Russ Grimm moves back onto the A list

For most Hall of Famers, the enshrinement speech has no real impact on a player’s legacy.  Few completely blow their final moments in the sun (or, as the case may be, debacle it).  Every once in a while, a failed broadcasting career becomes partially resurrected with a memorable performance.  (See Michael Irvin and, possibly, Emmitt Smith.) 

On Saturday night, Cardinals assistant coach Russ Grimm moved back to the A list for any and all head-coaching vacancies.

Largely forgotten since missing out on the Steelers’ job three years in a haze of ambiguity and/or the Rooney Rule, Grimm used his speech as an open audition for his ability to communicate to a team, a fan base, and a media corps. 

And he nailed it.

Confirming our belief in this regard is the fact that the transcript of Grimm’s words, as prepared by the fine folks at and distributed in the press box in Canton, contains no catch phrases, pearls of wisdom, or memorable passages.  Great communicators communicate any content great; they can make you want to run through a wall without ever asking.  It’s a quality that oozes through the speaker’s presence, demeanor, and delivery.

Grimm made his case on Saturday night.  Surely, he’s smart enough to know that it was his only chance to speak directly to an audience consisting of the entire football-watching world, including most if not all owners, team presidents, and/or General Managers.

And, again, he nailed it.  He nailed it so well that we’re prepared to predict that, if there’s football in 2011, Grimm will be coaching one of the league’s 32 teams.

44 responses to “Russ Grimm moves back onto the A list

  1. Russ on the “A” list puts him several steps ahead of that short, fat, belligerent Nobody, currently coaching the Steelers. Which is where he should have been all along except for the Rooney’s transparent efforts to bury their shady family history.

  2. grimm should have been hired in the first place. if it wasnt for the rooneys comeing up with that rule i belive he would have had the job in pittsburgh.

  3. Wish the ‘skins would have picked him up as their HC. But of course Snyder has to go for the big name. I hope Shanny can get it done but I think it would have been even smarter to start a new legacy with a guy like Grimm as HC.

  4. In all honesty, I wanted Russ Grimm to be named the Browns HC the last two openings. The guy is tough as nails, has the experience in coaching, has the experience in playing, & is a professor of the game the way it is supposed to be played!
    Good luck with whomever picks you up coach! Had you have been african american, you would already have been coaching for 3 seasons!

  5. He gave a good speech. I just watched it again and I have to say it didn’t inspire me to think “gee, this guy should be a head coach”.

  6. Grimm’s been a top notch assistant in AZ the last few years during the runs to the playoffs, it’s only fitting that one day he’ll be running his own team to successful playoff appearances.

  7. GREAT DAY for russ! GREAT DAY for us! i wept at mike wise’s article in the washington post. it’s a really nice read.
    football used to be football. i pray for the best with the new regime, and i have confidence in shanny. but, man do i wish we could have a dude- a hog like grim in here with us…..
    he’s a great coach. and will be a great and deserving head coach some day.

  8. He’d be the Steelers head coach right now, with at least one Super Bowl on his resume, if he wasn’t a white man. Reverse racism sucks, folks.

  9. Putting a Cowgirls reference in a Skins HOF post; Lame
    Russ Grimm to CLE, SEA, or CIN in 2011 after no strike occurs

  10. Umm, No. Most of the time he sounded like a 8 yr. old boy reading a thanksgiving speech. WTF were you listening to? Ohh, that’s right you’re a hill billy racistskin fan. Nevermind.

  11. Grimm didnt nail anything. Why should he get a job? Based on what? His prowess at coaching an OLine? This guy has never been a coordinator but he is ready for head coaching job? OMG

  12. And rightfully so! He should be the Redskins Head coach right now, or at the very least the O-line coach! Lots of incredible memories came rushing back to me last night as he spoke and it was great to see all fans coming together as not just Redskins fans or Cowboys fans, but just as football fans that appreciate the great accomplishments of the players of the game of football! Hail to the Redskins!

  13. I must be one of the only people not suprised. We are living in the age of ME,ME, ME and All About Me with Reality Tv and other nonesense. Grim is a low key, Lunch Pale, old school type of guy. He should have been a coach and HOFmer long ago. The skins missed an opportunity there big time not hiring him as HC. Guess he wasn’t flashy enough for Snyder. TUrd!

