Colts' John Gill likely to miss season for alcoholism treatment

The story of Colts backup defensive tackle John Gill, who was found by Indianapolis police passed out in a ditch Sunday morning, has taken another turn: Colts President Bill Polian said Gill will likely miss the upcoming season so he can get treatment for alcoholism.

“In respect to John Gill, he’s got a problem unfortunately that many Americans are familiar with either in their family or in the workplace,” Polian told the Indianapolis Star. “The No. 1 priority for him is to get treatment and we’re in that process right now.”

Polian said the Colts are in touch with the league office to determine whether they should put Gill on injured reserve or whether there’s a more appropriate roster designation, but he indicated that one way or another, the rest of the year for Gill will be devoted to getting treatment.

“Football is not a priority,” Polian said. “It’s not even a consideration. We’re in discussion with the league office and they’ll let us know what the appropriate roster category is for him, but he’s going into treatment as quickly as possible. That’s being arranged with the appropriate people at the league level and we’ll move on from there.”

For now, the Colts are saying Gill is on indefinite leave.

“We had hoped this would be a good year for him,” Polian said, “but it hasn’t turned out that way.”

24 responses to “Colts' John Gill likely to miss season for alcoholism treatment

  1. Mariquana – Ed Johnson
    Video games – Quinn Pitcock
    Booze – John Gill
    Indianapolis defensive tackles: Sort Yourselves Out.

  2. Colts do take care of their players, but I’d be surprised if Gill plays another snap for them. Fili Moala will get into the rotation more this year with Muir, Johnson, and Foster. Indy isn’t too bad at tackle, actually.

  3. Something actually mildly adverse and interesting happening with the most boring, vanilla team in the NFL. Nice.

  4. What a beast. Rumor has it that he soiled himself too. Sounds like a cool guy to me, i’d put a few back with him.

  5. I hope he gets the help he needs. I am shocked by the nasty tone from some of the posters here. This man is ill and needs help. Many of us have people in our own families who suffer from alcoholism and it is no laughing matter. Some of you Jim Rome wannabes are just plain stupid.

  6. I can think of other players who should consider doing the same things.
    Or wear larger Drink like a Champion shirts.

  7. Just don’t suspend him, Commish. You’re only supposed to do that for high-profile QBs who’ve never even been charged with any kind of crime.

  8. Maybe he was using booze as a pain killer for when the golden boy throws him under the bus…

  9. What a tremendously classy move by the Colts organization. It seems like most NFL teams would deal with this by immediately cutting him, or else just telling him to get his stuff in gear and then cut him later after designating him as a player with issues. Kudos to Bill Polian for recognizing he had someone in his organization with problems larger than football and doing what he can to help the person rather than just ditching him.

  10. Look, I hope the guy gets treatment and recovers, but I’m still curious as hell as to how he ended up passed out in a ditch in the middle of nowhere without any shoes.

  11. John Gill …. say goodbye to the NFL Hall of Fame …. and HELLO! to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
    The No Fun League wants to ban someone just for getting their ditch on?

  12. Plenty of pendejo de mierdas posting here. Those who joke about and belittle the victims of this disease deserve to have it affect a loved one for a few years…tune would change. This is a horrific condition that directly and indirectly serves as a catalyst for about 70% of ER visits, countless deaths, higher insurance, etc.
    I recommend anything that gets him sober. If he is like most of us he has done as Chapter 4 tells us and has tried every trick in the book. Now it is time to surrender to the disease and look for a new approach.
    I hope he keeps his mouth shut and his ears open in treatment, and, that the counselors are as adept at detecting BS as we BS artists are at dishing it out. Oh yeah, I got sober 8 Jan, 1990 at a 12-Step meeting.

  13. Over consumption and addiction to alcohol is NOT a freaking disease. The classification of it as such is one more brick in the wall of blaming your own 100% freely made CHOICES on other factors. I believe it was done (classifying it as a disease) so people’s insurance would cover it. No one makes you put a glass of alcohol to your lips, or eat five billion cheeseburgers or smoke cigs or do drugs. IT IS A CHOICE. The most you can call it is a genetically predisposed HABIT. One you need never give in to.

  14. to the tune of “pants on the ground”…
    Colt in the ditch
    Colt in the ditch
    Lookin’ like a fool
    ’cause your Peyton’s little bitch
    Hat to the side
    hoof mark on your ass
    Take another toke
    Relive your postseason choke
    Colt in the ditch
    Colt in the ditch
    Polian’s a tool
    and a whiny little bitch

  15. FrankoBollo, why would the commish need to suspend him, since his own team just suspended him for the whole season.
    No way he can deny he has a problem, when it just cost him a whole season…perhaps the rest of his career. Hopefully one day he can look back on this as the best thing to ever happen to him.
    Most people with substance abuse problems don’t get such a public wake up call like this guy has.

  16. FrankoBollo says:
    August 9, 2010 2:09 PM
    Just don’t suspend him, Commish. You’re only supposed to do that for high-profile QBs who’ve never even been charged with any kind of crime.
    yeahhh because Vick and Roethlisberger are innocent.. moron…

  17. Hey CKL,
    I sincerely hope that, after a few beers, you run your car directly into a tree. And when they find you, you have a cigarette hanging off your lips, a cheeseburger in your left hand, and a needle coming out of your neck. Oh yeah, I also hope one of your close family members gets hit by a drunk driver on the way to see you at the hospital.
    Run along now and go watch some more Glenn Beck you uneducated, uninformed a**hole.
    (Please post this Florio)

  18. @sargedude…..i just wish i had the balls to become sober my friend….i am dying slowly… advice?

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