Jets reject Darrelle Revis' latest offer

The Jets have looked at cornerback Darrelle Revis’ proposal and given a public response.

“The answer is no,” owner Woody Johnson told the New York media on Monday.  (As of two hours ago, they had not responded to Revis’ agent.)

Johnson’s words cap a busy day of Revis news, with the Jets beginning to change course and gear up for a long contract battle.  Rex Ryan says they are planning for life without Revis, while the Jets’ website front page trumps rookie Kyle Wilson as the “new starter” at cornerback.

The Jets owner doesn’t expect Revis to be on the field in Week 1.

“Based on the meeting we had last Friday, that Mike had, that’s the
conclusion,” Johnson said. “That’s my feeling right at this moment. 
It can be a flexible feeling, but as of right now, I have to say no.”

We still have an inflexible feeling that all of this rhetoric is part of the holdout process, and a deal makes too much sense not to happen just before the season starts.

87 responses to “Jets reject Darrelle Revis' latest offer

  1. Revis literally has zero leverage here. If he wont play for a $10m/year offer, then I guess he gets to stand by his principles and sit for the next 4 years.

  2. 8/15/2007: Signed a six-year, $30 million contract. The deal contains $11 million guaranteed, including $16 million in the first four years. Another $6 million is available through incentives. The final two years can be “bought back” by the Jets for a minimum of $14 million ($5 million for 2011 and $9 million for 2012).
    2010: $981,500 (+ $100,000 workout bonus)
    2011: $650,000 (Voidable Year)
    2012: $665,000
    2013: Free Agent
    Darrelle, is this or is this not the contract you signed? Way I read this you’re gonna make about $7M this season… and you’re cryin’ about it? Really?

  3. All these big name signings in the offseason and they don’t even have their best player.

  4. you’d think that if these incoming rookies had any self pride they’d build performance escalators into their contracts. I would think they owners would want this too to avoid all the freakin headache and drama. It is harder to do at some positions but they’ve gotta figure it out for position players with easily quantifiable statistics.

  5. I don’t get why the Jets will shell out money for washed up Free Agents, but refuse to take care of the best lock down CB in the league.

  6. As of now I think there is a better chance of a Revis and Asomugha cornerback tandem in Oaktown.
    Indeed, maybe this was all Uncle Al’s doing………..

  7. good job Woody!
    Call that ungrateful MEvis bluff all the way through the season. That greedy clown held out on his rookie deal cause he wanted more years on the contract, now he wants out of the extra years.
    MEvis, you signed the contract, honor it you spoiled punk.
    I hope Woody stands firm and MEvis sits out the whole year. After a year of no paycheck, and next year if there is a lockout/strike, Mr. Greedy will be getting pretty damn light in the wallet. Start fining him also, really hit him hard in the pocket.
    Problem is, MEvis has been listening to the media and Rex tell everybody how great he is and now it’s done went and swelled his head so big.

  8. There’s alot of points to make here. First is that all who blame Al Davis need the facts. Nnamdi played out his entire contract before getting his payday. Second, Revis has better stats than Nnamdi because Nnamdi has already gained the respect of QB’s in the league, so they are not throwing his way as to where Revis is still garning looks from the QB’s, hence not having that level of respect. And Third, Nnamdi plays on an Island all his own (Man Coverage), not sure if NY expects or plays that scheme with Revis. For all you Haters, SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. IF revis is listening to his uncle then there is a chance he site all year and become free agent next year. That’s what his uncle did when he was playing and got paid well after he sat out.

  10. WarrenMoonGOAT,
    He wants $16m/year. He’s dead set on making more than Nnamdi. The Jets have offered up to $12m/year with various proposals.

  11. I wonder if Mevis’ head is so swelled up that even Rex can’t fit it into his mouth?
    Just wonderin’…..

  12. “Jets reject Darrelle Revis’ latest offer due to Rex Ryan eating said contract, pen, desk, and possibly Revis’ agent”

  13. Guys, calm down . . . it’s a contract negotiation tactics and I know you are all so adamant that the player should play out his contract. But what a lof of you don’t realize or care is that the team owner is not bound by the same contract. He can break the contract, not pay the player another dime if he or she chooses. Jamarcus Russell had a 6 year contract for my Raiders, but he’ll never see the last three years of that contract money, but not one of you ladies and gents would argue that Al Davis should honor his contract with Mr. Russell, but you are basically doing the opposite with Mr. Revis (Mevis, that was a good one, but not very original). If a pro bowl corner makes $15.1 Mil per season and he’s making $1 Mil, what about that sounds fair? IF you want a pro bowl corner, you are going to have to shell out $15 Mil a season, or have fun with Kyle. And I guarantee you if Kyle sucks, he’ll never see the end of his contract!