  14. @LvSteelersH8Ben
    Tell Jon Harbaugh, whose team ritualistically kicks your teams ass, that you need to be a coordinator before being a HC. LMAO, just another Steelers turd who doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground & couldn’t whip cream with a boat motor.
    Enjoy that ass handin’ your team will get from the whole division this year!

  15. Amen redskinfan. Can you see Grimm in a meeting with Snyder……”yes sir….yes sir…yes sir….” No, you can’t because he’s not a “yes man” type a guy. Shanahan’s a weasel, going back to the days when he undermined Reaves. Washington doesn’t have much of a chance now or in the future.

  16. Russ Grimm was a great player but he’s obviously doesn’t interview well. That’s why he’s not a head coach.
    Considering that only 5 of 32 teams employ African-American head coaches your cries of reverse racism ring hollow. It’s more evident that most of you truly are racist for insisting that the only way for an African-American man to get a job is due to some type of affirmative action BS.
    As for the writer of this article…Florio, you’re just a race-baiting POS! I now understand why most of the players in the league hate your sorry ass.

  17. Considering the Redskins haven’t been relevant (at least during the season) for nearly 20 years, at least this gives their fans something to be happy about.

  18. # DB26 says: August 8, 2010 10:49 AM
    Tell Jon Harbaugh, whose team ritualistically kicks your teams ass, that you need to be a coordinator before being a HC. LMAO, just another Steelers turd who doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground & couldn’t whip cream with a boat motor.
    Enjoy that ass handin’ your team will get from the whole division this year!
    The Steelers are 19-11 against the Ravens all time, please keep those ass kickings coming, we depend on it to make the playoffs. If you’re going to rewrite history might as well change that season where the Steelers defeated the Ravens 3 times on their way to Superbowl number 6, who was the coach of the Ravens then gee I can’t remember since it was so long ago.

  19. Grimm’s speech was good, and he should be a head coach, but his speech wasn’t half as good as Little’s. None of them were.

  20. I listened to each of the incuctees get up and make his remarks. Except for Grimm, the remarks were overblown, too long, repetitive and self-serving. I heard everyone thanked for making it possible for the inductee to be standing there – – from the Almighty, to the family members, to the coaches, to the second grade schoolteachers, to friends, and to other teammates. Except for Russ Grimm’s, I’ve heard those speeches every year for quite some time. Grimm’s was a “stand up, get to the point, thank you,shut up and sit down” talk. Refreshing.

  21. Speaking of not knowing your ass from a hole in the ground, DB26, you just actually said that Harbaugh and the Ravens “ritualistically” kicks the Steelers’ asses. You f ‘ed up bad this time, dummy.
    Harbaugh has a 1-4 record vs Pittsburgh, including 3 losses in the same season. His only win vs Pittsburgh was on an OT field goal. He has never kicked any Steeler ass, ever. Granted, he has never had his ass kicked by them either. (All close games.) But 1-4 is being owned. Period.
    In all of Raven history, they are 11-19 vs the Steelers, including taking a 27-10 playoff ass-whipping in 2001, an AFC Title Game loss in 2008 and being swept by Pittsburgh 4 times (1997, 1998, 2002, 2008.) They lost 2 games vs Pittsburgh in 2001 as well.
    Don’t talk about rituals when you are the sacrificial lamb in the equation.

  22. Ravens fans are the biggest douche bags in the country. They continuaaly see their team get pasted by the Steelers, but still find the nerve to talk smack. Second rate team, second rate fans…..what else would you expect?
    As for the ass-clowns who think the Steelers would be better off with Grimm over Tomlin as a coach, you people are just plain ignorant. Tomlin is an excellent football coach wo has his act together. The Rooneys don’t know what they’re doing? Gee…..3 coaches in 40 years, 6 Lombardis? Methinks they know EXACTLY what they’re doing. If the Steelers would have hired Grimm, Tomlin would be a head coach elsewhere by now. How come Grimm doesn’t have a head job yet?
    I think you get the point by now….

  23. mad555 says:August 8, 2010 6:29 AMUmm, No. Most of
    the time he sounded
    like a 8 yr. old boy
    reading a
    thanksgiving speech.
    WTF were you
    listening to? Ohh,
    that’s right you’re
    a hill billy
    racistskin fan.
    You sir, are a real asshole

  24. considering just about everyone was someone’s slave down thru history, and that hardly anyone alive now in this country has been a slave –
    except to a minority of some sort as some kind of sex slave –
    it is ludicrous for a minority to keep hollering racism against others when they are getting unwaranted privileges themselves.
    (99 percent of black america voted for osamabama. sounds pretty doggone racist to me)
    grimm was screwed out of a head coaching job he was promised. the so-called replacement doesnt have a clue how to unleash hell, either.

