Finally, an offensive touchdown in Cleveland

Through more than three of four 10-minute quarters in Cleveland, which I’m attending with Mrs. PFT and Florio Jr., neither half of the Browns’ roster had scored an offensive touchdown.

Finally, the Brown team (featuring the starting offense and second-team defense) invaded the end zone against the White team (the starting defense and second-team offense).  And the score came from two Cleveland newcomers.

Quarterback Jake Delhomme, who joined the Browns after being cut by the Panthers, connected with tight end Benjamin Watson, a free agent who left the Patriots, in the back of the end zone from the five.  The extra point made the score 14-3.

The Brown team’s other score came on an interception return for a touchdown by cornerback Brandon McDonald.

52 responses to “Finally, an offensive touchdown in Cleveland

  1. Picking on the Browns is like picking on a retarded kid. It just feels wrong.

  2. Is it 2012 the worlds comming to the end Cleveland finally an offensive touchdown !!!!!!!!! Run to the hills build a ark or can we blame it on global warming

  3. Maybe I drive down there and kick the snot out of Florio? I bet your like 5’9″ and like 160 lbs. lol
    I ‘d choke you out, bang your wife and buy your kid a hot dog.

  4. WOW, the first team Offense scored against the Second team Deffense…..why is this a story…..I will be more suprised when the FIRST team defense can stop anybody other than the lions.

  5. Brian Sipe says:
    August 7, 2010 3:06 PM
    Maybe I drive down there and kick the snot out of Florio? I bet your like 5’9″ and like 160 lbs. lol
    I ‘d choke you out, bang your wife and buy your kid a hot dog.
    I double dog dare you.

  6. @Brian Sipe
    That was the funiest pos I have ever read! I about fell out of my chair laughing. Florio’s always talking shit about the Browns. What a tool.

    After a hard fought scrimage the defence still felt disappointed, unfortunately they didn’t meet the expectations of another shutout by the defence, their last scrimmage against an Under-15 peewee league resulted in the Browns Defence holding the U-15 team to 0 points. While the Browns offence shined rather brightly, scoring 3 touchdowns and a field goal.
    The captain of the peewee team was not available for comment after the game.
    Brows coach Eric Mangini had this to say.. “The guys fought hard today, I was very impressed, the South Side Pony’s are a tough team in their AAA division. But the guys knew their assignments and executed. That’s all we can ask for, and if we keep playing like this, I think we have a good chance at making the superbowl.”

  8. Wow… Ravens fans really do not understand how fortunate they are to have our team in those purple jerseys. You never had a fan base to build your own franchise after the Colts left, so you had to steal another city’s team. Very admirable. Modell lived the life of a rich man but never actually had any money– and the Browns fans suffered because of it.
    Cleveland has no fans? Is that suppose to be some kind of joke? Browns Backers Worldwide is the largest fan base of any pro football team. Ravens have “let down” written all over them this season. What’s the average age of your defense? 38? Will Ed Reed need a cane to walk on this year?

  9. Nice job on the DP show yesterday, Florio. I was impressed – you kept the show moving along well, and showed off some of your knowledge of football history while you were at it. You should angle for a full time radio gig – it would be great to have a national show devoted to NFL talk 365 days a year, rather than having to listen to all the MMA, NASCAR, World Cup, horse racing, golf, etc discussion on sports radio during the NFL offseason.

  10. Its 1s vs. 1s, and 2s vs. 2s. This is actually very good news for Cleveland. Their defense is playing well, but their offense still found a way to score. If they had scored 6 td’s it would have been horrible, because it would mean their D. sucked. If there was 0 points scored, it means the O. sucked. This is a pretty good mix.
    I would have liked to see 1 more td. out of first team, but its well known we don’t have the best O in the league.
    Haters, please keep hating. It only makes you look foolish.

  11. Hey you can’t blame Modell for wanting to get his team out of that horrible city. Everybody knows you have to leave cleveland to get a championship, just ask Lebron James.

  12. Hey PatLeland….Modell sucks..he was one of the biggest cry babies when the Colts left Bmore about how wrong it all was and then he pulls the same shit on Cleveland.

  13. I hope the Browns players find out the Weasel Florio is sniping comments about them from the saftey of the press box and pimp slap the wig off Florio’s head.

  14. I love it when Florio does Clownie articles. The natives try to out angry each other. Now they are threatening to fight? Aren’t there any bottles to throw?

  15. To all of the “Clown Backers Worldwide”…..Know your roles, shut your holes, and get to the bottom of the division…….as usual.

  16. “maxtng” wait ’till they have 10 cent beer night!
    “Ampat” you don’t know this “Brian Sipe” guy, do you? You had better bend over, grabbed your socks and beg for mercy! I know for a fact that he attended a Raider’s game, in Oakland w a Browns jersey on. That would make you Pat fans pee in your beer.
    WTF is all the fuss, it was just a scrimmage! Florio is a hillbilly tool. He goes to the big cities to check out indoor plumbing.