  14. The problem we have is we have no idea how much is being offered by either side. I think Revis at this point is a scumbag. Im all for him getting a raise but not for him getting above $16 million a year. At the end of the day I dont think the Jets are going to give him the absurd money he is seeking. Someone needs to draw the line with these guys

  15. All this is blah blah blah… He will be signed by the end of camp without a doubt. If he wants to hold out for 4 years of his career, then so be it. He is worth more to the Jets sitting then if they have to play him.

  16. But at least they signed Jason Taylor and LaDanian Tomlinson.
    *eyeroll* Yeah, Super Bowl bound my ass. Keep talking, Jets fans.

  17. This is what happens when you recruit every has been that comes knocking and don’t take care of the few good players you have in house. Get ready for some really “Hard Knocks” Jests fans!

  18. seems like a no win situation for both parties. Jets caused this mess, now they have to deal with it.

  19. I couldn’t agree more with “onlymyopinionmatters”. These players who sign contracts and then start whining when a peer gets more later need to be slapped down, and hard. The fact that someone else gets more somewhere else needs to be countered with, “Well, the deal is you don’t play for {insert team here} you signed a contract to play for US. And you signed it based on conditions that existed when you signed. You don’t get to modify this to your taste as developments happen. If you don’t like that, and aren’t grateful for the ridiculous sum you ARE being paid, go be a janitor somewhere.”

  20. The over love…OVER HYPE of the jets is laughable…..2nd year Qbs rarely fare well……especially a qb..sanchez…who through more INTS than TDs last year…..a year in which Indy gave away the game to rest their players in the 2nd half…..a year they shouldn’t have even made the playoffs….and they are the heir apparents??
    This team is DESTINED for mediocrity.
    Look for their ex-qb, Brett Favre, and the vikes to dominate, as they can do it in ALL THREE AREAS!!!

  21. Ah let the melt down begin
    The real season is weeks away and the house that Rex and Woody built is falling apart
    Brady is laughing his ass of as are the rest of the QBs looks like the only one left on the island is Darrel

  22. Lemme guess, he needs to “Feed his family.” These high priced idiots want more and more to what? Play a game they enjoy. Pitiful.

  23. Its all a show, he will be signed mid august I think revis is prly gonna fold if anything revis becomes restricted free Agent and the jets pay him a min to stay on the team and then put him on franchise tag and he still won’t make more than 10 mill jets have all th amunition along with a much better team this year without him.

  24. A few random observations:
    1. Asomugha is NOT a better CB than Darrelle Revis, in any way, shape or form.
    2. No cornerback deserves what Revis is asking for. It’s a position that can easily be filled. Its job description is merely to take one opposing player out of the game.
    3. Please, people, for the love of God & Florio, stop using the term “shutdown corner” just because you heard an NFL analyst say it.

  25. i feel bad for any player that has to play for a cheap ass owner, and it seems like they are all in the afc east.

  26. Come to a team that appreciates true defense in Bmore where you would be appreciated. When’s Chico and the Fatman debut on HBO? This story should make it more interesting.

  27. Looks like his uncle is doing his best to ruin Bevis’ career. Yes, this is just a business, but team attitude is something that teammates don’t easily forget. Once Bevis has convinced his teammates that he is willing to derail their SuperBowl express, he has lost his position as a team leader and may never get it back. Being the highest paid DB in the league only counts as a goal when you are a FA. He is a few years away from that, and will add a year as of Wednesday. Just more evidence of black on black crime from his greedy advisors.

  28. WODDY: “That’s my feeling right at this moment. It can be a flexible feeling, but as of right now, I have to say no.”
    I think Woody “blinked”!

  29. It won’t matter.
    The biggest receiving “threat” in the AFCEast is Marshall–and he drops balls all the time. MEvis (great moniker, btw) isn’t necessary for the Jets to lose. They have LT for that.

  30. Revis isn’t on Asomugha’s level, he had one good year let’s see if he can do it every year from now on

  31. @ Zane. Learn how to spell. How can you say that. You obviously do not watch football. By the way, Madden does not count!

  32. zane needs to do a few random observations more carefully…. Nnamdi is a shut down corner , Revis is a cover 2 corner nuff said.

  33. You know I use to get mad at nfl players for holding out when say have a signed contract but not any more. NFL contracts are not guaranteed when a team is through with a player and wants to cut him but when a player has performed to a level that he is not being reasonably compensated then all of the sudden that contract is the holy grail that the player should honor.
    If the NFL doesn’t want hold outs guarantee the entire contract so if a players career is cut short or the team releases him he gets every dollar. Thats why you don’t see baseball or basketball have to deal with this. Can’t have your cake and eat it too!

  34. play and get what your contract call for or stay home and get nothing! he has zero leverage! anybody can play corner with the pressure that the jets put on the QB!

