Shanahan getting by with a little help from old friends

When the Redskins hired Mike Shanahan, they weren’t just hiring a coach.  They were hiring the entire “Bronco way” of doing things from the front office to the playing field.

To help Redskins players get a crash course in Shanahan’s system, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Shanahan has brought in a number of his old stars to help out.

Terrell Davis showed up, spending more than a week with the Redskins running backs.  (Willie Parker apparently hasn’t been paying close enough attention.)  Michael Pittman has helped out, presumably to help with the finer points of third downs and muscle flexing.

Steve Beuerlein has worked with the Redskins quarterbacks, while former Broncos safety Steve Atwater is in Washington, working with the Redskins secondary.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.  Shanahan gets terrific free labor, while the ex-players get to dabble in coaching without having to truly experience the grind. 

It’s such a great cheap way to help your team, we’re surprised more staffs don’t take advantage of it.

17 responses to “Shanahan getting by with a little help from old friends

  1. i am curious as to how you know it’s “free labor”
    and if you don’t ‘know’…then what makes you think it is?
    it seems quite reasonable to assume that they are likely getting paid…

  2. I believe every team has former players and coaches attend and help out with the team. At least, I don’t know of any team that doesn’t.

  3. “It’s such a great cheap way to help your team, we’re surprised more staffs don’t take advantage of it”
    Really? You wanna know where Shannarat learned this. When he was employed with the Raiders he was taught by Al that you use the resources available and when you have greats from the past you bring them in. AL has been doing this for decades. But way to go and slob on Shanarat’s knob. LOSER

  4. Are we sure that Snyder isn’t over-paying for their services? I never thought I’d hear the words cheap to describe anything about the Redskins.
    I kid, I kid… or do I?

  5. It’s a great idea. I wonder why more teams don’t do it. Instead of letting the Bernie Kosar’s, the Jim Brown’s and the Jim Kelly’s meddle in the front office business, you should let them meddle in a part of the business that they actually know about and have had some success at.
    Great idea, Shanahan. I wish you success…except when you are playing my Cleveland Browns. Or the Bengals (my adopted team for when my Browns suck).

  6. WOW, you mean nobody ever thought of this before Mike Shanahan? It’s NEVER, EVER been done before? I heard that Mike invented the wheel too.

  7. What’s the big deal? Most coaches do this….when Parcells was in Dallas he had Carl Banks, Jim Burt, etc. come to training camp.
    Could also be why Jay Ratliff and DeMarcus Ware are the two most dominant players at their positions.
    If you’re a ‘Skins fan, this isn’t a bad thing.

  8. I think every team has coaching interns for training camp… There is some kind of NFL program that supports it.
    Keenan McCardell interned for the Giants last year, which helped get him the WR coaching job this year.
    The only thing unusual is that the Skins have like 10 of them…

  9. Laron Landry, Kareem Moore, And Reed Doughty need to take heed and solice in every single word that comes out of Mr. Steve Atwaters mouth.

  10. John El Way says:
    August 10, 2010 11:56 AM
    Dudes done, hes nothing without Elway.
    Really? Your so stupid. To win you need a good coach and QB. You dont think Shanahan and McNabb arent a huge upgrade over Zorn and Campbell? I’m guessing your a Cowboys fan though.

  11. Exactly what can Steve Beuerlein teach Donovan McNabb???
    I believe he owns a car dealership in NC, confirmation???

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