Nnamdi Asomugha's deal wasn't as bad as the Jets suggest

We’re not in the business of defending the Oakland Raiders, one of the worst NFL teams of the past seven years and a shadow of what the franchise once stood for.  But in order to properly assess the contract given in 2009 to cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha by the Raiders, a contract which has been assailed by a Jets team that doesn’t want to give similar money to Darrelle Revis, the full context needs to be considered.

In early 2009, Asomugha was poised to enter his second straight year under the franchise tag.  The Raiders were fully prepared to continue using the franchise tender to keep Asomugha from leaving.  So instead of playing the year-to-year game of multi-million-dollar tag, the Raiders came up with a deal that pays Asomugha $28.3 million in 2009 and 2010 combined, the estimated cost of using the franchise tag in those two years.  Then, for 2011, the Raiders hold an option to pay him the greater of $16.8 million or the quarterback franchise tag number.

(This year, the quarterback franchise tag has a value of $16.4 million.  Assuming that the franchise tag survives for 2011, it most likely will surpass $16.8 million.)

Given the leverage that Asomugha had, the deal was a good one for both sides.  The Raiders paid what they would have paid under the franchise tag, and Asomugha avoided for at least two years the burden of the injury risk. 

So from the Jets’ perspective when dealing with Revis, the better argument arises from the leverage that Revis had or, more accurately, didn’t have in January, when the team approached him regarding the possibility of ripping up the three years left on his rookie contract. 

In hindsight, the Jets should have done nothing, forcing Revis to broach the subject.  Then, when Revis asked for Asomugha money, the Jets should have said, “He got his deal with maximum leverage, which he earned by playing out his rookie contract and spending a season under the franchise tag.”

The belated effort to throw stones at the Raiders, then, misses the mark.  But why should that stop the Jets from picking on a team led by a man perceived by many to have lost his fastball at some point between 2002 and 2005?  Rather than blame themselves for failing to manage Revis’ expectations a lot better than they have, the Jets can now simply say that paying Asomugha $15.1 million per year constitutes proof positive that Al Davis no longer can make sound football decisions, and few in the NFL will doubt the proposition that Al Davis no longer can make sound football decisions.

This argument also overlooks another key fact.  If the salary cap had survived in 2010, Asomugha wouldn’t have even been the highest paid cornerback in the league.  Per a league source, Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey would have had a cap number of $15.395 million.

Maybe the Jets will respond by calling the Broncos stupid, too.

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  1. Best post in a long time. Lots of gathered thoughts from comments, but you collected, reinforced, and backed up their thoughts with solid figures. Kudos. Do this more often.

  2. Jets GM Tannenbaum coming out and saying Revis had outplayed his current contract was a stupid move. Of course Revis is going to want the old deal thrown out and a new one written up when he hears that. Not to mention Fat Rex saying Revis was the best defensive player in the NFL was a big boost to his ego.

  3. Wow, bashing the Jets? Get a new thing. Your act is tired. The only reason Asomugha’s contract got to that level was because Davis stupidly refused to do a longterm deal and let his franchise tag value get out of control.
    Funny how those facts are missing from your piece. Awful.

  4. I guess you fail to recognize that paying over $16 MM PER YEAR in a long term deal for a cornerback is in fact stupid. The Raiders did it for only 3 years and it was stupid. Bailey had only 1 year of his deal over $15 MM.
    You don’t pay CB’s like QB’s unless you’re out of touch.

  5. I really want Revis to end his hold out.
    Then when the Jets crap their pants in the play-offs again they can’t say it was because they didn’t have Revis!

  6. ugh…another one of these.
    least you were able to get some jabs in this time.
    shove your hate. we’ll be back.

  7. Nice post Mike.
    It’s pretty funny to see the Jets trying to play the victim in this whole thing.

  8. Come on, does it make a difference WHY the nnamdi deal is apples and oranges to revis?!? Bottom line, he did get 15 mil but only for 3 years which is sorta like franchising as you pointed out. Problem is, that revis wants this money for ‘8. Years which is totally ridiculous!!