  35. “@ Zane. Learn how to spell. How can you say that. You obviously do not watch football. By the way, Madden does not count!”
    What did I misspell, smart guy?

  36. you’re not just crazy you’re inZane!
    couldn’t resist…..but seriously…you are!

  37. Hey Revis,
    The 2009 Defensive Player of the Year,
    Cornerback Charles Woodson is in camp, practicing and not whining, about anything! You could learn a thing or two from the pro who earned just 7.3 mil last year.
    Just saying…

  38. Hey Revis,
    The 2009 Defensive Player of the Year,
    Cornerback Charles Woodson is in camp, practicing and not whining, about anything! You could learn a thing or two from the pro who earned just 7.3 mil last year.
    Just saying…

  39. I respect Revis’s talent but I’ve lost a good amount of respect for him.
    I guess it’s easy for average joes to say they’d do things differently if they were in the same situation, but I still think I’d feel too guilty to do something like this.

  40. It rarely ends well for guys who holdout deep into training camp or the season.
    The Patriots are making moves with the belief they will be without Mankins. The Jets will do the same with Revis. As talented as both those guys are, I’m sure the other 52 men in those locker rooms will still believe they can win games…and will.
    Moving on.

  41. Belichick for President
    i love this name, he’d fit right in with obama’s lying ass.

    I wouldn’t take him over C. Bailey.. He had 1 good year.. Namdi has been the corner stone for the Raiders Dee since C. Woodson left.

  43. Steeler Country says:
    August 9, 2010 7:13 PM
    Revis would look good in Black and Gold:)
    -the saints?

  44. You have a signed contract – be a man and live up to that contract and THEN try to get more!
    If a man doesn’t have his word (signature) he has nothing!

  45. @anthony being the cornerstone of the Brown’s D, is like being the tallest midget

  46. MEvis…haha that’s a good one!
    His individuality could cost the team’s effectiveness on defense. So much for the old school team loyalty kind of player that used to exist in the NFL. Too bad those days are gone.
    My take on this is? Just pay him already. He’ll get that money eventually anyway. Look at the Rams – They’re going to pay Bradford 50 mil and that glass shoulder hasn’t even been tested in an NFL game yet.
    This league is filled with primadonnas and getting worse every year. I’m all for an NFL wide base salary cap for players that has money incentives for productivity.

  47. The Jets are just cheap plain and simple. It is not just Nnamdi making big money, the Jets offer to Revis did not even come close to what C Bailey is making and is miles and miles away from what the number 1 corner in the NFL Nnamdi Asomugha is making.
    This is the track record with the Jets just look at the past, cheap. That just might be why they are still waving around Joe Namath. I am 54 and was a snot nose kid when Namath played. How an organization that really has been an NFL laughing stock for decade after decade can even bring up Al Davis is beyond me.
    Oh that is right, we are talking about the people that told Paris Hilton she was a Star. lol.

  48. Just a few observations:
    Zane is a woman.
    Zane does not watch football.
    Zane does not understand coverages in football.
    Zane is a woman.

  49. The Jests won’t sign Derelle Penis and will sign a bunch of guys other teams don’t want, how cute!

  50. I hate the Raiders, they might be the 2nd or 3rd worst team in the league, but Nnamdi is without a doubt the best corner in the game. Jets fans, watch an Oakland game (painful I know,) and you will see that Revis isn’t even on the island as Nnamdi. INT’s mean nothing to a man that is so good QB’s wont throw in his direction.
    Hell, I may still put Champ Bailey ahead of Revis because he has had more than one good year.

  51. u wouldnt take him over champ bailey? anthony i suggest you stopping watch the nfl, or football in general. embarassing.

  52. # milehiclown says: August 9, 2010 7:11 PM
    The biggest receiving “threat” in the AFCEast is Marshall–and he drops balls all the time.
    Yeah, you won’t miss him in Denver. You have Eddie Royal…and that other guy.

  53. mrzazz41387 says:
    August 9, 2010 6:43 PM
    All this is blah blah blah… He will be signed by the end of camp without a doubt. If he wants to hold out for 4 years of his career, then so be it. He is worth more to the Jets sitting then if they have to play him.
    Didn’t I also read from all the jests fans that he wasn’t going to sit out at all? Now it’s changed to only through training camp? Will it next be only until they miss the playoffs? When will it all end?

  54. I just think it’s hilarious how the jests created this mess. That said, I think he will probably take the Favre route and hold out of training camp and then give in for $12-13 mil. Then, he’ll hold out next season because Rexy will be building him up to walking on water again.

  55. He’s under contract!
    Let him play for what he signed… He will probably get hurt in a few years and the JETS can save all that $.
    The lockout will happen next year so he will be almost 30 when the current deal is up. They can franchise him for a couple years after if he is still healthy then get rid of him because his speed will be gone.
    So he is locked in for 4 years + 2 franchise years!