  17. Jedimolester – I believe, if you re-read the post….that it was first team offense/2nd team defense on one team and 2nd team offense/1st team defense on the other…so basically, it should be first team defense vs. first team offense, and 2nd team defense against 2nd team offense.

  18. Congrats Florio – only you could be in Northeastern Ohio today and find a way to knock their football.

  19. I find it quite entertaining that , as usual, Florio is posting “Journalism” about the Browns and of course throwing his jokes in there, While no where to be seen on the website is the story about how his Precious Steelers Super Bowl victory against the Seahawks was won by the referee, who has admitted to making costly errors that affected the outcome of the game…….hmmmm. Biased repoprting?…Florio?!?!….NOOOOOOOoooooooo

  20. YourAreJealousOfSix says:
    August 7, 2010 3:07 PM
    “the browns D is the best D in the league” Tremendous. Your hero leaves you, so delusion is almost understandable…but , best d?Really? Cleveland is the most pathetic place on earth. You really do suck. Not even Michael Symon and his pig parts can save you. Just burn it down.
    youarejealous…..and all other Shittsburgh TROLLERS,
    Remember 12-10-09???? Well get used to it Stooler fans. Your accused-rapist of a QB, Worthlessburger is going to get his ass handed to him on 10-17-10, especially with that joke of an O-line trying to protect his fat ass. Speaking of asses, I’ll be wiping mine with a terrible towel and LAUGHING at you Stooler fans.

  21. Browns Backers Worldwide?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    That’s what you call an upper decker
    Cleveland sucks!!!!!!

  22. From Wikipedia
    The most prominent organization of Browns fans is the Browns Backers Worldwide (BBW). The organization has approximately 93,100 members[32] and is considered the largest sports-fan organization in the USA.[32] Browns Backers clubs can be found in every major city in the United States, and in a number of military bases throughout the world, with the largest club being in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, the organization has a sizable foreign presence in places as far away as Egypt, Australia, Japan, and Sri Lanka. According to The Official Fan Club of the Cleveland Browns, the two largest international fan clubs are in Alon Shvut, Israel and Niagara, Canada, with Alon Shvut having 129 members and Niagara having 310.[33]
    A 2006 study conducted by Bizjournal determined that Browns fans are the most loyal fans in the NFL. The study, while not scientific, was largely based on fan loyalty during winning and losing seasons (however, it does not account for the ratio of winning to losing seasons by a team), attendance at games, and challenges confronting fans (such as inclement weather or long-term poor performance of their team).[34] The study noted that Browns fans filled 99.8% of the seats at Cleveland Browns Stadium during the last seven seasons, despite a combined record of 36 wins and 76 losses over that span.[35]
    Hate em all you want. We love our Browns and the time to celebrate is very close now.

  23. DefendersOfTheFaith says:
    August 7, 2010 7:00 PM
    Browns Backers Worldwide?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!
    That’s what you call an upper decker
    Cleveland sucks!!!!!!
    You mean your mother sucks Homie!
    We had a good time last night.

  24. It’s too bad that all the Browns fans are spread out worldwide. They had to get local businesses to buy out two games last year to avoid blackouts. Bestest fans in the world! Nobody believes clownie fans bs anymore. All they have left is anger and alcoholism.

  25. Last season Browns fans made a statement to Randy Lerner in regard to the product offered on the field. We were dissatisfied and we showed it by staying home.
    He listened.
    He brought in the best football minds he could get. One in particular, in Mike Holmgren. Holmgren has brought in the best he could bring, from Tom Heckert on down. He kept Mangini, giving him the opportunity to continue with a program that by seasons end showed signs of working.
    He brought us hope again.
    We scratched our heads when he brought in Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace. Then we learned a bit more about both men, and the surgery Delhomme had gone thru and that had led to his terrible season in 09. Suddenly, while a risky move, it made sense Same for the draft…the more we learned the more we liked it.
    Now…the preseason is set to begin. It will be fun to see what happens…and soon enough it is for real. THEN…the Browns will either put up…or once again we will shut up and wait till next year.
    I expect to be entertained this year with good football. I dont expect playoffs or a super bowl. Not yet. But it will be a good year I expect.

  26. A story about the browns and still you have to mention the Steelers and Ben. Just remember this, Abe Elam of the Cleveland Browns is the only rapist in the AFC north division. Look it up, he went to trial and was convicted.

  27. maxtng says:
    August 7, 2010 9:22 PM
    “It’s too bad that all the Browns fans are spread out worldwide.”
    To bad your mother is too…..too bad….

  28. Well said, Civilwarfish!
    We, as Browns fans, are hungry for a winner. Make no mistake about it…it hurt the city of Cleveland when LeBron left…but this is, was, and always will be a football first town, PERIOD. No matter what any fans from any other NFL city or fandom have to say about it…we know that we are some of the most die-hard, dedicated, true fans out there.
    We now have something to look forward to and wait for…hopefully things continue to go forward and we have more Sundays like we did last December 10 (I know, it was a Thursday) when the Steelers are left wondering what happened to them.