  9. Uncle Al can only be faulted for misjudging the desire and heart of the new breed of player that is now coming out of the college ranks. If most (but not all) of our youth coming into the workforce today are lazy, selfish, “liberal minded what are you gonna do for me” folk then what type of athletes are we watching?
    It’s why there is no honor anymore, just all hate & money.
    Ask any lawyer, right Florio………

  10. Florio, we know wh at you’re doing. Taking every opportunity to bash the Jets. you’ve done it for years now.

  11. Al can’t be held liable for the buffoonery of the Jets. He paid Asomugha because he wanted to keep him. It was a lot of money for sure, but not as much as some unproven rookies are getting. Al handled his business a lot better than the Jets are handling theirs. That’s why Asomugha is in camp, and Revis isn’t.

  12. ftomeo says:
    August 9, 2010 7:54 PM
    Best post in a long time. Lots of gathered thoughts from comments, but you collected, reinforced, and backed up their thoughts with solid figures. Kudos. Do this more often.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  13. Zane = let me give my opinion blah blah blah! Translation, I don’t know what I’m talking about. What a TOOL!

  14. Revis’ leverage is what? Pay me or I sit out the next 3 years thus killing any ability to get paid in the future?
    Yeah, that’ll work.

  15. —-You don’t pay CB’s like QB’s unless you’re out of touch.—–
    Bull Theres maybe 2 or 3 QB’s who are worth moe then Nnamdi Asomugha…The system is out of wack but Nnamdi got paid fairly with how the system works… He’s the best at his Position (revis is overrated and had plenty of help imagine if Nnamdi was on that defense.) And he served out his Rookie Contract and even played a year under franchise Tag..
    It’s not Al Davis’s fault it’s one of few good football decision’s he’s made but it’s Franchises paying Insane amount of dollars to avg players like Seahawks signing TJ WHO, Chiefs Giving Cassel a Huge deal or 49ers Paying Nate Clements(sp?)

  16. You can say that again, how can an owner of a team like the Jets that have played in 1 Super Bowl and still talk up Joe Namath knock a man like Al Davis.
    Last I looked Al Davis has had his team in an NFL Record (14) AFC Championship Games and (5) Super Bowls. You want stunning they were also a Liddell Fumble or Emasculate Reception from playing in another (5) Super Bowls under Davis. That is almost 25% of every Super Bowl played to date that the Raiders were in or close to.
    When one looks at the Jets and what they have done or better yet NOT DONE one can see that trying to bring up the Jets and it’s owner in the same conversation about Al Davis and the Raiders.
    It is like talking the Great Man O War and some smuck starts talking about some cheap 3,000 dollar claimer he use to run at some bush track in Louisiana.

  17. Criticize the Raiders organization as a whole and then turn around and approve of their handling of Nnamdi’s contract. That sure makes sense.

  18. Sorry, but when there’s not a player at the position making even $10 million per year, ponying up at least $14.25 million per is absurd, any way you slice it. And further, dropping $28.5 million in guaranteed money and buying nothing more than those two years and the right to subsequently franchise the player AS A QUARTERBACK, essentially, is double-stupid.
    So, what is good about the deal for the Raiders? They still suck, and prospects are bleak for them to do anything but suck for the duration of the deal.

  19. Man, this is getting to be the funniest site in cyberspace. I barely have time to read any real news on good teams because I’m laughing so hard at all the drama the jests are creating for themselves!!!!!!!

  20. The Champ Bailey note makes absolutely no sense. He signed a 7 year $63 M deal. If Revis wants that and wants $13 M of compensation in year 7, I’m sure the Jets will be happy to oblige.
    As usual, half a story so Florio can slant a story to his liking.

  21. Nnamdi’s worth it. He played out his contract, he would have been a free agent, and lets face it, if your Oakland in 09 you may have to sweeten the pot a little to keep/get free agents. (That should change now that they resemble an NFL team). A three year deal at around Champ Bailey dollars for the best cover man in the NFL? Not to shabby there Al !
    Go Raiders

  22. Great post Florio – really good stuff here. Thanks man
    I just finished reading the new book “Steinbrenner” by Bill Madden…what a great book on ownership and how they meddle and can muck it up or sometimes get it right.
    If I had to bet on which of these two owners is going to win a super bowl first, my bet is on Davis.

  23. What are you going to say when the team you describe as “a shadow of what the franchise once stood for”, comes back as a competitive and good team?
    It better not be “I told you so” because, once again, you are blind to what is really happening in OAK. There is real talent there, There was a great offseason, and without a lead weight for a QB/leader of the offense, the team has a real chance to surprise those like you who aren’t doing their jobs, which is analyzing football based on reason. I guess my point is that you should not be surprised, if you are a real football fan and student of the game.

