Revis resolution could hinge on early regular-season results

NFL_revis5.jpgWith no end in sight to the Darrelle Revis holdout — indeed, it would be a shock if Revis caves in the face of the August 10 deadline for preserving a year of service toward free agency — the ultimate leverage for one side or the other will come after several games that count have been played. 

If the Jets, who arguably have the highest expectations of any team in NFL history, fall into an early hole after playing the like of the Ravens, Patriots, and Dolphins to start the season, significant pressure will arise to get Revis into the fold.  Conversely, if they start strong, the Jets will have no reason to cave.

Think back to the 1993 Cowboys.  Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith’s holdout stretched into the regular season.  Ultimately, he skipped the first two games:  a Monday nighter in D.C. against the Redskins and the home opener against the Bills, whom the Cowboys had beaten earlier that year in the Super Bowl.  Dallas lost both games, Emmitt got what he wanted, and the Cowboys became the first team to climb out of an 0-2 hole and win the Super Bowl.

If, of course, the Jets start fast, they’ll have no pressure to get Revis signed.  In 1997, the Redskins raced to a 3-1 record, allowing them to harden their stance against defensive tackle Sean Gilbert, who ultimately sat out the entire year.

Meanwhile, Gilbert’s connection to Revis finally is getting more attention.  Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News takes a close look at Gilbert’s role in his nephew’s strategy. 

And the most important quote comes from former Redskins G.M. Charley Casserly:  “In Sean Gilbert’s case, he actually made more money by holding out for the season.”

So it’s time, we believe, to seriously consider the possibility that Revis will miss all of 2010.  Whether he does depends in large part on what the Jets can do without him in September.

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  1. I woke up this mornning, clicked on PFT and said WOW there is no “NEW” news… They didn’t even take the Revis thing, rehash it, spin it and post it again…
    I hit :REFRESH: and BAM… Here it is LOL… Revis Rehashed.

  2. Really? I would look at it the other way. If the Jets start off 0-3, it will become clear that there’s no substance to the hype. They aren’t a good team and they have no shot at the Superbowl, so why spend a ton of money on a guy when you aren’t going to get it done this year with your band of mercenaries?
    On the other hand, if the Jets get off to a 2-1 start (let’s be honest, 3-0 is the most unrealistic record), the hype can continue and the Jets will think they’re a great corner away from a superbowl, hence they’d be willing to shell out more money. That being said, I don’t run an NFL team (but to be fair, the Jets aren’t much of a team. 3 division titles in 40 years).

  3. Casserley knows not what he speaks. He stated Gilbert got more money by sitting out a year… this despite sitting out a year with the franchise tag on him. Then he got traded and signed to a 7 year $46 million dollar deal… which of course he sucked after that and never played up to expectations. If he hadn’t been a lazy slob, he could’ve played for the frachise tag, then parlayed a great season into an even bigger deal added onto the earnings of 1997…of course perhaps the lazy turd in Gilbert would have come out in 97, though I don’t think it would have (he would have been the pre-Haynesworth IMO).
    Here’s the thing that Darrelle Greedis has to think about…sure, perhaps he sits out the season and comes back to make more money… but here are two HUGE differences between him and his fat, lazy uncle:
    #1 Revis is still under contract, Gilbert was an UFA that was franchised, when the next league season rolled around Gilbert would’ve had to be franchised again, Revis will still be under contract as if 2010 never happened.
    #2 There might not be a season in 2011… so Revis wouldn’t just be sitting out 2010, he could be sitting out 2010 AND 2011. It’s bad enough to take a chance on a guy that has a year’s worth of rust on him… but two years? The last times I witnessed that was with Michael Vick… and he’s lost a lot off his fastball… and even more off his legs.

