49ers name their first round linemen starters

The 49ers will get their money’s worth from their two first-round picks this year.

Mike Singletary formally named guard Mike Iupati (taken No. 17 overall) and tackle Anthony Davis (taken No. 11 overall) starters on Monday.  Singletary wants both players to get enough preparation for the season.

“We have to give them the reps that they need to adjust and be ready,”
Singletary said. “We have to give them all the reps that we can possibly
give them in order to give them time.”

Davis has received mixed reviews for his play at right tackle thus far, and appears to have a steeper learning curve.  The 49ers made a strong statement about what kind of team they would be with their top two picks this year.

The success of Iupati and Davis to live up to their billing will go a long way towards the 49ers realizing their expectations this year.

6 responses to “49ers name their first round linemen starters

  1. Hopefully Singletary has a better offensive mind than his old coach, Mike Ditka. Those old Bear teams rarely used the forward pass and usually got beat by teams like the 49ers. The NFL passing game has opened up a lot since the 80’s. I like Singletary but wonder if he will have enough of a passing game to make the 49ers a contender.

  2. He’s a corporate motivational speaker. That’s where he started and whood whimpy CEOs to perform better then add archaic Jimmy Raye and there’s a train wreck in the making. You’ll see.

  3. They invested their first round pick in Michael Crabtree last year. He understands…..
    Just because a guy wants to have a run-first offense doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the value of the passing game.
    And with regards to 80’s Bears and their lack of passing……they passed the ball just fine, but would you really commit yourself to an all-out air attack when you’ve got #34 Payton in the back-field?
    Take a look at the 2008 Titans……

  4. What did the 2008 Titans win? The 80’s Bears misused Walter Payton. If they had any passing game, he would have lasted another 3-5 years and won a couple more Super Bowls.

  5. @raiderchile…..someone please tell me why a raider fan is commenting about train wrecks and failing to mention his own team, the biggest most consistent train wreck ever seen in pro sports? Wow. You guys really are lost in “The black hole”. @murray22……I don’t think Sing is very offensive minded at all. I think he’s a D oriented coach and he leaves the Offensive schemes up to Jimmy Raye. I’m not too fond of Raye but I will point out that he was open to passing the ball last season when Smith became the starter. The knock is that he used mostly passing plays one game, mostly running the next. I think he’ll mix it up a bit better this year though since he has shown the ability to be not so prehistoric in his playcalling.

  6. The 80’s Bears misused Walter Payton. If they had any passing game, he would have lasted another 3-5 years and won a couple more Super Bowls.

    He was a running back. He ran. How is this “misusing” him? I could see if they made him play Tight-End… Or full-back. But he played his posiiton and played it well.

    Well enough to get into the Hall of Fame.

    Now, if we’re going to whine about people who got jobbed… Barry Sanders,Warren Moon, Earl Campbell, Ozzie Newsome, Kellen Winslow, Forrest Blue, Lee Roy Selmon, Bruce Matthews, Dick Butkus, Merlin Olsen, Deacon Jones, Erick Dickerson…. And I could go on for quite a bit longer…

    Those are guys with complaints…

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