  24. Champ is in the final year of his deal dummy.
    If Revis signed a 6 year deal averaging 15 mill a year, his final year would definitely be 20 Mill Plus. That is the way contracts work.

  25. “We’re not in the business of defending the Oakland Raiders, one of the worst NFL teams of the past seven years and a shadow of what the franchise once stood for.”
    But u r in the business of bashing every move the jets pull.. florio just quit while ur waayyyyyy behind…. i actually watched the PFT commercial and laughed a little…

  26. i am still waiting for 1 once of proof that the jets said anything about al davis or the raiders for matter.florio,you would be much more suited writing childrens books instead of a sports writer.lord knows you have the imagination for it
    i especially like the twist you put on this story,almost making all davis out to be a genius with the aso contract,while trying to make tanny out to be a moron.i remember(and i am sure you remember too)that everybody,and i mean everybody was laughing their tails off uncontrollably for weeks after al davis signed that aso deal.words like senile,crazy,fool,retarded were the words of the day for al davis.
    now back to story time with florio

  27. The more certain sports writers write eerily similar columns that repeatedly harp on about about how poorly Darelle Revis is treated the more I think about how likely their incomes are being supplemented by a particular agent Neil Schwartz. How many pieces has Florio written on what is rather a dull story ? I would imagine Florio’s “league source for Champ Bailey” is none other than the marketing department of Neil Schwartz and company.
    When so many millions of dollars are on the table, I can only imagine a couple of G’s are being sprinkled here and there to have columnists attempt to sway public opinion and pressure ownership into giving a large chunk of the teams salary cap to one player. Darelle Revis is entering year 4 of his six year, 36 million dollar contract. I think at least 50K spent on buying influence seems reasonable. If Washington lobbyists can do it there is no reason why Mike Florio can get a piece of the action.

  28. When it comes to “renegotiation” it really comes down to LEVERAGE.
    What is Revis’s leverage in the current situation with 3 years left on his current deal and a few future franchise tags (if the exist)? It is simply how bad the Jet’s want the Superbowl and his perception that they can’t without him. With all of the moves the team has made and the money spent, it is apparent this is their attempted run and Revis just may have a relatively strong bargaining position.

  29. Florio you’re a tired hack. Your inability to reason and intelligently articulate cohesive well reasaoned arguments is clearly why you failed at practicing law. Moreover, the anti-Jet hatred must have some deep rooted psychological basis but I digress. As to the case at hand.
    The fact is that Revis has no leverage, zero, zippy, nada. As you may have learned in your first year contracts course (if you weren’t doing a “wake and bake”), there’s such a thing as offer and acceptance. Revis was offered a six year deal which he accepted.
    Moreover, unless three years qualifies you for free agency in whatever brave new world results when the owners and union get it all figured out in 2011, the Jets could end his career, i.e., don’t play, fine; don’t play for anybody because we have you under contract and you’ll NEVER become a FA.

  30. Please show me where anyone actually affiliated with the Jets has referenced Nnamdi Asomugha’s contract in this entire ordeal with Darrelle Revis. Anyone?
    My first visit to this site in over 6 months because of the irresponsible reporting constantly done here, mainly by Florio himself, and two article into my visit, vividly recollect why I chose to get my NFL “fix” elsewhere.
    Citing TMZ, or Florio’s famous “anonymous” sources, have allowed him free reign to simply make shat up.
    Besides, operating on this logic, every good defensive tackle now wanting a contract can blame the Redskins for not getting one?? Any solid tight end play? That’s the Chargers fault. What about the precedent being set by the Titans in their dealing with Chris Johnson?
    It’s the entire faulty system here, not any one respective team. Duh.

  31. KoaMisiFan says:
    August 9, 2010 8:45 PM
    Man, this is getting to be the funniest site in cyberspace. I barely have time to read any real news on good teams because I’m laughing so hard at all the drama the jests are creating for themselves!!!!!!!
    i find that really hard to beleive.trust me.your pathetic azz has the time

  32. Jets need to stop whining. They are the ones that lied to Revis and told him he was better than Nnamdi, so now they need to step up and pay him like it; unless they don’t believe their own lies either.