  56. I’d much rather pay Mangold Harris Cromartie Holmes than Revis his bloated contract. I’ll gladly take a first and second round pick for him and ship him off to football Siberia to go play with his buddy Leon. Ahole Florio is just trying to instigate just like all of the media outlets who love spending other peoples money. Thats why none of them are owners. you cannot pay a cornerback that much money when you have other invaluable players on the team. If fans keep rooting for players to be paid, then leagues will suck.

  57. I’m a Dolphins fan and have been as critical as anyone of the much 0ver-hyped Jets. But in this case, in all honesty, I respect the Jet’s ownership. And I’m not saying that because I don’t want the Fins to face Revis. I’m saying it because you have to stand up to these athletes and the unions (yes, unions protect salaries, hence why this country faces many of the problems it faces today). Revis is awesome. He is one of, if not, the best CB in the league. But a chapionship a cornerback does not make. The Jet s have a nasty D without Revis (though he makes them better, no doubt), but it’s nice to see common sense win out over idiocy. Revis is no Manning. Sorry.

  58. As a life-long Dolphins fan, I say “Bravo Jets! I have much respect for their organization right now–even though their coach can be a boorish ass. It’s nice to see a team stand up to an obviously greedy, delusional egomaniac. He is good but the Jets can plug in the CBs they still have on their roster and field a dominant defense without Me-vis. He is not as good as he thinks. Some of his prowess stems from the system put in place. I would honestly rather have the Dolphins face the entire Jets team but this jackass needs to be put in check. He has a really good initial contract and he turned down a reasonable offer earlier. Sit out, rack up the fines without getting paid and then think about how your ego and mouth ruined your career. In order for Revis to play, it looks like he needs to swallow his pride. (as long as the Jets stay the course) Judging from his desire to be the highest paid CB regardless of how much higher that would be, I dont think this chump has it in him to admit his stupid mistake, swallow his pride and sign a reasonable deal.

  59. # RavensFreak00 says: August 9, 2010 10:00 PM
    As a Ravens fan, this is great news.
    Not trying to be rude, but as a Ravens fan, you might want to worry about your team’s corner backs. Foxworth out for the season. You have two others coming back from major injuries…one of whom probably won’t be ready for the season opener. You have another who is suspended for the first two games of the season. Ozzie is looking to pick up any CB capable of taking the field right now. As much as not having Revis would hurt the Jets, the Ravens’ secondary is still in a lot worse shape.

  60. These stupid huge front-loaded contracts…
    25 Million in 3 years and then he’s complaining why he just makes 1 Million per year the last 3 years?
    Tell that your agent, numbskull!
    Play for 12 Million per year, if you keep up your high level of play, THEN ask for a raise.
    Otherwise sit him, one year, or two, maybe three. If he receives no pay in 2010 and 2011 if the lockout takes place, he will be playing for a league minimum in 2012.
    If this league implements incentive-based contracts, everyone will be playing as hard as he can, just to get the money.

  61. First of all Zane is a complete retard. Look at the stats of the 1s Revis lined up against. He held almost every one of them under 50 yards, had 31 passes defensed and 6 picks, not to mention blanking Ochocinco after Chad said if Revis blanked him he’d change his name back to Johnson.
    That’s the definition of shutdown corner. Nnamdi Asomugha is too, he just doesn’t get the same stats because QBs don’t throw to him.
    But my real point is, I feel like the Jets just went from a Super Bowl contender to about a 4-12 or 5-11 team without Revis.

  62. “But what a lof of you don’t realize or care is that the team owner is not bound by the same contract.”
    Nonsense! Of course the team is bound by the same contract. The contract gives the team the right to cut the player. You can argue it isn’t fair, and the renegotiation of the CBA will allow it to be addressed.

  63. Tick……Tick…..Boom! Over under on Rex’s tenure with the Jets 3 years….I’m taking the under!

  64. Revis has that team right where he wants them. When they go 0-4 in the preseason and giving up 20-30 TDs, the jests will cave.

  65. KoaMisiFan says:
    August 10, 2010 8:30 AM
    Revis has that team right where he wants them. When they go 0-4 in the preseason and giving up 20-30 TDs, the jests will cave.
    …………………………………………………………….yeah D-Bag cause the starting D’s play so much in the preseason

  66. No tard, but when they see how lousy Cromartie actually is (no matter how much Rexy gushes about him) and how green the rook is, they’ll know how much they need them. Guess that makes too much sense to a jest fan though. I guess you idiotic jests fans figure the preseason games count so much that coaches don’t evaluate other players. Oh wait. You’re jests fans. That explains it.

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