Browns' Gerard Lawson arrested, charged with DUI

Cleveland Browns defensive back Gerard Lawson was arrested for drunk driving after police say he hit a car some time overnight Saturday.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Lawson was charged with DUI and hit-skip.

Said Browns General Manager Tom Heckert, “We are aware of the situation with Gerard and are continuing to gather all the information. Until we have done that, we will not make any further comment.”

Lawson, who is going into his third year in the league, played in five games last season.

25 responses to “Browns' Gerard Lawson arrested, charged with DUI

  1. Maybe he can make a living driving a cab, even though he wasn’t bright enough to take one.

  2. Laxer, Lawson was a fringe player, and he played in 5 games last season. The guy is a special teams backup. All he did was make the coach’s decision on who to cut easier.

  3. Sandra Lee’s Cans says:
    August 9, 2010 9:24 AM
    Finally, a Browns DB who will hit something.
    Best post of the day! And typical of a Brownie, it wasn’t a “legal” hit, either.

  4. Hmmm, a player actually ARRESTED and CHARGED with a crime, probably no suspension right? Hell, the other two Browns with gun charges havent been suspended yet.
    Let’s see if Goodell gives fair and equal punishment to this guy, some no name black player, that he gave to a white ex Tom Lewland.
    Lewland got a DUI, and he got a 30 day suspension and fined $100,000.
    Why in the world are more people not up in arms over Goodell’s completely arbitrary and unfair conduct policy enforcement baffles me. It’s simply un-American!

  5. He is a decent kick returner, but is expendable if Cribbs is healthy. Haden may be gunning for the backup kick returning spot anyway. The Browns already have a couple of talented special teamers in Costanzo and Ventrone; I’m not sure how many exclusive special teamers a team can carry.

  6. As soon as his arraignment allows the team an excuse…He will be cut.
    6th on the depth chart at best, no way he was making the team.
    That said, another example of bad choices made when their career is on the line.

  7. In a few days, he can drink all he wants. He sure as hell won’t be playing football…
    Unless the Ravens or Steelers pick up another one of the Browns’ cast-offs. Or Cincy…if they need another idiot to fill their quota.

  8. I don’t know whats better, the screen name Sandra Lee’s Cans or the post about a Browns DB finally hitting something..
    Outstanding start to a Monday..

  9. Yep, drinking and driving. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that nearly all of us have gotten into a car after maybe one (or more) too many. Does that mean most of us driven drunk? Hell no- but most people who do drink have been at least borderline intoxicated behind the wheel at least once.
    What pretty much *none* of us have done is trap young, small girls in bathrooms with our dick hanging out of our pants and sexually assualted her 🙂

  10. I wonder if he was on the Brown team during the scrimmage…they were rewarded for winning the scrimmage with “no curfew”…would DEFINITELY make them rethink that one!

  11. They should change their name from the Cleveland Browns to the Cleveland Convicts… loser

  12. Since they brought in a couple corners already this offseason, he was looking to be the odd man out anyways. This really didn’t help his chances.

  13. Can someone pass a box of tissues to the Steelers fans that continue to cry about Roethlisberger’s suspension?

  14. # CINCINNATI pastuh says:
    They should change their name from the Cleveland Browns to the Cleveland Convicts… loser
    I saw the game last night. Who’s the loser?
    LOL@Who dey…

  15. CINCINNATI pastuh says:
    August 9, 2010 12:19 PM
    They should change their name from the Cleveland Browns to the Cleveland Convicts… loser
    HAHAHAHA! Cinci!! Pot!!! Kettle!!! Cowboys!!! Convicts!!!
    I just pissed my pants!

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