Ochocinco and T.O. do their Batman and Robin routine

Before the game, Terrell Owens called himself Batman to Chad Ochocinco’s Robin.

The Bengals quarterbacks agreed, targeting Owens four times, while Ochocinco was ignored.  (T.O. caught two passes for 18 yards.)

The playcalling was almost as scripted as Owens and Ocho’s pregame routine.


27 responses to “Ochocinco and T.O. do their Batman and Robin routine

  1. “Holy Bengal, Batman!”
    “That’s right, Robin. Those diabolicial Cincinattians have found a way to pair Ocho Cinco and T.O.”
    “Gosh, Batman. What do you suppose their after? Gotham City? The state?”
    “No, Robin. That’s not enough for them. I can only surmise that their single goal is the Lombardi Trophy itself.”
    “Holy Belichick!”
    “Yes, Robin. It’ll be a dark day unless the Patriots can somehow stop them.”

  2. All is hunky dory now since they haven’t lost 4 games straight yet. Wait for that then interview them, it will be like a pre-fight to an MMA match haha I can’t WAIT!

  3. OK, so I’ve never understood one thing about superhero lore: if they’re Batman & Robin, which one is the one that kneels?

  4. Chad is feeding T.O.’s ego. Everyone knows he’s not Batman anymore. I just can’t believe T.O. still thinks he is. Chad is the #1 receiver regardless of what he or T.O. says.

  5. They look like the ambiguously gay duo from SNL instead of B&R! A couple of egos that can’t win it all!

  6. I thought Ochocinco was going to do all his interviews in Spanish this season. Maybe only in the regular season…

  7. I was going to make a TV Batman joke, but that would be generous. They are more like the Val Kilmer/Chris Odonell version from Batman Forever. They’re being serious, but the rest of us are having that awkward chuckle where were just waiting to leave and get a drink.

  8. Holy pancake!
    Batman and Robin watch as their quarterback gets burried by the entire opposing defensive line.

  9. Meldog says:
    August 8, 2010 11:55 PM
    T.O. was listed as the Bills #2 receiver…..fyi
    uh, by whom? you do realize that number 1 and number 2 receivers aren’t exactly official positions don’t you?

  10. “People think we can’t COINCIDE together”? Ocho, what are you trying to say? Co-exist?

  11. LMFAO..
    I’m Batman………..wait for it………wait for it……..wait for it…..(elbow OchoCinco)…..oh, uh, and I’m Robin
    HAHAHAHAHA, it would have been gay even if they got it right, but it was down right pathetic the way it went down…….hahahahaha

  12. # jibfest says:
    August 8, 2010 9:37 PM
    More like, “Ace and Gary”.
    Bwaaaaaa! Now that was funny. Best comment.
    …and btw, I guess it won’t be long before many of the moronic public find the retarded shtick by two grown men “funny” and “entertaining”. Especially Cincinnati folk. They’ll laugh at anything.

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