  4. If the Jets, who arguably have the highest expectations of any team in NFL history
    LOL…good one
    too bad they are overhyped, rock with overhyped former big names and dont take care of their real good players (harris, mangold, revis)
    there is just noooo way there going anywhere
    they have sooo many upcoming free agents, players in their last contract year tend to look for big numbers, so team first goes south… Edwards, Holmes, both will be crying if they dont get enough balls – which they wont because….well Sanch-Dog is a HotDog. How can you send Thomas Jones packing and replace him with LT who demanded more money and is half the player….yeah yeah yeah it was all the OLine and not TJ…blalba get back to me by week 5.
    By now the Offensive Coordinators should have figured out that Rexys D’Scheme is pretty easy to kill. His whole system is based on LB moving around….so by 4-5 WR/TE sets…you can spread em out and keep em off the field.
    have a good season
    just-end-the-season 2010/2011 campagne

  5. If I remember correctly, wasn’t everyone PFT included praising Revis for how he handled his success and rookie contract, calling him a class act and how other people should follow how he’s handling the business side of football. (correct me if I’m wrong on this one)
    If I’m right about this, it shows you that pretty much every athlete cares about these things in this order 1.Money, 2. Success, 3.Health, 4.Team Mates.

  6. Looks like the fins Brandon Marshall will be vacationing in Cormartie flea market this fall instead of Revis island.

  7. “If the Jets, who arguably have the highest expectations of any team in NFL history”,
    That would be The Steelers. Their season is not a success unless they win the Super Bowl.
    The Jets got hot at the end of last year and are now “star trippin”… they will get slapped back down to reality soon enough.

  8. This blows, I got Revis in one of the last rounds of my fantasy draft thinking I got a steal (right after I got Vincent Jackson). It’s glad to see players aren’t greedy or anything though. Definately makes me want to feel bad for the union in all of this mess.

  9. EverybodyGotAIDS says: “That being said, I don’t run an NFL team”
    After reading some of your posts, I am not convinced you could run a garbage truck.

  10. The mistake revis and his camp at making is tha as much as he’ll gain by acting like pig, he’ll lose in potential indorsements! A clean image revis can be such an awesome spokesman for any insurance company or anything that involves the word ‘cover’ but now you’d imagine that nobody will use him.

  11. Sam Bradford got $50 million dollars guaranteed in his bank account for sitting out an entire season….it just might work for Revis

  12. Crowder911 says:
    “By now the Offensive Coordinators should have figured out that Rexys D’Scheme is pretty easy to kill. His whole system is based on LB moving around….so by 4-5 WR/TE sets…you can spread em out and keep em off the field.”
    What the hell are you doing working in a Carvel? You should be an offensive coordinator in the NFL. You have been able to do what 62 highly paid individuals have not….figure out Rex Ryans blitz schemes.
    Nothing more common than wasted talent.

  13. Haynesworth, Revis, players getting drunk and passing out in ditches. Union and their clown leadership loses more leverage with the fans every day.

  14. Jests with Revis = 6-10
    Jests without Revis – 4-12
    Why pay that kind of money for two extra wins? Maybe the extra money they have to pay a higher draft pick is worth the savings from signing him.

  15. What a little bitch…I actually feel sorry for the jets fanbase, getting all hyped up on this guy (who I admit is very good) just for him to turn around and act like a jackass. I really hope he does play so theres no excuse when Henne throws for 350 yards and 3 TDs on them again… and that was WITH Revis in the lineup.

  16. 123456 says:
    August 10, 2010 8:44 AM
    EverybodyGotAIDS says: “That being said, I don’t run an NFL team”
    After reading some of your posts, I am not convinced you could run a garbage truck.
    I’ll leave the trash collection, septic-tank pumping and gay porn acting (which I guess you could also say is septic tank pumping) to the professionals: Jets fans

  17. Jets have to take a stand and nip this contract thing in the bud. They’ve done a pretty good job of this over the past few years. It’s not that they haven’t made Selfish a good offer, it’s just not the ground breaking one Selfish believes he deserves.

  18. Arguably, the St. Louis Rams have the highest expectations of any team in NFL history.
    Arguably, Darrelle Revis is the worst cornerback in the NFL.
    Arguably, the Super Bowl will feature two 19-0 teams.
    Arguably, the upcoming NFL lockout will last for 8 seasons.
    See how that works?

  19. Every superstar should holdout. Less chance of a training camp injury. I won’t be worried until Sept 5th area, same with Tannenbaum and the Jets brass.

