Nick Mangold "not happy" but will play for $3.3 million

Jets center Nick Mangold decided to show up for training camp even though the Jets declined to give him the new contract he thinks he has earned.

As camp moves along, Mangold has come to terms with the fact that he’ll play out the final year of his contract and make $3.3 million this year. But that doesn’t mean he’s satisfied with his salary of a little over $200,000 a game.

I’m not happy about it, but I accepted that fact,” Mangold told the New York Daily News.

Mangold has started all 64 games for the Jets in his four-year career, and he’s been selected to the last two Pro Bowls. Players who perform at that level while playing on their rookie contracts almost always begin to feel they’re underpaid, so it’s no surprise that Mangold isn’t happy about his contract.

But unlike Darrelle Revis, who has decided that the best course of action is to withhold his services from the Jets if they don’t give him more money, Mangold has decided to play out his contract and test the free agent waters in the uncertain labor environment of 2011.

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  1. Mangold will be priority #1 when the new CBA comes around. He’s more important to the team than Revis is, he’s the heart (and brain) of that offensive line. Plus, he’s a team player… He’s at camp, Revis isn’t. If Kyle Wilson proves to be any good this season, he can replace Revis. They’ve already got Cromartie and Lowery there too.

  2. I was about to complain about a center whining about only getting 3.3 mil before I realized this is the last year of his contract. No one in their prime, and in their right mind, would want to play out the last year of their contract without the security of an extension. Especially because linemen are especially vulnerable to injury he’s right to voice a desire for a new contract.

  3. Maybe someone can explain further, but if there’s no new CBA in 2011, and no lock out, players will be bound to the same rules, right? That would mean he’ll be a RFA? No?

  4. The Jets GM supposedly contacted Mangolds agent within a week of the loss of the AFC Championship to the Colts. I’d love to know whats been going on.
    Are the Jets lowballing him?
    Is he asking for a kings ransome?
    Signing Bonus too high?
    I think it’s vital to sign him soon

  5. playing well doesn’t get these malcontents paid…. look for them to lay down and dog it.
    jests 5-11

  6. Another sure-fire Hall of Famer. Man, those Jets are stacked. Why are we even bothering to play this year? Just hand them the trophy now.

  7. poor guy, only gonna make 3.3 million this year. Wait ……. wait …… never mind i thought i had a tear coming on for him …. over paid cry babies !!!! that is what the NFL is full of.

  8. Earning 3.3 million this year, and he’s “not happy about it” ……….. think about that for a minute or two, Mangold.
    You’ve just insulted every hard-working fan that supports the NFL, let alone the Jets.
    If you’re unhappy about the 3.3 million, be modest enough to take the damn paychecks and shut the hell up in public, douche bag.

  9. RE: Richm2256 says:
    August 9, 2010 9:07 AM
    “Richman2256” – YOU are the true douche bag, guy!
    If anyone deserves the contract extension — it would be the #1 center in the league, and a guy who has done everything you’ve asked him. He is the literally the core of the offensive line.
    And, to be honest, nowadays, with the cost of living in Tax-you-to-death NYC, or NY State — 3.3 million isn’t what it used to be. So keep up the class warfare you jack*ss. What are you going to do ? Threaten to not watch a game ? ooooh Im sure the Jets players would really be offended by that. Why don’t you go to talk to that rat Mayor Bloomberg and figure a way to tax more “rich” people — because they’re “evil” hhaha
    I know some NFL players are overpaid, and don’t deserve the millions (see the lazy Jamarcus Russell), but Nick Mangold is an example of hard work and dedication. He deserves it. And, and NFL player’s playing career, on average lasts less than 7 years — so they need the money they’ve earned for the rest of their life. Again, ESPECIALLY IN TAX-YOU-TO-DEATH NY!

  10. I make $200,000 every 8 years… Mangold makes that in a week…. quick, get me a tissue… GET OVER IT NICK.

  11. algoreisahack:
    “to be honest, nowadays, with the cost of living in Tax-you-to-death NYC, or NY State — 3.3 million isn’t what it used to be”
    This will go down as one of the dumbest posts ever in the history of discussion boards, from a moron who probably makes forty grand a year like the average fan.
    Nick Mangold may be a first-rate center (Hall of Fame??? Please, what the hell have the J-E-T-S actually accomplished with him on their line???), but virtually EVERY single player in the NFL is overpaid, as is virtually every NBA and Major League baseball player.
    To feel bad for a guy because he’s ONLY making 3.3 million this year, while you’re eating Hamburger Helper to stretch your forty grand as far as you can, is the height of stupidity.

  12. You people are soooo dumb clearly florio is your average liberal journalists, squewing the stroy so it sounds the way he wants to make people who make a lot of money seem like d bags. And your falling for it like the rest of the obama drones. In reality florio, its mangolds last year of his contract on a team he wants to play for he’s nott happy about not having a long term deal no where does it say he’s wants more money just a longer deal. I’m sure hell take as much as he can get like anyone would, but his thing is the years and the fact that the jets won’t even talk to him about it not even look to see if they can work something out they just said no not this year.
    So brighten up a little bit people and realize that florio is trying to manipulate you, and you are all taking the bait.

  13. jetman-
    you’re an amazing dumbass. Get a damn clue. People that are so insane and paranoid that they need to make everything about politics, even though they aren’t remotely connected to politics, are exactly one of the biggest problems with America today.

  14. damn, i would be unhappy with $3.3M too… but i would be a man about it and work for the pay.
    please pass the tissues to me too. cause i would be in pain and crying. all the way to the bank.

  15. I’ve met Nick Mangold twice in person. Both times, he was an arrogant, self-centered jerk to the small gatherings of fans. To a 15-year old girl standing in front of me asking for his autograph, he replied “do you have $500? no, well then who does and I’ll sign something”. After how I’ve seen him act in person, I don’t believe anything good written about him.

  16. Can we take up a collection for the “Poor Nick Mangold has to get by on 3.3 million a year, which doesn’t go as far as it used to” Fund?
    Dude is obviously going to be hurting financially this year, and “algoreisahack” has convinced me that we have to do our parts to help this poor guy …… his kids are probably being laughed at – in their private school – for having to wear the same clothes as they did last week, instead of throwing them out after being worn once.
    Oh, the shame.

  17. Resolution-
    that’s terrible. I hate when I hear about jocks like that. Who the hell do they think they are? Unfortunately every team has at least a couple jerks. In Mangolds case I think the atmosphere at Ohio State breeds this behavior.

  18. I think it’s pathetic that the Jets threw lots of money at players from other teams but won’t take care of the guys who got them to the SFC title game last year.
    This will seriously screw up the chemistry in the locker room.

  19. Dan Mateus;
    The guy who got them to the AFC title game works in a different city. Indianapolis.
    Answers to the name “Coach”.
    Just sayin’.

  20. GBfan
    Your just angry cuz its not cool to be hippie anymore, since obama started puting florio clearly is aiming the story at pissing people off cuz rich people want more money when that really is not the issue here. just like his little buddies at msnbc what a coinceidence that an nbc blogger uses the same tactics as some liberal “journalists” on nbc. And another thing didn’t relate it to politics related it to the other crappy “journalist” he works for/with. I don’t know how florio got a job on this site but for a professional he seems more like a blogger for specific team than someone sho just reports news on the whole league

  21. i think the GBfan is jealous that mangold is the best center in the NFL and is only getting better.

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