  29. This article is a gimmicky hedge. I’m curious, when are you going to start reporting what you believe?
    Say it with me, “The Cleveland Browns are a winning football team this year.”
    What’s to loose, credibility? Like not reporting a run first offense was playing a game of tag? Or do you want to focus on breaking stories before they actually happen?
    I say choose quality

  30. to the allegation of rape against Elam…
    “April 2002, a Notre Dame co-ed accused three Fighting Irish football players of raping her in an off-campus house.
    Though he was present during the incident, Elam wasn’t charged with rape. He was convicted of felony sexual battery, while the three accused in the rape were cleared of all charges.”

    Definitely wrong place wrong time scenario, but he paid the price for that as well. But he was NOT charged or convicted of rape. He doesnt get a pass…and didnt. He did not buy his way out of the situation either, he faced the music.
    Ben on the other hand….

  31. I love how he took a shot at Delhomme’s performance in the other post, which makes me believe he wasnt actually in attendance. Delhomme was 10-13 for 74 yds and the TD. 1 of his incompletions was a dropped pass by Jerome Harrison.
    Last time I checked a 76% completion percentage is pretty darn good. Keep up the hate Florio, but atleast make it about things that truly happened.

  32. Hey Civilwarfish, don’t shortchange Eric Wright! Not only was he accused of rape but he was dealing drugs too. Don’t get Wright mixed up with Josh Cribbs, he was dealing drugs but instead of rape he just beat his baby momma.
    Is Roli mad at me because the Browns can’t sell out games? Imagine how pissed at me he will be once Delhomme starts the season and Clownie fan starts pining for Brady Quinn.

  33. Well max…if the past is gonna come out, i dobut too many are really clean. Wright was before he was a Brown. Cribbs too. Elam too. Jamal Lewis too. I am sure there are more.
    Rogers and Smith are here and now and should face whatever penalty is meted out for them. They faced their charges like men and took responsibility for them…and are ready to accept the penalty whatever that may prove to be.
    Ben Worthlessburger bought his way out of trouble again. No charges, because money talks louder. This isnt the first time. Hopefully its the last. And he did it all on the Steeler Clock. He didnt face his crime but instead he hid and let his money take the heat.
    Apples and oranges.
    I dont know who Roli is, but the Browns will sell out their games just fine. We made our point and change is at hand.
    Like someone said…fear the Elf.

  34. So Clownieorg is now claiming responsibility for Stallworth? Just think Elfie, you paid for that man to die.
    Umm, congrats!

  35. Yeah max…Stallworth was under our colors when he killed that man….and as quick as we could get out from under him without paying him any more…we cut him …and guess where he was signed…
    Guess he is a prototypical Raven after all.

  36. Listen Clownie, you can’t have it both ways. you can’t duck criminals that are on your team by saying they commited their crimes previous when you had a guy on YOUR team that killed a guy on YOUR dime.
    It was your ticket proceeds that paid for that murder. The Ravens don’t have culpability for what happened on your time if you don’t claim any crimes that happened before your rapists joined your team.
    Besides, when you cut a guy a year after the crime, it doesn’t really scream, “we are goood guys”. You could have cut him a YEAR previous. That is too long to even try to be anything less than culpable.
    Renew those season tickets now, you never know when one of your players is going to need a couple of million to kill a man!

  37. OK Dickhead.
    We signed a few guys who were unconvicted of the crimes you tout. The ravens signed Stallworth after he admitted fully to having killed Mr. Reyes. And in Stallworth’s behalf…he stood like a man and accepted full responsibility for what he did, although I believe his money bought him out of serious prison time. I never stated that the ravens had any culpability for Stallworth’s actions…only that they signed him quickly once he became available, so his prior record must have meant little to them…OR…the fact that he stood up…took responsibility…paid the prescribed penalty…and moved on meant his debt was paid and they gave him a new start…just like the Browns did for Elam, Wright, Cribbs and probably others.
    Big Jen never took responsibility of his actions. He bought his way out and did it again…and spent more money to get out again. That makes him scum in my book. Ray Lewis never manned up either, let his guy take a fall. These arent men, they are dirt.
    People make mistakes. They get in trouble. We had a guy just yesterday get popped for a DUI. He will have to face those charges and pay the price. Bet there will be more. For every team. These guys lose touch with reality…too much money too much attention.
    Im sorry you hate the Browns so. What did they ever do to you? Although if you are a Steelers fan..I can understand…like I hate the Steelers. They suck. I respect their record…and their tradition. But they still suck cause they are in Shittsburgh. Its the way it is…We are Cleveland…
    But seperate the hate from reality…these are ALL thugs and gangstas…jocks and wanna be studs. They are atheletes…not heroes. They are men tnd they make mistakes.
    All teams. Every year. We all gotta accept that. Sadly

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