  20. The Jets aren’t losing to the Ravens, Patriots, or Dolphins. So… Revis is out of luck if that’s his hope.
    Once again, THERE IS A REASON that NOBODY heard of Darelle Revis before last season. That reason is REX RYAN’S SCHEME. In case some of you didn’t know, Revis started all 16 games for the Jets in 2007, when the Patriots broke all kinds of passing records.
    I’m not saying Revis is horrible, but he needs to perform for more than 1 season before he can claim he’s the greatest in the game.
    And when the Jets prove that he’s more a product of the system, and Cromartie and Kyle Wilson are doing just fine…. Revis is going to feel pretty stupid.

  21. Really? I would look at it the other way. If the Jets start off 0-3, it will become clear that there’s no substance to the hype. They aren’t a good team and they have no shot at the Superbowl,
    Oh stop it..
    The Ravens are a great team and at least a year ahead of the Jets in development with a more experienced QB….. The Pats are the Pats and will always be in the mix and the Dolphins are right with the Jets, Spwept them last year and alos have a QB with more experience- Ask etheir owner who is spouting Super Bowl talk as well….
    I’ve said 0-3 is possible all along.. .With 2 Darrelle Revis’ 0-3 is possible against 3 real good team sin the NFL…
    So much BS thrown around here.
    Learn todays NFL – a lot of teams are in the mix if healthy – the Jets are just one of many teams hoping to stay healthy, survive the season and get on a roll….

  22. umm..Gilbert was at the end of his contract so to make a comparison to him is ludicrous. If Revis doesn’t show up today and there is no NFL season next year the Jets will still own his ass for the next five years. Let him sit out five years and see what somebody is willing to pay him.

  23. The week the Jets are 0-3 (if they get to that point) will be the last week Revis has any leverage at all and likely will also be the highest point of leverage for Revis because the next week the Jets will beat the Bills and be 1-3. Then they get the Vikings who could beat them and make them 1-4.
    Going into denver could end their season and Revis’ year period.
    With 2011 looming as a lockout year, Revis will basically be burried by the Jets in leverage because will Revis want to risk not playing (and earning) for 2 years? I doubt it.

  24. Come on Florio, you kept bitching and moaning how the Chargers all summer were not stepping up and signing Jackson and Mcneil in a “supposed” Super Bowl run, can’t have it both ways without saying the same thing about the Jets and Revis. Differences: Jackson and Mcneil are both restricted free agents and knew without the CBA they were limited in salary, Jackson two DUI’s and under suspension, Mcneil missed parts of previous season due to neck injuries. Revis, middle of a contract, no known injuries. You better start saying pay the man Florio, or you’re full of BS.

  25. revis isnt listening to uncle Sean……its his stepfather
    Brett favre urging him that camp isnt worth being there

  26. jets start off 2010… 0-3.
    Excuses fly and their “fans” either jump off the closest buildings-or- realize it’s just the same old jets history biting them again.
    The jet franchise is a joke. Some things don’t change

  27. For all the Jet haters out there:
    Sure……….. we know our overall history is not great. Tell us something we don’t know! But let’s look at recent history, shall we? Since the Bill Parcells era starting in 1997, the Jets have been though 13 seasons with the following results:
    9 winning seasons
    3 losing seasons
    1 .500 season
    Regular season record: 109-99
    Playoff appearances: 6
    Playoff record: 5-5
    That’s not too shabby. We have been far more competitive the past 13 years, have raised expectations, and are no longer bottom-feeders in the league. Some franchises have done better over the past 13 years (and my hat’s off to them) but the Jets organization have nothing to be ashamed of!
    I hope we sign Revis but don’t give away the keys to the castle. Sanchez is ahead of schedule, as far as I’m concerned. Joe Flacco’s second season with the Ravens was average, at best, but everyone acts like he is a top QB? Sanchez has the tools to be MUCH better than that. But……………… only time will tell. It’s not a sure thing. Coach Ryan brings the right attitude and the talent is there to do great things. Like every team in the league, we need guys to play to their potential, limit major injuries, and get a few breaks. Let’s play some football!!

  28. Revis jets says:
    August 10, 2010 8:50 AM
    The mistake revis and his camp at making is tha as much as he’ll gain by acting like pig, he’ll lose in potential indorsements! A clean image revis can be such an awesome spokesman for any insurance company or anything that involves the word ‘cover’ but now you’d imagine that nobody will use him.
    Yes- because God knows how Emmit’s holdout killed his marketability. After his holdout, he was never heard from again.

