Orton continues to separate from competition

Tim Tebow continues to get the attention, and the sweet haircut. Brady Quinn gets the fitness magazine covers.  Kyle Orton just quietly keeps improving on the football field.

Denver’s scrimmage-like night at Invesco Field became a showcase for Orton to prove how far he’s come in a year.  Last year, he threw two picks and was booed at home.

On Saturday night, Orton impressed onlookers with impressive touchdown throws to Jabar Gaffney and Eddie Royal.  The performance should “be no surprise to anyone who has
watched the first week of camp and has seen Orton further distance
himself from Quinn and Tebow,” according to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post.

Kyle did some really good things tonight,” coach Josh McDaniels said.

Tebow and Quinn also had their moments, but it’s clear Quinn isn’t truly pushing Orton to start in Week One. 

Unfortunately, not all the news in Denver was positive Saturday night.  Rookie receivers Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas both left the field with injuries.  It’s uncertain how serious the injuries are.

36 responses to “Orton continues to separate from competition

  1. Jabar Gaffney is still around?
    And what is the deal with NFL conditioning? Every time these teams hit the practice fields, someone gets hurt. Football is a physical game, yes, but my God be careful when it’s your own teammates you’re hitting.

  2. Wow two more injuries for the broncos. Now it’s their number 1 pick! That conditioning coach and fitness staff need to be fired. But as a chiefs fan I will still enjoy watching their demise when the chiefs play them. Hell, they may only have 4 people left on the roster!!

  3. This should alarm Broncos fans. Orton is a .500 QB even with a good team around him. If he’s the best the Broncos have, it’s going to be a long season in Denver.

  4. Orton is merely a decoy. Make no mistake the Great One will lead this team into the playoffs, with his sweet haircut.
    Those fools need to merely ask the Great One for a blessing and their injuries will be healed!
    Silly non-believers.

  5. Bob Nelson: mee spel guud werds rite. DIDGIT? Seriously???
    Your mom should have swallowed you.

  6. Sweet Jesus GR were you even there? Nice unbiased reporting! Well I was there and you failed to mention the Tebow also threw for 3 TD’s (2 to Thomas, one of which was for about 40 yards. He also ran for 1). Oh and you didn’t mention Quinn throwing to Brandon Lloyd on a fake double reverse handoff that put the ball down to the 3 yard line. And much to even my dismay the less football savy Bronco fans did begin to chant for Tebow while Orton was on the field. That is just something you don’t do. You always back the starter. Its not going to help his confidence for him to think the fans aren’t behind him 100%. But Tebow had an amazing night. Needed to work on his check downs. Had great pocket presence and moved well. Afterwards both Quinn and Tebow stayed on the field to sign autographs longer then almost anyone. They actually had to be ushered off the field so that Invesco staff could try and close the park.
    Get better sources Greg, or atleast pull your head out and look around.

  7. Belichick for President says:
    August 8, 2010 11:05 AM
    Eddie Royal was such a fantasy bust last year. God did he burn my team.
    Thats why you suck as a fantasy GM. he shouldnt have even been on your team. HAAAAHAHHAHAHA Id eat your league alive

  8. Denver is a 500 team. (with some luck) Ur young coach is a ‘qb guru’? Yeah right, Why isn’t Quinn getting better? That thin air will tranlate into atleast 4 wins. Must be that Bronco are pretenders, like last yr, and once again a prayer and a tebo is the only hope for the phony ponies. sad but true

  9. @ Cushing Will Kill You says
    ” . . . Football is a physical game, yes, but my God be careful when it’s your own teammates you’re hitting.”
    You cannot “be careful” when tackling someone that’s when you get hurt yourself.

  10. @ humbult
    Orton may be improving and in my opinion more than good enough to manage a good offense to the playoffs. The real questions are;
    Is the O Line improved?
    Can they run the ball?
    Can they stop the run?
    Has their red zone D improved?
    If all of the above is a yes, then Orton is just fine for the Bronco’s

  11. Orton is separating himself from “what” competition? Tebow isn’t a QB, and Quinn has been a bust for what, three years now? Opposing defenses will stack the line against this pathetic offense all season, daring them to throw over the top. With all the injuries this team will be lucky to score 14 points a game. If not for a terrible division, this team would be lucky to win 4 games.

  12. Denver’s O Line has improved? Really? Ryan Clady’s absence is addition by subraction?
    Improve red zone D? The defense is going to improve without Dumervill, the league’s sack leader last season? Interesting.

  13. The Broncos didn’t spend all that money on quarterbacks because Orton isn’t better now. It’s because he doesn’t have the upside to become elite. The days of being able to win championships with “game managers” are slipping into the past.

