Gaither visits back specialist, Harbaugh says it's not serious

If Ravens tackle Jared Gaither was a little more well known, his training camp odyssey might be receiving a post every morning, like a certain Redskins player less than an hour away.

There’s been no shortage of topics to write about.  Gaither has been bothered by a mysterious bad back, and the Ravens had him take blood tests to try to explain his sudden and unwanted 29-pound weight loss.

The drama continued Saturday with Gaither visiting a back specialist, while coach John Harbaugh down played the injury.

“I have not heard the report on that yet, other than to hear
it’s not serious, it doesn’t look like,” Harbaugh said.  “It’s just something he’s got to fight through.  It’s unfortunate because he’s competing for that spot and you’ve got to
stack practices. That’s what the competition’s all

Our coach translator says that means: “You better get back to practice fast or I’ll bench you and that will cost you money.”

10 responses to “Gaither visits back specialist, Harbaugh says it's not serious

  1. well, considering he’s not an all pro player and one of the best at his position (when motivated) like the redskins player you are infatuated with, i’m not sure this drama in ravensland is up to par with the fun in dc

  2. Ravens are still going to the SB right everyone?
    I bet their secondary concerns aren’t serious either.

  3. @Zach
    It’s not the secondary that I am worried about as a Ravens fan it is half the secondary, the cornerbacks. Few people outside of Baltimore don’t realize how good of a player Tom Zbikowski is and many will be shocked when the defense does not lose a step when he fills in for Reed and don’t be surprised if the defense does do better with him in because he fits the system so perfectly. Once the Ravens get Webb back I’ll be content with the corners, however I am hearing strong rumors that the Ravens are going to deal a draft pick to a team in return for a very solid cover corner I could see that happening. The safety depth on this team is phenomenal and the secondary concerns are legitimate but certainly not what you’re making it out to be. Thank you for voicing your concerns.

  4. The Ravens still have a better secondary than Pitt, and better safeties than Cincy, even without Reed.
    Its still a good thing though that Carson Palmer and Ben Roethlisberger don’t exactly strike fear into opposing defenses.

  5. @lieutenant Dan’s Ice Cream
    I would still say that Palmer and Ben strike fear in opposing defenses not so much is the case for palmer at this stage of his career it appears and ben certainly worries me when we play him, luckily we only see him once in the regular season, however both still command respect from defenses around the league as Flacco begins to establish that reputation and respect as well.

  6. LMFAO, might want to check your “coach translator” because it sounds busted as Florio’s face.
    The Ravens, and Harbaugh, are banking on a high scoring offense to keep them in games this year. There is no way they bench their stud tackle who can play both the left and right sides. They want to protect their baby Flacco as much as possible.
    Bench Gaither? Ha.
    As Jack Nicholson said… “This is funny, that’s what this is.”

  7. Since no one cares about Gaither anymore, doctors attributed the changes to “having the weight of expectations removed from his back”.

  8. Yeah keep thinking Palmer doesn’t strike fear into your defense. He has only ejaculated over your secondary 7 of the last 10 times you have played. God the guile of Baltimoron’s never ceases to amaze me.

  9. lieutenant Dan’s Ice Cream says:
    Its still a good thing though that Carson Palmer and Ben Roethlisberger don’t exactly strike fear into opposing defenses.
    Roethlisberger has won 5 of the last 6 games he played against the Ravens. Last time you beat him was a 6-point win way back in 2007.
    Just ignore the facts and make wild claims to hide your frustration with how your team’s preseason is going.

  10. Roethlisberger’s Bitch Tits :
    Ah another Cincy fan who thinks winning 2 games by a total of 13 points is dominance….. No wonder Chad Johnson fits in so well there.

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