Broncos should explore their conditioning, training techniques

Today’s AFC West training camp one-liners included a link to a mailbag item from Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post regarding the sudden rash of injuries for the Broncos.  Kiszla generally attributed the ongoing Dove Valley Massacre to the overall level of violence in the sport, pointing out that it’s hard to place specific blame on any person or thing or circumstance for an uptick in injuries.

Still, we think that any team that experiences more than a random cluster of injuries should at least explore whether there’s an issue with the conditioning or training practices.  We’ve previously made that point regarding the Seahawks, who struggled in 2009 and 2010 through a dizzying array of strains and sprains and tweaks and tears en route to something below mediocrity and above the Lions and the Rams.

There’s a good chance that it’s simply bad luck.  Either way, football coaches who are obsessed with having as much information as possible rightfully should want to know as much as they can about why their guys are dropping like road apples in a five-mile parade.

14 responses to “Broncos should explore their conditioning, training techniques

  1. Don;t you just love when media types think they actually know something about football! So cute….

  2. I’m not sure too many of the Bronco’s injuries have anything to do with conditioning. Clady was hurt playing basketball, Dumervil hurt his pec doing a one on one pash rush drill that every team uses, the rookie WRs both hurt the feet that we previously hurt, and Buckhalter strained his back. None had too much to do with being unconditioned.
    Sure Moreno hurt his hamstring and that might have something to do with conditioning, but he was also hurt last year and may just be injury prone.
    Maybe God is just mad that everyone has made Tebow into a false idol.

  3. Come on! How is this anyone’s fault? Thomas landing on someones foot after jumping to make a catch is someones fault? Dumervil tearing his pec is someones fault? Moss breaking a bone in his hand is someones fault? Kuper, White, and Decker spraining their ankles is someones fault? The only thing were I think you can get injured as a result of bad training are hamstrings and groins, and I think that falls on the player. Come on, seriously, that’s just reaching! Ever year this happens to a team, you know why……because it’s FOOTBALL, and football is a violent sport!

  4. Sadly, I agree with Florio.
    I understand that some/most/all of this is freakish–but these types of encounters happen at OTHER training camps and the players are not nearly as fragile.
    Listen: McD drafted two WRs that were already hurt in the draft. Had he drafted Dez Bryant we would be watching him catch balls all over the field.
    Oh. Wait.

  5. Broncos should explore everyone involved in evaluating potential draft picks and those responsible for negotiating contracts. Elvis”average” Dumerville took the Donkeys to the cleaners, and they wasted a first round pick on a good college player that will never make a impact in the NFL………..though he can walk on water………….and is able to bible thump people into paying $160 for his worthless autograph.

  6. And OnlyMyOpinion should “explore” further education.
    Explain how league-leading 17sacks is “average”?

  7. The issue Pat Bowlen should be exploring is why he didn’t first hire a real general manager to run football operations.
    A general manager who may not have fallen in love with unproven McDips**t simply because of his relation to the Patriots now-defunct dynasty.
    But that isn’t how he and his Karl Rove-stand-in Joe Ellis run things.
    Injuries are more than likely just freak happenstance. But this team hasn’t had much luck or set the world ablaze since McFistpump was brought to town.

  8. @ Drafty
    Very well stated, in fact I’ve made similar comments in prior posts.
    As unprepared to be a HC as some feel McDaniels is, much of the blame for his hiring and continued support rests squarely on Bowlen & Ellis.

  9. McDaniels looks a lot more prepared as a head coach than Cutler does as a quarterback, I’ll say that.

  10. # TheWizard says: August 8, 2010 8:39 PM
    McDaniels looks a lot more prepared as a head coach than Cutler does as a quarterback, I’ll say that.
    I guess you would have too say that at this point or else you would just start crying.
    Enjoy your McDaniels.

  11. Writers should stick to writing about stuff that has actually happened. Not interjecting mindless drool over their keyboard.
    You can work out, train, warmup, and stretch all you want, but there is nothing you can do to prevent knee, ankle, elbow injuries. Metatarsal and metacarpal injuries are going to happen as well.
    Big bodies meeting big bodies, something is bound to give.
    You forge steel with steel. Leave the light, no contact practices to the writers, bloggers and flag football sissies.

  12. # TheWizard says: August 8, 2010 8:39 PM
    McDaniels looks a lot more prepared as a head coach than Cutler does as a quarterback, I’ll say that.
    This year should be the deciding factor on that issue.
    My money is on Cutler, leading the Bears to a much better W-L record than the trade & injury decimated Broncos achieve.

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