Brunell has "lock" on backup job in New York

With all the non-stop Darrelle Revis chatter coming from the Jets organization on Tuesday, we almost neglected to mention an actual football development.

Rex Ryan said veteran quarterback Mark Brunell has a “lock” on the backup quarterback job, ending any competition with Kellen Clemens before it started.

The move is no surprise, but has to be sobering to hear for Clemens.  It wasn’t only last April he sat atop the Jets depth chart, but it’s been four years since he was called the Jets “quarterback of the future” when Eric Mangini drafted him No. 49 overall.

The Jets could consider keeping Clemens as a highly paid ($1.176 million) third-string quarterback, although it seems just as likely they will cut him at the end of the month.

12 responses to “Brunell has "lock" on backup job in New York

  1. Honestly didn’t realize Mark Brunell was still in the league.
    But Mark Sanchez should probably be backing him up. No, seriously.

  2. Does Sexy Rexy know that Brunell doesn’t own any more Whataburgers? I have a feeling things might change if he finds out.

  3. I like Mark Brunell, but he was terrible with the Saints last year. There was a reason they let him leave and got freaking Patrick Ramsey as a back-up, yes, Patrick Ramsey is still in the league also and he is an improvement over Brunell!

  4. Someone send Rex the Saints vs Panthers tape from week 17 last season. If he’s handing the backup job to Brunell then he obviously missed that one.

  5. Brunell better get ready… sanchoke is a bust and will need to be replaced before he throws 40 picks this season

  6. I was hoping that they would cut him and Cincy could pick him up. I would rather see Brunnell there instead of O’Sullivan or Jordan Palmer.
    I will pass on Kellen

  7. >.Be cool if the Bills picked up Clemens, when he is released.
    I’d rather he go to the Patriots or Fins 🙂
    >Brunell better get ready… sanchoke is a bust and will need to be replaced before he throws 40 picks this season
    Sanchez spent a lot of time getting ready inteh off season. He flew out his receivers to teh west coast for a special pre training workout “Jets West”, and he also spent time going over all his plays, and the blocking schemes of teh O Line.
    In short, he should be much improved.
    Not saying he will be very good this year, but I think he can be around average, and much improved over the 2009 regular season.
    Average this year -> very good in a couple (unles s there is a lockout)

  8. I feel sorry for Clemens. He never really got a chance to prove himself before they brought in Favre and then drafted Sanchez. A fresh start would do him good. They should do him a favor and cut him now so he’s got a shot at a job.

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