  25. I hate all things redskins, but I would have to agree with Florio. I thought his presentation and demeanor screamed “head football coach”. According to others, he has the x’s and o’s knowledge too. Remember, not all great coordinators make great head coaches, but all great head coaches are great leaders. I think Grimm is a great leader and could be a great head coach.

  26. Mike Tomlin won a Super Bowl in his first year coaching. Leave it to retarded Steelers fans (and clearly racist idiots) to bitch about one of the best coaches in the NFL.

  27. I love it when stupid people say stupid things. Tell me DB26, do you even know you’re saying stupid stuff, or does it sound smart when you say it? But then how does it feel when people point out the obvious – that you couldn’t be more wrong? Do you feel stupid then? I’m asking, because I don’t know what stupid feels like, but then I was wondering maybe I am stupid, just like you. So I thought I’d ask you, since you are so clearly stupid, what stupid felt like. I could then compare that to my own situation and test if I was in fact stupid.
    Let’s go over the basics. Harbaugh is 1 and 4 against the Steelers. 1 and 4. That means he has lost to the Steelers 4 times and once only once. Your franchise’s record against the Steelers is 11 and 17 (according to and in fact is the worst record against any team it has played more than 10 times. They have a worse record against the Pats (never beat them in five tries), Packers, Colts, Panthers, Dolphins and the Bucs (who they have only played 3 times). So tell me, how does this amount to some form of historical beat down? You see, the actual historical record suggests you couldn’t be farther from the truth. You know what the truth is, right?
    Maybe you think the Ravens have a great record agains the Steelers because you play “Ravens versus Steelers” on Madden NFL video games or something like that. But those aren’t real games DB26. Those are fake games. You know fake right? No, of course you don’t, you are stupid.
    My bad.
    As for Grimm, how exactly does a speech make him a head coaching candidate again? How does that work? Does that assume all owners are as stupid as DB26 is? Seriously? One speech and you are back on the “A list”? Really? Well, if that’s the case, I’ve made lots of great speeches. No, really, I have. So am I a head coaching candidate now? Am I on the “A list”? Wow. Amazing how this head coaching stuff works. Brilliant insights by Florio. Of course, Florio also thinks his son is a great musician. But maybe that was because he had a great speech at one time. What do I know, I may be as stupid as DB26. Oh well, at least I don’t just make stuff up. Like the Ravens and Harbaugh “owning the Steelers”. That’s crazy talk, like Bengals fans getting all frothy because they finally had a good season after twenty some odd years of pure misery. Yeah, go you guys! You are so awesome!

  28. For some reason you are trying to suck up to Russ Grimm….He read his speech off of a peice of paper that someone else wrote for him..
    What about Floyd or Emmitt? you are always making fun of Emmitt (and I understand why), why not give them Kudo’s?
    Pretty Weird!!

  29. Uh, Mike Tomlin won a Super Bowl with Dick LeBeau’s defense. He was a cover two coach (and a mediocre defensive co-ordinator for one year with the Vikings). Mike Tomlin is simply this generation’s Barry Switzer. A lucky guy who fell into a great situation with another superior coaches roster and assistants. Why do you think the Steelers have slowly fallen backwards the longer Cowher’s been gone? Big Ben went from model citizen to serial rapist, they had to ship off their top receiver for peanuts, and haven’t been able to draft guys to replace the aging talent. Rooney let his leftist views get in the way of hiring the best man for the job. Would Tomlin be a head coach by now by merit? Maybe, in Tampa Bay.