  29. probably the best come back that i have ever heard from a 10 year old.dont worry son,it will get bigger

  30. Revis is BY FAR the best player on our team. Outside of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, he is arguably the best player on any team.
    We would not have made the playoffs last season if not for him. We would not have made it as far as we did in the playoffs if not for him.
    The fact that we haven’t signed him makes me sick to my stomach. He is the only reason I feel confident when we play a team like the Pats.
    If we don’t have him this season, I don’t care how well we start or how well we play, we aren’t winning the superbowl. Plain and simple.

  31. “I’ll just let you just sit there and scratching your head”
    Did you really make a comment about ANY educational system and type this? Wow.
    just let you just?
    sit there and scratching?

  32. All this talk about Revis being the best player in the NFL has to stop. What are you people idiots, wake up people. Revis is not even the best corner in the NFL let alone best player.
    Revis allowed 29 completions against just the top receivers in 2009. He allowed 4 against A. Johnson, 4 & 5 against Randy Moss and on and on I could go.
    Revis allowed more completions in 2009 then Nnamdi Asomugha allowed in 2007, 2008 & 2009 combined. NFL QBs who are the only ones that really can tell you how good a corner is threw at Revis more times in 2009 alone then they threw at Nnamdi Asomugha in 2007, 2008 & 2009 combined.
    Here is a News Flash, it is the Jets D that makes Revis look better then he is. Revis is good but nothing like all the bandwagon jumpers would have you believe he is. The Jets are cheap and do not even want to pay him like Champ Bailey another over hyped corner that has gotten burnt like toast all through his career.

  33. As a Steelers fan, I can objectively state that 2 teams prefer to enter the season “under the radar”:
    Steelers and Patriots
    Other teams prefer to be crowned “Paper Champs” prior to the season:
    Bengals, Ravens and Colts.
    NYJ don’t even count, because they’ve been irrelevant until late last year and early this year.

  34. well if it’s the raiders who caused the problem, then trade him to the raiders. we will pay him the money, and we will throw in a 7th rd pick…. lmao

  35. whats with this jets superbowl crap? if they didnt have the last 2 games handed to them last year they wouldnt have even made the playoffs!
    And this is year 2 of LT being done, the tank is bone dry there.

  36. @123456
    no from switzerland, and yes English isnt my main language….sorry speak only 6 languages and yes i dont speak all of em perfect…my bad…how many languages you speak? as a Jets fan i guess 2, NewJersey English + fluent in Losing
    but i love that you can serve facts without personal crap…
    its really that easy to defuse fat Rex
    Rex = LB moving all over the field, blitzing and overloading either a side or the middle that way
    sooooo, if you put 4-5 WR/TE on the field….spread em out and snap in the shotgun formation (talking shotgun…how about you go to your cellar and play some shotgun russian roulet – single player mode, i swear its fun) there are no LBs on the field to blitz with…. ask the Colts

  37. 123456, the qualification to be a fan of your beloved Jests is that you have to make under $10K a year (and have an extra 21st chromosome). You wish you were driving a garbage truck, that’d be like hitting the lottery for you.
    I’m sure your shift at Micky D’s is getting over soon and you’ll be able to get down to the public library to post more often. By the way, I’ll have fries with that douchebag.

  38. Hold out as long as necessary kid, Rex knows the SB window is closing on him without you. The fines will be waived and the money missed will be included in your new signing bonus;stay where you are!

  39. Nitro, they came one half away from going to the Superbowl last year.
    How they got there is irrelevant. They did better than 28 other teams and its hardly a stretch to think that they could make it to the Superbowl this year…

  40. How can you say the Jets have the highest the highest expectations in NFL history??? They have to play Tom Brady twice every year. I think that is quite an exageration. The Packers have been saying Super Bowl or bust. How are their expectations any different? Do you really think the Jets expectations are higher then the season following the Patriots 2nd Super Bowl victory in a row?? Nobody could argue they have the highest expectations in the history of the NFL.

