The old Emmitt Smith returns

On Saturday night, Emmitt Smith delivered perhaps the most stirring, emotional speech of the Hall of Fame ceremonies while the PFT liveblog commenters waited in vain for something to get “debacled.” 

It was an amazing performance we won’t soon forget, but the old Emmitt returned a night later.

We’ll let you watch and catch the gaffe(s).


45 responses to “The old Emmitt Smith returns

  1. 1. Who is Mike at 47 sec mark?
    2. Florider nation at 1:43 mark and Urban Myer coached him at Florida?
    3. State of Dallas at 3:00 mark?
    Typical SEC graduate!

  2. the state of dallas the country of texas the world of the united states.
    NBC should have a show, ” Are you smarter and more coherent then Emmitt Smith”?

  3. Emmit is certainaly gettin’ mah vote for the gove’or of Dalls. He the mos’ elocant speaker I have eva saw sound. Congratlations on makin’ the Pro Foosball Holl of Famer.

  4. It must be something about having that camera up on his face. When he is in open space Emmitt seems to do pretty well.
    That speech last night was pretty great. I’ll give him a pass for a little while after that one….
    Sure as hell beat Michael Jordan’s speech from a year ago…damn, that one still blows my mind.

  5. He corrected himself immediately after the “state of Dallas” comment. That’s something that would happen to anyone who is speaking on the radio or tv enough in the past couple of hours who is not used to speaking. How many interviews do you think he gave on Sunday.
    The Urban Meyer reference over going with any of the coaches he had was telling. I don’t remember what his relationship with Coach Hall was like.
    To BigBear123, it wasn’t a snub there on Spurrier, the whole leaving school early was the snub to Spurrier. Right when Spurrier was announced as coach of the Gators, Smith decided to leave early.
    I do just love Al Michaels’ look though when Emmitt calls him Mike

  6. If it had been the “old” Emmitt he’d have said nothing and just run over Carlton Bailey, Monte Coleman and Seth Joyner for a game-winning TD one more time. Each.

  7. I’m not a huge Emmitt fan, but that was heartfelt and good. You guys are fishing (per usual) with this headline.

  8. That was a great rip on Obama with the “no TelePrompter” line by Al Michaels.
    I watched Obama once have to use a TelePrompter for a 15 second introduction for the Gov. of Kansas. What a goof.
    Way to go Al … I mean Mike !!!!

  9. C’mon guys. No notes. No teleprompter. 24 minutes long. That was impressive.
    “Gator Nation”, though=GAFFE. Everyone knows there is only one, true, original “NATION”, ‘Mike'(?) Michaels.

  10. Why do Cowpoke and Gator fans making excuses for Emmit? He messed up on TV, ACCEPT IT! Has for he is not use to this, THAT IS WHY HE WAS FIRED FROM ESPN! HE SUCKS AT BROADCASTING! If Emmit was a Redskin, Cowgirl fan woudl be ripping him!

  11. Eh, coming from a guy with a radio background…. I saw this stuff everyday. Once a microphone is put in someones face, they can forget stuff or say a wrong word. So Emmitt is not the most impressive person in front of the camera. Great speach to finalize a GREAT career.
    I loved and hated Emmitt as a player. Being a Steeler fan I had to hate him, but as a football fan I loved the way he played and the attitude he always had about playing…. Except the Cardinals experiment lol…

  12. Rosenthal I know you aren’t making fun of someone messing up!!! No one makes more mistakes when writing an article than you do. Every article you post has spelling and grammatical errors and once I see those I say, “self (and myself say huh) this is a Rosenthal article isn’t it?” I scroll back to the top and BAM, there it is, Rosenthal.

  13. not trying to in any way shape or form stick up for this guy that wrecked the early years of my football life… but i personally think its hilarious when he messes stuff up with names and words.
    In all seriousness anyone think this guy might have taken a few too many shots to the head?
    Ever hear old boxers talk try joe louis its pretty hard.
    Im pretty sure this guy has some major brain damage issues. Im not a neurologist or anything but sure seems like that could be at issue.
    Then again his stuff at espn could simply be dyslexia or the guy can’t read off of a prompter.
    Or he could just be a bit feeble minded.
    the mysterious emmit smith – id like to hear him say that

  14. Quit being such a jew! He accomplished things in life you never will! I bet a rickety boned Jew like you can’t even jump up a curb without fracturing your tibula!

  15. Um, he corrected himself right away. Pretty emotional night for the guy. I’m not a Cowboys or Emmit Smith fan, but, geez Florio, lay off. Just because you’ll never get that kind of recognition for your achievements….

  16. You know Mike, you always make a big deal out of Emmitt’s language. And yes his speech is definitely ‘street’ oriented.
    But there is something very genial, likable about him which is the opposite reaction people have when the watch you talk in your videos.
    So you want to attack Emmitt mercilessly, then take a look in the mirror. You’re a sports reporter. A critic. Neither of which are held in high esteem these days. Neither of which are really very difficult.
    Emmitt Smith was one of the best football players ever to play the game. And one of the toughest. You’re attitude towards Smith is shameful. Just because you can weasel your way into the big world of professional sports broadcasting, doesn’t mean your anything more than the small man we see in your videos, and you see in the mirror every morning.
    I’m guessing you never actually played football, or if you did, you never played. Seems like it would have taken one hit to rock your world.

  17. I still can’t believe this is the same guy who gave that speech. Mike? Watching it, I was thinking “What the hell?”

  18. He will try a run at politics some day, and that interview with his buddy Mike was his first audition

  19. Not a ‘boys fan by any means, but Emmitt is a class act and always has been. Congrats.

  20. Wow, Calling Al Michaels mike, how do you mess his name up? One of the greatest sportscasters ever. Well if anyone can do it Emmitt can. If I was Al, I would of “accidentally” called him Barry or Thurman. That would of gotten Emmitt going.

  21. @ maximus
    Emmit would be a nobody if he did not have that offensive line. He also should thank his lucky stars that Barry Sanders retired when he did. Walter Payton proved what he was made of with hard earned yards, no one can deny that.
    I don’t take anything away from him having the rushing title, but listening to people talk about him like he was the best ever makes me sick. Emmit Smith earned 75% of his yards, the rest were handed to him.
    If Emmit is going to be on national TV, he should learn to talk correctly so that all people can understand him. This has always been a sore spot with me since his commercials with Power-aid. Learn to talk effectively if you are going to be in the spotlight.

  22. I tried to watch but had to sit through 4 commercials. I hope you guys are getting some of that money. Annoying ……

  23. Great speech and great class of 2010. Minus style points for T.O. even commenting “Its not my fault” about his Dallas release during this special time.

  24. As a skins fan I hate all things Dallas, but give the devil his due, Emmit went to the HOF because of how he played, not how he speaks. The guy was a great back, and again I’m no fan of anything from Big D but the triplets made the hall because of each other and they deserve to be there.

  25. Thought it was fine. What are you talking about. Funny part was he thinks he can “bless” people with his words. LOL.

  26. @thepuretruth
    Well, if you only give him 75% of the yds then he’s left with almost 14k, not 2 bad and you’re right he didn’t earn any hard yds, like when he dislocated his shoulder against the Giants and carried Dallas to victory. Yeah, he need to separate your hatred of the way he speaks versus his accomplishments as a player.

  27. thunkened says:
    August 9, 2010 1:55 AM
    Quit being such a jew! He accomplished things in life you never will! I bet a rickety boned Jew like you can’t even jump up a curb without fracturing your tibula!
    Fracturing your tibula? That’s a new one.

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