  30. @#DB 26 says
    Tell Jon Harbaugh, whose team ritualistically kicks your teams ass, that you need to be a coordinator before being a HC. LMAO, just another Steelers turd who doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground & couldn’t whip cream with a boat motor.
    Enjoy that ass handin’ your team will get from the whole division this year!
    Uh obviously you have been sniffing glue. WHEN have the Ravens habitually kicked our *ss? In fact we beat them THREE times on the way to our 6th Super Bowl. In fact Ray Lewis was quoted as saying “We have to get like the Steelers”. Please find me a link to ANY Steeler saying “We have to get like the Ravens”. YOU WONT FIND IT. Those 3 wins came in Harbaugh rookie season. We split with them last season. So Harbaugh is 1-4 vs the Steelers. The one win came vs a green, starting for the 1st time Dennis Dixon. If we hold onto a pick late instead of dropping it we win that game as well. It took the Ravens OVERTIME to beat us with DENNIS DIXON. Sorry buddy the Ravens NOR any other team in the North will be handing us any beatings this year. We will win without Ben. Bet that.
    Back to Grimm. Harbaugh wasnt a coordinator but he is the exception to the rule. Big gamble. Again, WHY should grimm get a Head job? Based on what? What was the PRIMARY reason the Cards were good? The running game? UH NO! It was the PASSING game and the quick decision making of Kurt Warner. So stop taking ill advised shots at my Steelers and start listing reason WHY Grimm deserves a Head coaching job. BASED ON WHAT???

  31. Tomlin won a Super Bowl with Dick Lebeaus D? How come that D didnt win for Lebeau in Cincy when he was head coach? How come it didnt win for him when He was in Cincy as D coordinator? How come it didnt win for him for the STeelers in SB 30 vs the Cowboys? Do you KNOW how many Super Bowls Dick Lebeau has been on the losing end in? Lebeau was also FIRED by Cowher. Not disrespecting Lebeau but pointing out the facts. Lebeaus dbs have been habitually BAD. The advent of Mike Tomlin made the Dbs better. This is a fact recognized and admitted by ALL Steeler Dbs.
    Mediocre defensive Coordinator at Minnesota? Please check how the Vikes were #7 in D and #1 vs the run in the NFL under Tomlin. Prior to Tomlin they SUCKED. How about Leslie Frazier- a Tomlin protoge, have you tracked his performance lately? It is very good sir and he will get a job very soon due to his success. Lastly, Mike Tomlin was on John Grudens staff that beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl. Tomlin coached the Dbs. You know those same Dbs that made life a living Hell for Raider coach Rich Gannon? It was one of Tomlins Dbs who received the Mvp that day sir.
    While in Tampa Bay, John Lynch told all who would listen that “Mike Tomlin will be the next great Head coach. This guy is magic”. Please see John Lynch’s interview with Tomlin prior to SB43 for confirmation of all of the above.
    Tomlin is Barry Switzer? Bill Cowher left him with a 8-8 team. Tomlin took that team to 11-5, then won a Super Bowl the next season. Cowher is superior? Based on what? Losing AFCCG’s?
    You said the Steelers have fallen backwards the longer Cowher has been gone? Oh really? 06 Cowhers last season – 8-8 NO PLAYOFFS
    07 Tomlins 1st- 10-6 Playoff loss to Jags
    08 Tomlins 2nd 12-4 Super Bowl win (Played toughest NFL schedule since 1978)
    09 Tomlins 3rd 9-7 NO PLAYOFFS.
    So Cowher hands Tomlin a team that failed to make the playoffs. Tomlin makes the playoffs the next season, wins the SB the one after that, then misses the playoffs. And they have fallen?
    2 playoff appearances vs 1 non playoff appearance and they have FALLEN?? LOL
    Big Ben- Model citizen under Cowher? Oh really? Cowher told him not to ride his bike without a Helmet. Ben did anyways and look what happened. Ben habitually got into heated arguements with Cowher and Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt. Ben hated the guy. In fact when the Steelers visited the Cards in 07 (Wiz and Tomlins 1st season as Head Coaches) all of the Steelers surrounded Wiz ACCEPT Ben. He wouldnt even shake Kens hand. I suggest you KNOW YOUR FACTS before you go on talking about MY TEAM. Keep your racist views to yourself, you sound like an idiot.
    Now I have posted Tomlins credentials. Now I will wait for you to post WHY Grimm should have a Head Job over him.

  32. 3 rings as a player, 1 as a coach and a major role in taking the Arizona Cardinals – that’s right, kids, the Arizona Cardinals – to a Super Bowl. That’s certainly a resume worthy of a shot at the head job. At least he is on record as saying that the Cowgirls can hold their breath and pound sand. But, any of the other 31 teams should have him at the top of the list for any opening. After Wade fades, maybe Jerry can convince Rayfield Wright to coach his team. Hail!

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