  41. @Ralphie
    speaking of under $10k a year….
    123456, you should really buy a season ticket, so your broke ass team owner can MAYBE afford to pay one of your few good players…. you know whats the best deal…sign up now and get a free voice mail by your fat ass headcoach by week 3, 5, 7, 9 for FREE*
    *no voice messages after week 9, as Rex & Co will be busy preparing their vacation and draft…hey there must be the next Gholston out there

  42. I think the owners need to all stick togeather and start paying these guys by how they perform. Sign them to the minimum and make them earn the rest with incentives. Also what they pay these guys that they draft and then they are busts or don’t care after they hit their lotto.
    Pay them all the minimum and let them earn the rest.

  43. How many AFC East titles do the homeless Jets have in the last 20 years?
    Shoudlnt they focus on a few of those before talking about the SB that has eluded them for over 40 years?
    I’m all for trying to sell some PSL’s but give it a rest already.

  44. Ralphie, I used google translate on your post and this is what came up:
    Waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa sniff sniff waaaaaaaaa
    Kudos on the McD reference. You’re a modern day Don Rickles. You are a comedic genius…I’m sure nobody has ever heard that before…let alone on a sports website.
    BTW Einstein,
    Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes….46 in total. So while I understand you were trying to imply Jets fans are born with 1 less chromosome then everyone else…your ignorance has not only spoiled any chances of future success, it also spoiled that lame joke.
    This post has been brought to you by the letters O, W, N and D

  45. Cunninglinguist – Ralphie was implying that Jets fans have Down Syndrome, which is most often caused by an extra 21st chromosome.
    Jets fans, anti-Jets fans, I don’t really care, but in mocking Ralphie you come across as a total idiot.

  46. I hope that Revis has saved his pennies. If he holds out this year and 2011 is a lockout year – he’ll have to make ends meet until 2012, when he’ll be two years older and two years out of the game.
    By that time, he’ll still be under contract to the Jets, still have only 3 years of service and still have 3 years to go before free agency.
    IF the Jets can get to 10-6 without him and make the playoffs, they can afford to let him sit…better still if Cromartie performs well.
    Draft another CB in 2011 and make him sweat.
    Just once…just once, I’d like to see a team draw a line in the sand like that. Just once…

  47. The Jets have a very small window of opportunity to get to the Super Bowl. Free agency dictates that they won’t be able to keep this group together for very long. That being said the Jets also shouldn’t have to succumb to Oakland economics. Just because Al Davis is an idiot doesn’t mean the Jets should have to pay Darrelle 15 mil a season. He would be better off asking for Nate Clements money in the short run and making up the difference in guaranteed money.

  48. I’m tired of these guys all wanting to “re-negotiate” their contracts. what? you did such a lousy job of negotiating your current one that now you want a mulligan? you negotiated it. you signed it. suck it up and play through it.
    as for all those on here that say, get your money in case you get hurt. what? these guys can’t go get a JOB after football? you know. a JOB. it’s a WORK thing. something similar to what most of the rest of us have to do for a living.
    hard to believe, but you might actually have to do something you can’t PLAY in order to make money.

  49. Who cares Revis is overrated. He is good, a top five CB for sure, but he is not worth a big money deal or the headache. Don’t the Jets have the new young first rounder and Cromartie anyway? If I was Revis I would honor my original contract and then force a big money deal. Yes I know he could get franchised but seriously that is still good money ( if there is even a 2011 season).

  50. mr_snrub says:
    August 10, 2010 2:55 PM
    Cunninglinguist – Ralphie was implying that Jets fans have Down Syndrome, which is most often caused by an extra 21st chromosome.
    That must be why he signed it:
    This post has been brought to you by the letters O, W, N and D

  51. I look at it this way, you sign your name on the dotted line saying you will abide by the promise your making for however many years you agreed to. There are plenty players, even some in the Hall of Fame, who had to earn their contract after playing their tail off for very little money. I think Revis is greedy, and every single player in all sports are already way overpaid. There is no way Antonio Bryant is worth 286 teachers in Hillsborough County (Tampa, FL), this makes the world somewhat unfair and disgusting but who am I to say, right?
    Lets get real guys, we love to watch you play a damn GAME! Sign your name on the sheet of paper no matter what the number is, and go out and play the game you “so called” love. Or else you’re just a a new aged golddigger to me. Darrelle Revis, learn from Chris Johnson young man. Shut up and play!!!!!

  52. somefans….can you do me a favor…
    just explain to me how the dolphins franchise is not a joke, if the jets is?
    hahahaahahahah idiot.

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