Jeff Saturday undergoes knee surgery

Colts center Jeff Saturday found a good excuse to miss the next two weeks of training camp.

The team announced that their long-time center underwent arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday to “remove a loose body.”  Every team calls every surgery arthroscopic in the offseason, but there’s no reason for Colts fans to be concerned here — assuming the team is being up front.

During the season, it usually only takes two weeks to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery.  Using that timeline, Saturday should be ready well before the team’s big opening week game against the Texans.

9 responses to “Jeff Saturday undergoes knee surgery

  1. What ever happened to those two O-lineman that got carted off the practice field last week? That’s a HUGE story.

  2. Sounds like he too suffers from Overtrained Athlete syndrome. It’s an upcoming pandemic you know and Cushing is getting ripped in the press for being a pioneer.

  3. Wow, that headline almost made me crap my pants. Hope you’re right about serious it is.

  4. …to “remove a loose body.”
    Sounds like Marvin Harrison may have been involved …..

  5. As a long times Colts fan I have learned that it is NEVER a good idea to assume the Colts are being up front.
    In fact, you will ALWAYS be safe assuming the Colts are telling you a minimum amount of information as required by NFL rules and will mislead you every chance they get.

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