Mike Teel lands on injured reserve in Chicago

When the Bears waived second-year quarterback Mike Teel recently, they didn’t mention that he was waived as injured.

As it turns out, he was.

Teel, not surprisingly, passed through waivers, primarily since he’d been readily available when the Bears had signed him, likely at the behest of Tim Ruskell, who drafted the former Rutgers quarterback last year in Seattle.

And so Teel has now reverted to the Bears’ injured reserve list.  It means he’ll be paid his full salary for the season — subject to a somewhat confusing procedure that allows them to dump him, subject to the resolution of any disputes regarding when or if he is once again healthy.

UPDATE:  We’re told that Teel’s injury is minor, and that he’ll be healthy within a week or two.

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  1. Pretty ridiculous scenario. My buddy brewster out in Dallas same thing happened tore a peck lifting in summer as a rookie- paid full salary on injured reserve.

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