Here's the PFT commercial

For those of you who were watching baseball or Mad Men or The Wire on DirecTV instead of the second half of the Hall of Fame game, you missed the debut of the new PFT commercial.

But now you’re in luck.  Whether it’s good luck or bad luck remains to be seen.

Here it is.


64 responses to “Here's the PFT commercial

  1. Yeah, I heard it and immediately went to the bathroom lol J/K… Congrats, you went big time ugh lol :).

  2. So did you foot the bill to look like a complete douche on broadcast television, or did NBC, or did you go halvsies?

  3. Really? You’re going to make me watch a commercial before I can watch YOUR commercial?
    In all seriousness… I remember when this site was a tiny speck on the radar when it came to football news. I’ve got to say, you guys have come a long way. Here’s to continued success! Please keep the rumors coming, perfect outlet for speculatory observation.
    I’m sure Terry Bradshaw is smiling down from heaven!!

  4. I thought the graphics nice, but Florio, the whole scene of you sitting at the computer and suddenly looking up kind of looks like the spoof beginning to the Colbert Report. Meaning; it kind of looks like a joke.
    Do people really need to see your face? That’s not some snide remark either, I just don’t think you being in the commercial is adding anything to it. Cut out that part or at least re-film it and do some other scene.

  5. Were you writing a blog post in outer space?
    Cool ad. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash the blood off my hands from tearing out my own eyes.

  6. Would rather have seen an old school newspaper bit (think Stephen King in ESPN ad) with Comcast Florio tearing a piece of paper out of the typewriter in disgust but then throwing his rug into the wastepaper basket instead of the wadded up piece of paper. Either that, or Classic Florio: as drooling zombie when questioned by a sportsbabes on camera.

  7. Congrats, Mike. You’re pretty much living the dream of all bloggers.
    But you don’t really do the Drew-Rosenhaus-cell-phone-always-on-your-ear thing, do you?

  8. You look like a chimp chained to that computer.
    It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. Brett Favre.

  9. o hey thnx for making me watch a commercial before watching your commercial
    glad to see you’re always wearing a suit while posting

  10. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that I had to first watch a commercial in order to watch a commercial?

  11. I guess you missed it also, because the Bengals scrubs threw for an offensive touchdown with under 2 minutes left.

  12. Seen the commercial , this blog is not better than a `B` movie . Nothing special , all stories come from ESPN newswire with the words just twisted around ( what`s all the fuss ? ).

  13. Oh ya , all other big name blogs don`t have ( wait for blog owner to approve message ) . Like mentioned this site is a sucky `B` movie ( make major changes ).

  14. Despite the knowing grin you through the camera whilst earnestly chattering away on the keyboard, I consider you one of the most fortunate individuals on the planet Mike, kudos.
    It’s a fantastic site and now it’s paying the bills and then some. Your status will continue to grow as one of the Premier football minds out there.
    There will always be critics but you never fail to present stories or opinion pieces with balance, charisma and humour. I consider myself lucky to have found this site some years ago as a UK NFL fan.

  15. Nice work Florio! Hey, I heard Emmit is looking for a new gig… you guys would make a great pair.

  16. I wish it had premiered during the first half, before I ate dinner; that way, I could’ve at least avoided vomiting up the meal I had just eaten & would’ve only lost my appetite, without wasting food. The commercial itself was awkward and forced, and features some of the worst B-reel acting I’ve ever seen. All that was missing was the scenery of an internet cafe and a chai latte next to your laptop, fancy boy.

  17. While you were off watching quality programming some of us actually did watch the entire second half. How do I know this? The Bengals did score.

  18. You mean you didn’t watch the TD pass from the guy who shouldn’t make the team to the guy who won’t make the team?

  19. Evidence that Florio always wears a suit while browsing porn and ordering Chinese food.

  20. Hmmm…. actually, the only part of the game I did watch (and only bits) was the last 2 minutes. Unless I’m mistaken, (and I’m not) that is when the Bungles finally got on the board against the cowgirls. What game were you watching Florio?

  21. Like. Congrats, Florio.
    All the haters are just jealous. Or, as Rosenthal would spell it: Gellus.

  22. I had to watch that damned car commercial three times to get to that? Sorry, the ad just didn’t capture the essence of the site. Like most of NBC Sports coverage, it blows. (e.g. Get the Pittsburgh Penguins out of your arse if you want to call hockey)

  23. If you want to considered a legitimate news site, you need to stop the TMZ crap. It’s insulting to real sports fans.

  24. This makes me think you would have been much better off hiring a female tennis player to appear in your commercial.

  25. I was watching the game and saw the commericial, but I also saw a single offensive touchdown by the Bengals.

  26. Just get a Vicodin addiction – if you don’t already have one … – and then you’ll be handed the Roger Goodell Internet CrapTalk trophy in 20 years time.
    Up until now, you are less of a jerk than Berman (that was indeed a _compliment_).

  27. Florio? Did you watch the same game? Because according to the NFL website, the Bungles did score 7 points in the 4th quarter…

  28. yo dawg……..we heard you like commercials… we put a commercial in your commercial so you could watch commercials while you watched commercials

  29. Mike is a lawyer by training; hence he probably even sleeps in a suit and a tie so he could chase ambulances at a moment’s notice…
    Seriously, did you ever think it would come to this? Hope you’re stashing away the cash while times are good. Congrats, Mikey. I remember when you were just a baby blogger and the site was powered by a single hamster.
    BTW, is that a Sprint phone?

  30. Good idea to zoom in on your wedding ring a few times to prove that you aren’t just a boxer/basement nerd and actually convinced someone to kiss you at some point. Or was it a subliminal warning to Jenn Sterger and others to back off by Mrs. Florio?

  31. Florio, you have a face for radio, or blogs…Please don’t show that ugly mug on the one thing that is truly pure to me…My T.V.!!

  32. Considering that you run this place from the basement of your mom’s house in the mountains of West Virginny, that commercial looks pretty good.
    All jokes aside, congrats Florio. You’ve managed to construct a football community full of in-depth legal analysis and dick and fart jokes. I can’t wait for that exclusive PFT tell-all interview with Lord Favre.

  33. So you make us watch a commercial before we get to watch your commercial. Something’s a little bit wrong with that picture.

  34. FumbleNuts says:
    August 9, 2010 10:15 AM
    Wow Mike, just a matter of time before you end up…. hosting Monday Night Football?
    I think I’d pay money to watch that. Especially if Taco Bill would join him in the booth.

  35. Interesting – I’ve never seen a commercial for a website that didn’t mention the name of the website. NBC did you dirty at the end making us go through their site first – guess we know who paid for this…

  36. Florio,
    Has anyone ever told you that you look like Skippy Handleman (from Family Ties) sans glasses?

  37. Definately should have been in your basement in your pj’s, with perhaps the drum set in the corner.

  38. Mike,
    Do you state in the commercial how you like to report unsubstantiated garbage from Deadspin and what a joke this site is becoming?

  39. I love this website Florio. F*ck all the haters. Notice how many of the ppl who talk shit are the ones who talk shit on posts everyday because they can’t get away from the site either, they are just the ignorant ones. But try to show a little more love for the Dallas Cowboys though, after all they are America’s Team.

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