  33. one needs to look no further than darious hayward bey to wrap al davis and the raiders up in a nutshell.thow in the aso contract,and you have real genius’ at work

  34. Rex Ryan looked at his crystal ball again today and he said…….”Revis is the reason why I can blitz 8, 9 players at once now that he is going to sit out this season we will be lucky to win 4 games, I wish I would have kept my lard mouth shut and never said he was the best defensive player in the league. I really screwed my team hard for this upcoming season, I’m an idiot”

  35. ….We’re not in the business of defending the Oakland Raiders, one of the worst NFL teams of the past seven years and a shadow of what the franchise once stood for…
    Pretty sad attempt at a shot GLORYHOLE
    BUT that team BEAT! YOUR Steelers in Pitt and Knocked They asses out the playoffs!
    I love all my haters!

  36. blame the jets as stupid, i can see. they have not made all the right moves here. but bash them – again – while defending the leagues worst team and worst owner? congrats florio, you’ve redefined the term “moron”.

  37. Florio can’t even convince himself with his own argument. Nnamdi s contract was not based upon fair market value, or even based upon him being the best DB in the league. It was based upon the cost of the franchise tag AFTER Asomugha (1) had played out his rookie contract ( which Bevis has not) , and (2) his contract represents the inflated cost of a second and third franchise deal. These are all artificial salary escalators, and not based upon a normally negotiated fair market contract. Can you imagine if everyone in the league was paid at their second and third year franchise value? Champ Bailey has lost a step and is no longer the most feared DB. Teams are now throwing at him more and more.

  38. Al takes care of his players – now and when they’re out of the game.
    Nnamdi deserved his money!!!

  39. @ylekram1
    You’re right. I’ll always find time for a really good laugh!!!!!! And all this jests drama is really comical.

  40. Hell Raiders may be better then the Jets last year,They finally showed they had a clue vs the Jets who are to busy feeding Rex’s fat ego.

  41. Hell Raiders may be better then the Jets “””this””” year,They finally showed they had a clue vs the Jets who are to busy feeding Rex’s fat ego.

  42. florio is just scared of the raider nation, this guy post negative towards the raiders almost every day…
    He is still upset raiders knocked his steelers out of the playoffs last year.
    Raiders will win the superbowl this year

  43. “If the Raiders are such bad negotiators, how is that with one notable exception(JaFatass) they always have their draft class in on time? And very seldom have players complaining about money in the media?
    If Asomugha is in uniform and Revis is not, which team is the bad negotiator?”

  44. @DeAngelo Hall.
    we could debate that order all day…the only thing im sure of is your name shouldn’t be anywhere near it.
    you couldn’t take the heat and had to leave the kitchen…waa

  45. raidersteve413, were you trying to be funny when you ended your post with “Raiders will win the superbowl this year”?
    If the Chokeland Faiders win anything, it will probably be a $50.00 lottery ticket that the players all chipped in a dollar apiece to buy. They might be better than pathetic this year, but the Superbowl isn’t even on the horizon for that team yet.

  46. I don’t think you’re properly stating the Jets POV of the Asomugha deal. They’ve never said it was bad, just that it is effecting their negotiation with Revis. And as you describe, the Revis situation is nothing like the Asomugha situation. Nnamdi was a free agent, and had been franchised previously. Revis has 3 years remaining on his deal. From the Jets perspective they shouldn’t have to give Revis franchise tag money because Revis has 3 years left on his deal. They are willing to redo his deal, but Revis should recognize that he is NOT a FA.
    If his stance is really that he should be the highest paid corner in the league than he is wrong and being greedy. He wants a new deal, he wants to be the top paid player in the league, he wants guaranteed upfront money..if he wants all that he should have played out the 3 years remaining (21million guaranteed) and become a FA like Asomugha did. Then, if he continued to play like the all-pro he was in 2009, he would have gotten anything he wanted. If the jets are really low-balling him by not offering him at least a 10-12million avg, then they’re being pricks. I really do hope you guys get a hold of the contract offer from Revis’ side.
    In addition, I’ve read that when the Jets approached Revis about reworking his deal, it was prior to the League’s announcement of the 30% rule. I don’t know for sure if this is true, but if it is, then I will give the Jets a bit of a pass on telling Revis they’ll pay him big $$ and then not doing so since the rules changed effecting the landscape.
    I’m sure PFT will ignore all of this, and continue to attack the Jets and disregard some of the important facts in this whole thing.

