Jets sign special teams coach Westhoff to extension

The storied career of Jets special teams coordinator Mike Westhoff will end after the 2011 season.

That’s the plan anyhow after Westhoff signed a one-year extension with the team on Sunday, according to Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.

Westhoff is entering his tenth season in New York and 27th in the NFL.  The Jets have more kickoff returns for scores than any team since Westhoff joined the organization.  They’ve ranked in the top ten of FootballOutsiders’ special teams rankings four years running.

24 responses to “Jets sign special teams coach Westhoff to extension

  1. isn’t this the same special teams coach that let Ted Ginn beat them single-handedly last year??
    real special….

  2. yo burger..the special teams for miami wasnt that great either..westhoff is still the best..but if u judge a coach of one bad play..then obvi u know nothing about football..even jerry rice had bad plays like he did against the giants with a fumble that was returned for a score..but hey i geuss he doesnt deserve the hall of fame then..

  3. stop with the ted ginn crap… but i guess if that the highlight of a 7-9 seasom you might as well mention it

  4. Westhoff is entering his tenth season in New York and 27th in the NFL. The Jets have more kickoff returns for scores than any team since Westhoff joined the organization.. quoted by greg rosenthal…but ted ginn on one great play and u judge westhoff cause of that? ted gin isnt even on the team nemore..moolah is right..if thats the only highlight for a 7-9 season then i feel sorry for u..if ted gins one play is whut we have to give up to reach the AFC Championship..then im sure we have alot more highlights then u..

  5. One bad play? Didn’t Ginn return two kickoffs for touchdowns against the Jets? How is that one bad play?
    The odds that an NFL kickoff will be returned for a touchdown are 1 in 269.7—the same as the odds that a given person in the Northeast will be the victim of a reported violent crime (I looked this up). Westhoff’s special teams allowed TWO in one game. Can you guess the odds of that happening? Not good…
    Westhoff did pull off two fake punts against the Dolphins in game 1 last year that kept the game closer than it really was (The Ted Ginn over Revis game) .
    In game 2, the two Ted Ginn Jr. touchdown returns (and the Jet’s loss) were on Westhoff.
    Two people are probably thrilled that Ginn is now out of the conference – Westhoff and Revis….or is it possible Revis hasn’t heard about the trade, thus the real reason for the “holdout”….hmmm

  6. u guys went 7-9..and if u eally think ginn is a better player then revis..then obvi u know nothing about football

  7. Leave it to the sore-loser Dolphin fans to try and trash one of the best ever in the business. A guy who Miami stupidly let go years ago….
    That Ted Ginn day is on Ryan as much as Westhoff since it was Ryan’s decision to bench their top couple special teams guys to get Gholston and a few other subpar ST guys activated….bad game plan for Rex is the real culprit that day
    Westhoff is an old school throwback and innovator who’s been great for the game.

  8. A great coach.Fired by that moron Dave Wansted
    to make room for a friend who was incompetent .We were sorry to see him go.The Dolphins’ loss was the Jets’ gain.The Ted Ginn game was a fluke.That was Ted Ginn’s only great moment on the squad.Good riddance!

  9. The Dolphin fans are just angry that their team is a sub-500 team again. Was last year. Will be this year. And Dan Marino for all his gaudy numbers (he threw on every down) never won spit.

  10. I still don’t understand why every team in the league can get high-priced contracts done, but the SuperBowl bound jests can’t. Please…..someone explain this to me.

  11. “but if u judge a coach of one bad play”
    This comment was just way too funny. I just read an article how Ginn is in the Hall of Fame for his TWO, count them TWO, kickoffs for record breaking yards. You know, the TWO 100 and 101 yard returns that embarrassed the jests.

  12. @NYMets
    You’re right. Marino hasn’t won spit. Just like the jests the last 41+ years. But we all know YOU win every time you mention Marino. But your poor mommy has to wash those same drawers you know.

  13. i remember reading an interview with westhoff before the miami game when he was commenting on the challenge of recovering midseason from roster moves like trusnik going to cleveland(?). also a st regular was deactivated to make room for an extra db. yes, even westie can put in a bad ‘perfromance’ but i think you can at least somewhat lay off that uncharacteristic breakdown on moves by the head coach and fo.

  14. i will glady take a loss to the dolphins twice if that means we will go to the AFC Championship and Miami doesnt even make the wildcard..and from what im hearing at practices..marshall has be sucking big time with sean smith beating him in coverage..dolphins suck

  15. i think the dolphins are just still pissed cause rex ryan shutdown their wildcat offense in the playoffs when they played against him when he was wit baltimore 2 years ago….have fun with chad pennington and jason ferguson

  16. @sigmapimp
    You’re kidding me right? BMarsh has been tearing it up…..except for the scrimmage Saturday night, so where are you getting your information from? The jests rumor mill?
    And obviously your “information” is pretty out-of-date when you say someting dumb like “have fun with chad penningto and jason ferguson”. Ferguson retired a couple weeks ago. You jests fans are just hilarious!!!!!!! And if anyone is pissed, it’s the jests fans who can’t seem to get over the fake spike play that embarrassed that franchise for decades.

  17. just shows i really have no interest in following up on the dolphins cause i really dont worry about them since i know we have a better team this year unlike you who needs to check up on jets news to see what their up to now

  18. Of course I “check up on jests news”. It is totally hilarious reading all the jest fans comments about how they have no problems: Doesn’t matter if Revis doesn’t play, although last week he was walking on water now he’s irrelevant. And all the other funny drama going on in jestland. And until your “better team” can beat the Fins, they will not be the better team. Last I checked, both teams were 0-0. Oh wait, I forgot the jests have the OTA championship.

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