Ex-Panther Mark Fields accused of choking, beating woman

Former Carolina Panthers linebacker Mark Fields was arrested on Sunday for allegedly beating and choking the mother of Fields’ six-year-old child, according to police documents obtained by TMZ.

Fields was charged with aggravated assault, endangerment, disorderly conduct, and
interfering with an educational institution.  Witnesses say Fields confronted the woman outside a childcare facility.  Fields said the woman tried to take his child from him.

The cops say that the mother and child were treated by paramedics for mild injuries.  Fields has since been released from prison.

Fields was drafted by the Saints in 1995, playing six years with them.  He finished his career in Carolina, making his second Pro Bowl in his final season of 2004.

26 responses to “Ex-Panther Mark Fields accused of choking, beating woman

  1. Prison ??
    I never heard about him going to prison. Well this is probably a parole revocation, so he’ll be going back real soon.

  2. Let’s see, as a linebacker he’s probably 6’2″ with about 240 lbs or so,…and she’s what, maybe 5’4″ and maybe 130 lbs or so. Yah, what a man.

  3. It’s strange how “reporters” always write about the mess, but leave out ALL the facts…. The facts are this ex-girlfriend is one sandwich short of a picnic – she is a skitso! This is why she can not see her own daughter “without” monitored supervision. This just one of her hurdreds antics that she has totally blown out of propotion! THOSE ARE THE FACTS!

  4. If I had custody and someone tried to kidnap my son I’d whip their ass too… male or female doesn’t matter. Just because someone has a vagina doesn’t give them the right to victimize males. Now if the baby momma has custody… this makes him the ultra dirtbag.

  5. He was drafted by and played for the Aints for 6 years, why is he labeled a ex-panther. When you guys talk about Rice you don’t say the ex-Denver player though he was signed with them for training camp before retiring, Montana called an ex-chiefs player. You would think a guy would be known for the team he spent the most time with.
    Now for more news about the ex-Atlanta player Farve.

  6. Pretty sweet gig you’ve got here, Greggg. You post something that sounds stupid, we mock you for it, our comments never make it to the comments page and you change the stupid-sounding line. At least Florio gives us the common courtesy of striking through the stupid wording and letting our comments hit the site.

  7. Anyone who knows Mark knows this is ridiculous! That woman is crazy and there is a reason she doesn’t have custody of her own daughter. He is a wonderful father and would do anything for his kids, including defending his daughter from her crazy ass mother! He is NOT like Roethlisberger so don’t even compare the two. I think anyone would flip out if someone tried to take their kid…. Stop and think about the big picture here.

  8. To the good friend
    you’re more than likely one of those good”yes” friends of marks that cant be a good enough friend to tell him he is out of control. Were you being a good friend when he was arrested in aug 92 for an assault on another female As a good friend what did you do? Were you being a good friend in 99 when he kicked the other mother that was carrying his 2nd child at the time in the stomach. What did you the good friend do then or were you even around that far back or are you a friend that was picked along his career. As his good friend what did you do when he punched the same ex in the face with a closed fist and left her blind in the eye in June 03? Where were you when he got arrested for DUI 06 where were u doing the whole cancer? where were you when he almost killed his daughter in a boating accident after he got drunk where were you in when he vandalized his hm in Charlotte and the children lived in a hotel for 2 weeks. Where were you when he assaulted the same girl in Dec 09 and where the hell were you on 8-9-10
    see Friends help their friends and Mark needed and needs a friend that isn’t a yes person if you cant be that one then

  9. @ Tim yeah I know him very well. It kills me how these want to be fans or dumb women who he may have gotten a piece of his penis along the way, could post any comment. But whats so funny they claim to be a good friend then PROUD your his friend and dont hide your name because if he were my friend I would not only defend him but it would not be a secret as to who I am. I would b bout bout baby…so this must be one of those dumb women he con to post or it’s mark himself…
    Regardless guess they shut the hell up because they weren’t around the moron b 4 that time period otherwise they wouldn”t have posted anything…nor was that from any of the homie’s that truely knows what all Mark has done n the past and how they all covered up for him… So to the Fan it’s great your a fan of his but maybe you need to find a more refine person to be a fan of like Lawrence Taylor (smh) But it’s not your fault your a fan of who he was on the field because clear you were not a friend off the field or you would have your facts start… Not blaming you… I’m sure ur a fan of OJ Simpson too…
    Has anyone notice NONE of the HOMIES posted because they know the real…

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