  47. WTF has just happened… Florio… Defending the Raiders… Is it possible… Did this really just happen… =-O

  48. JetsFan4Life2 said:
    “The fact is that Revis has no leverage, zero, zippy, nada. As you may have learned in your first year contracts course (if you weren’t doing a “wake and bake”), there’s such a thing as offer and acceptance. Revis was offered a six year deal which he accepted.”
    What’s wrong with a wake and bake?

  49. PLEASE tell me, show me, or give me a link to where the JETS ever said ANYTHING about Al Davis!!!
    The article earlier said “unamed GM”, if you are basically saying its Tanny, then just say its Tanny for F’s sake! Otherwise at least tow the line that it could be someone else… HACKS!

  50. Rex to Woody: this Revis guy is the best corner back in the history of civilization!
    Woody to Rex: will you please shut the hell up?
    Rex to Woody: Cromartie is the second best corner back of all time!
    Woody to Rex: just can’t help yourself can you?
    Rex to Woody: Hey man it’s only money!
    Woody to Rex: Is your resume up to date?

  51. The most important thing to point (which you did) is that he played out his entire rookie contract without a peep about “outplaying his contract” He was the last pick of the first round in his draft and was payed accordingly. I’m sure Chris Johnson and Revis were thrilled to sign their first NFL contract, and they’ve surely earned their pay, but now they feel they’re better than the money they agreed 2 or 3 years ago. And they were both first round picks.

  52. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Al Davis or the Oakland Raiders. Sorry Raider Haters, I know how much you really want it to be. Al Davis can pay whatever player whatever he really wants to, so stop crying about it. The Jets let this kid’s head inflate to the size of a 747 and you want to blame the Raiders for paying a player that really EARNED it. Give me a break. Next time a player on Oakland holds out you think I’m going to cry and blame another team or owner? Get a life.

  53. The irony here is that everyone somehow involved in the NFL (media, coaches, executives) have been doing a very good job of making bad teams look like the least appealing jobs in the league, so what happens? If a bad team needs to keep/hire elite players they are forced to overpay. Then, when the players in the “good” teams start asking for the same big contracts, those same geniuses who created the situation start crying foul…

  54. gotta love your velvet hammer on the raiders, and still get in the poke of the worse team the last 7 years, but yet to fail the team that gets bent over by the refs 10 times as much as any other team.
    Face the Jets , and all of their fans said revisd island is the best DB in the league, so instaed of paying him in the bottom 10% of DB in the league, pay him in the top 10% , which is a mininum of 10 million per season…anything less then that is insult to the kid.

  55. I find it laughable when people try to knock something down in a feeble attempt to create a step that will elevate them above what there supposedly standing.
    First, if Al wanted to pay Asomugha $15mil then that’s his decision. I think it’s misplaced aggression to say a player shouldn’t be paid that amount. The group of people who shouldn’t be paid huge contracts are 1st round draft picks. Mel Kiper has ruined more teams than any GM, or owner basically shouting for 6 months who a team should draft, or if not, there draft rating isn’t on his big board, LOL! He was the one 4 years ago, saying Jamarcus Russell was the best QB on the draft board, and the Raiders had the 1st pick, needed a QB, so they should draft him. Mel Kiper does nothing but sell snake oil as a so called expert player analysis.
    The Revis issue is he wants to be the highest paid CB. Revis peeps over at Asomugha, and says he’s making $15mil. Therefore I want a long term deal with those numbers. Asomugha played out is 5 year rookie contract deal with the Raiders. He worked himself into the top corner in the league, and his big pay day. I don’t mind that at all. What bothers me are the 1st draft picks getting out of college get $60Mil guaranteed, and can be turn out to be Jamarcus Russell. Revis needs to play out his contract, and go for the money.
    The Jets have no room to be bad mouthing the Raiders with their 1 title in 1967. In their 60 year history, they’ve made the playoffs 11 times. That’s the very definition of a dynasty. LOL!

  56. @Comit2Exce
    The biggest difference is that the Raiders owner and coaches didn’t build up Nnamdi like he could walk on water like the stupid jests did with Revis. If you’re going to tell the world how great someone is, you need to be ready to pay the piper.

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