Sam Bradford delivers hope, for now

Little more than a week ago, the Rams gave quarterback Sam Bradford a contract that will pay him at leat $24 million guaranteed and, possibly and arguably likely, $50 million guaranteed.

Already, they’re singing his praises in St. Louis.

“What’s uncanny,” General Manager Billy Devaney told Peter King of, “is how he doesn’t just
complete the pass.  He completes the pass most often where his guy can
get it and the defender can’t
.  Drives the corners crazy.”

One of the cornerbacks, Ron Bartell, was more concise.  “The boy can throw that football!” Bartell said.  “You see that?!!”

Bradford played well at a Saturday night scrimmage, one of the rare accounts this year of an NFL team’s offense being ahead of its defense.  But, as King points out, Bradford was wearing a red touch-me-not jersey.  Though that qualification applies to every quarterback at this time of the year, Bradford most likely is the only one in the past 30 years or so who got his shoulder blown up by a 230-pound linebacker from BYU.

So while Bradford may have the arm to get it down, there’s a chance he doesn’t have the shoulder, or the rest of the body, to survive in the NFL.

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  1. “where his guy can get it and the defender can’t”
    … talking about St. Louis Rams’ defenders.

  2. Yet, Florio will continue to beat the drum for Pat Freaking White until his dream QB turns fifty. Oh, and Dennis Dixon. White and Dixon are stars waiting to happen, yet Bradford’s going to shatter in his first game.
    What a tool.

  3. Bartell is an awful bust. Overrated height/weight/speed corner out of college, like several are, who has been nowhere near as good as what some thought coming out.

  4. I’m sorry – I’m sure he is a nice kid – but were are talking $50 million dollars!?
    As the first round pick, he should have probably received the same contract Tim Tebow received this year.
    Tebow’s five-year deal really is worth $9.7125 million, not the $11.25 million the industry reports, according to a union source.
    The difference is a one-time playing time bonus of $1.5375 million that the Players Association counts because it’s “easy to earn.” Almost all first rounders hit the one-time playing bonus.
    Some details on the Tebow
    Base salary
    2010: $1.295 million (fully guaranteed)
    2011: $1.618.75 million (fully guaranteed)
    2012: $1.942.5 million (fully guaranteed)
    2013: $2.266.75 million (fully guaranteed)
    2014: $2.590.5 million ($567,500 guaranteed)
    advance/Signing bonus
    $975,000 on Friday (salary reduced to $325,000)
    $6.275 million due 29 days after start of 2011 league year. Typically season starts March 1, but it’s written this way in case work stoppage delays start of season. (Salaries from 2011-14 reduced to offset advance)
    One-time playing time bonus (contractually considered likely to be earned)
    Tebow collects $1.537.5 million if he plays 35 percent of the offensive snaps in 2010, or 45 percent of the snaps in any of the seasons 2011-14. The bonus rolls over from year to year until Tebow reaches the playing-time threshold, and expires the first time he hits it.
    Mid-tier incentives (Contractually considered unlikely to earn)
    Value of Tebow’s contract doubles from $11.25 million (including one-time playing time bonus) to $22.5 million if he reaches multiple thresholds, including:
    55 percent playing time in two of his first three seasons, 2010-12, or 70 percent playing time in 2013.
    The Broncos make the playoffs, he reaches certain QB ranking thresholds, and receives unspecified honors.
    Max value (contractually considered unlikely to earn)
    The total value of Tebow’s contract can escalate to $33 million if the Broncos reach the playoffs multiple times in his first four years, he has multiple top 5 QB rankings, and he has multiple league honors such as NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP.
    That would have been a realistic contract for a number 1 pick in this years draft. But the money this guys is receiving is ridiculous!

  5. Good one, Robski!
    Bradford has some talent, and he’s a good guy. I’m not supposed to like him because he’s an Oklahoma Land Thief, but I think he’s a great person and probably a very good teammate and leader. But I really don’t think his impact in the league is going to prove anywhere nearly worth the #1 overall. Sure a guy can make the transition from the spread (Brees), but Bradford was only really successful at the college level when he had about a hundred or more starts worth of experience in front of him on the offensive line. He has more problems than most of his talent and experience when pass-rushers pressure him, and that’s without even getting into the medical factors that could once again come into play.
    I hope the best for the kid, and I totally admit that I could be wrong, but I just don’t see a great deal of success for the guy at the pro level unless he ends up behind a 1990s Cowboys or Chiefs type of line.

  6. Florio, go look at that tape again after you get some new glasses. The way he landed anyone would be hurt. He landed not with the arm close to the body, but fully extended, and had someone land on top of him.
    There is no way a shoulder is meant to extend that much, nor come away fine. I think it was just an unlucky hit, like Brady’s knee or any other happenstance injury.
    I think Bradford will be fine. Now the defense on the other hand…….

  7. I watched the game against BYU. It looked like the hit wasn’t that hard and I didn’t notice that he landed in a weird way.
    As an Oklahoman, I’m hoping for Bradford’s success. Unfortunately, I have my doubts whether his shoulder will hold up in the NFL. I see another Chad Pennington. I hope I am wrong.

  8. As a RAMS fan, I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude with Bradford. As far as the contract thing, enough already! He’s a #1 pick overall. Unlike the NBA, the NFL doesn’t have a rookie salary cap. It is what it is, let’s move on……

  9. For 50+ million I think he better deliver a bit more than hope! This will go down as the most ridiculous deal in the history of the NFL if he doesn’t produce enough to make the playoffs.

  10. Am I the only one who has bet money that Sam Bradford will be the first in-game,on-field death in the NFL?

  11. I am a huge Rams fan and was deeply disappointed that the organization didn’t take Suh with this pick. I still believe that defense wins championships and Suh is a one man wrecking crew that demands teams to scheme around him.
    With that said, Bradford is a super accurate quarterback (regardless of him throwing against the Rams secondary) and has huge upside with only playing minimal football in his life. Having watched Sam pick apart some great defenses during his college years, he could be a great quarterback in the NFL…but he doesn’t have the strong O-Line in front of him and that will be the main reason for his struggling.
    Sam has all of the tools, the intellect, the arm strength & accuracy. Having Stephen Jackson will take some of the pressure off and to sum up my expose, Sam will be a good NFL QB that with some additions around him (and good play calling), will be a very good NFL QB.

  12. Football Fan
    So Bartell is really overrated?
    Might wanna run that by Fitzgerald who against Bartell he averages the least amount of success on jump balls 1 on 1.
    He is a good corner but no corner in the NFL can cover a decent wideout for 7 plus seconds. If we had a better pass rusher he would thrive more.

  13. For all of the “Sam’s overrated”, “he’ll break the first game”, and “offense in college didn’t prepare him” comments, here’s a player bio:
    Went to OU and had offense tailored to him –
    Had all his plays sent in by platoon –
    Suffered a season-ending injury from conventional hit –
    Couldn’t play as well as freshman backup –
    Transferred to another school –
    Drafted by NFL team with 1 win the previous season –
    Super Bowl winner –
    Only some guy named Troy Aikman.

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