Chris Johnson still aims for 2,500 yards

NFL_johnson1.jpgIn July, Titans running back Chris Johnson told Sporting News that he wants to follow his 2000-yard rushing season in 2009 by shattering the single-season record of 2,105.

Specifically, Johnson wants to rack up 2,500 yards.

He mentioned the number again on Tuesday in an interview with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, whose bus has made its way to Nashville.  “Basically just come out here this year, another year, and try to get those 2,500 yards — make all my fantasy owners proud,” Johnson said regarding his goals for 2010.

“Yeah, it’s a lot,” Johnson added.  “But it’s possible.” 

It requires an average of 156.25 yards per game.  Thus, for every game in which Johnson is held to “only” 100 yards, he’d need to make up for the difference by rushing for more than 210 yards in another.

And he has to stay healthy.

And he has to get it all done with a bull’s-eye stitched onto his back.  By Johnson himself.

So, yeah, it’s possible that he’ll rush for 2,500 yards.  It’s also possible that the Rams will win the Super Bowl.  And that the Pirates will win the World Series.  And that the Clippers will win the NBA title.  And that a really bad NHL team will win the Stanley Cup.  And that Toledo will play in a BCS bowl.  And that PFT will win a Pulitzer.

17 responses to “Chris Johnson still aims for 2,500 yards

  1. What a selfish, selfish man…He cares more about himself and his “record breaking contract” than his team. Good luck, Titans. I wouldn’t want his selfishness on my team. His skills, yes but not that me first mentality. A runningback version of T.O.

  2. As the owner of Chris Johnson in a dynasty league, I have to say it’s hard to not smile at the boasts. No, he won’t get 2,500 yards…but as long as he wants to keep me happy, I’m…umm…happy 🙂

  3. You had me until the Pirates winning a World Series came into play.

  4. Johnson will be lucky to crack 1600 this year, extremely lucky. 1200 or less seems like a far more likely possibility… but even more likely than that is Johnson will suffer a concussion, he’ll lose the last few brain cells he needs to walk upright and speak, and he’ll spend the rest of his life drooling on a dirty mattress and defecating on himself.

  5. CJ is in for a rude awakening this year. The Titans have an average QB throwing to average recievers and teams will just stack the box. Look for a big down year for him.

  6. HAHA nice NHL snub. Anyway, it sounds mildly do-able, and then less so after you mention the averages…

  7. He’s setting goals for himself. Not a Titans fan but I see this as a good thing. Emmitt Smith did the same thing and look where it got him. Much better attitude than just being there to pick up a game check like certain players we can all name from our respective teams.

  8. # Larry David says: August 10, 2010 8:27 PM
    CJ is in for a rude awakening this year. The Titans have an average QB throwing to average recievers and teams will just stack the box. Look for a big down year for him.
    so……….what was he doing last year?
    same qb…check
    basically same receivers…check
    8 or 9 men in the box…check
    i mean, don’t get me wrong i dont think he’ll rush for 2500 or even 2000 (although 2000 i wouldnt put past him with a full season of him and vy together), but to act like he had tom brady or peyton as the qb last season and that teams weren’t routinely trying to take him out of the game is just misinformed at best, and imbecilic at worst

  9. Dude’s a beast. When he’s playing it truly just looks like the game is slower for him than it is for everybody else. 2,500 is lofty, though… It would be quite a feat to accomplish 2,000 again.
    Then again, he hit 2,000 in only his second year as a pro, and his first as “the guy”.
    So damn. You never know. I’d love to see it.

  10. “VY Phenom” and CJ2K really inspire confidence that they can compete with the colts after watching that interview on espn…if they can learn english, they can easily win a superbowl.

  11. I would rather have a player who has a “goal” of hitting 2500 yards, than a QB like Donovon who thinks it is ok if he never wins a Super Bowl. You should always try to aim high. I mean come on do you want to hear your guys say something stupid like, Man I hope we can get to 8-8 this years, we sucked last year…..
    One other thing you had me until you got to the Pulitzer. I believe that is for Journalist, and you sir are no journalist. That is like say the Kinston Indians might win the World Series. and a Class A Advance team just can get there from here.

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