it took so long for him to inducted.

  5. Jiminy crickets I don’t understand how people can be so consistently, unrelentingly negative. That article was great.

  6. I thought maybe the Broncos were going to sign Floyd to a contract given their injury problems at RB.

  7. I’ve watched NFL football for, hell, I’m 37 now so for 27 years (about). I never heard of Floyd Little. How the heck can they put someone in the Hall of Fame that I never heard of. Oh, the senior commitee. One of those old guys………
    Then I read the article.
    He was great before the 16 year season put a damper on 1,000 yard seasons. He was great even though his team around him was so-so. And that’s putting in mildly. He was great on the field as well as off the field. In 1973 he accounted for 25% of his teams total TDs. (They scored 51 total TDs and he scored 12 on the ground and another thru the air).
    He had the “greatest RB of all time” say he was great, greater than himself and Ernie Davis.
    (just a little interview with him about the movie ‘The Express’)
    Great job Mr. Little. Sorry I didn’t know you before. I will never forget you now. Wow.

  8. So this is all it takes to become a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame these days:
    6,323 rushing yards (or 702.5 a season)
    43 Tds (or 4.7 a season)
    3.9 Yards Per Carry
    54 Rush Yards Per Game
    Floyd Little’s may be an inspirational story, but his career statistics don’t even approach the baseline for being hall worthy. His selection makes Leroy Kelly’s look positively inspired.

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