  14. Klobersaurus-
    I hope you are happy with Timmy as your new quarterback. It will be awesome to see his great “pocket presence” when he is playing in an actual game against a first string defense that doesn’t know the playbook. Anyone who lives outside of the Drew Soicher, Brandon Kristal, Vic Lombardi Bronco suck- off fest knows the truth about Timmy and Quinn.
    Good Luck…..

  15. skinsational —- said GO SKINS,LOL!!——– what a stupid post !!why would you wast everyones time with your dumb comment… wrong team to boot also.. this is a denver story… iam not a denver fan but i speak for all of them,,,, shut the F— up! jerk off!!

  16. the people who comment on this page need facts to support things, obviously i am a broncos fan. Orton is not a .500 quarterback, the stats will tell u he’s better than that and aside from an injury would’ve taken a team to the superbowl, hence rex grossman playing in that bowl. our defense has shown up huge, but many on here would rather say a bunch of b.s. then clicking on something and watching a broncos practice, they drafted two awesome o-lineman in last years draft and 2 in this draft, the running game is hurtin due to injury and many other areas which is unfortunate. Thomas has looked like the real deal to be b-marshs’ replacement. please become educated and then start talking smack or else the real fans who pay attention will tell u too.

  17. McDaniels wasn’t too concerned about Thomas and Decker. “They are who we thought they were when we drafted them. Two guys on crutches with broken feet.”.

  18. Orton was 10 for 10 in the practice with three touchdowns and several spectacular throws. He left the field to the chant of the fans…”Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!”…..

  19. Kyle Orton is another Steve DeBerg. He’ll win 8 games for you if you give him a good supporting cast, like last season. But Marshall and Scheffler are gone and Clady is going to miss some games. Without Dumvervil, the defense won’t get off the field.
    Orton will survive another few sub-.500 seasons in Denver. Then, like Deberg, he will enjoy a long career as a journeyman backup racking up a 74 career passer rating.

  20. I’ll take the Raiders quarterbacks over Denvers anyday. Been awhile since I could say that.
    Go Raiders

  21. brocos4eva:
    are are the definition of an idiot. you go off on this big long rant about how people need to learn the facts and the only fact you included is the broncos drafted 2 offensive linemen last year, but even then you worded as an opinion in calling them awesome. Hey simpleton if you are gonna rag on guys for not having facts how about you try putting at least one fact in there yourself. MORON!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Thomas will be a huge bust also. Hands of brick, and he runs routes like a man in a wheelchair.

  23. The headlines after Orton’s great performance…..”Tebow has so-so day in practice.”.

  24. Moe Lester: when suggesting that someone is a “definition of an idiot” it is best not to write a sentence like this: “are are the definition of an idiot.”
    Who is the moron, really?

  25. Cushing Will Kill You get your head out before you post. Moreno pulled his hamstring on a cut around the corner after catching a pass and went down all by himself. No hitting involved. Doom tore his pectoral muscle on drill where he battled an O-lineman as they sorta arm wrestled. No hitting involved. While coming down on a pass play DT got the same foot stepped on that just healed. No hitting involved. Jarvis Moss got his hand stepped on and broke a bone. No hitting involved. You keep guessing and posting pal and I will be here with the facts to back you up.

  26. “Orton continues to separate from competition”
    I agree with humbolt. This is a headline that says much more about the competition, perhaps, than it does about Orton himself.

  27. I dislike the Broncos, but more people need to be on Orton’s dick. He is a good QB. Certainly better than the Raiders QB’s, unlike one poster suggested. Quinn is god-awful and Tebow will be a bust, but with Orton I think they are set at QB for a while.

  28. What a sorry state of affairs in Denver. Just mind-boggling.
    But I guess when you make a concerted effort to trade away your best players, these things will happen.

  29. ortons always been a practice qb, its in the actual games wher ehe was dubbed third and out orton. he’s lucky he played for the bears whos defense scored most of the points needed to give him a good w/l rating without them it would be a very very different story. cracked me up when the announcers of the games on tv always called him third and out orton. but he always excels at practice and come game time, its another story.
    he doesnt do a lot of turn overs, but then he doesnt do much to get the ball moving either. rough on defenses.

  30. I new it, We should have left cutler in denver and keep Orton in Chicago but fired the offensive coordinator. Orton is a great QB and I no he is going to have one hell of a season. even in chicago he was good. his 1st 9 games he started he went 8-1 winning 8 games in a row before being benched. he threw i believe 3 int and 12 TD’s go figure, then in 2008 he threw 18 TD’s and 6 int’s( something like that ) the offensive coordinator went conservative all 5 or 6 years he was there and thats what killed all these good players.

  31. milehiclown (is that some sort of clever pun spelling it hi? or are you just illiterate?)
    Sorry, i dont spell check or edit my comments in forums..but i would vote my errors lean towards laziness… but pointing your finger at people for not using facts when he didn’t use any facts as well??? that has a little more to do with a low IQ.
    but at least you got the clown part of your name right.

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