Source: Kentawn Balmer will return to Niners on Wednesday

The mystery of defensive tackle Kentawn Balmer’s absence from 49ers training camp has been solved.  Sort of.  We think.

Per a league source, coach Mike Singletary granted Balmer a couple of days off to deal with a family issue.  Balmer is expected to return on Wednesday.

Of course, there’s a chance that the family issue unexpectedly will take more time than that.  And there’s also a chance that the team and the player are trying to downplay what could be a bigger issue.

Either way, it looks like there’s a good chance this issue will become a non-issue by Wednesday.

14 responses to “Source: Kentawn Balmer will return to Niners on Wednesday

  1. Thank God, now life can continue as we know it!
    I’m guessing that someone reminded him what the burger flippers at McDs are making.

  2. Well then we should give Kentawn Balmer the benefit of the doubt. If he is having to deal with a family issue and Coach Sing granted him the time he needs, then it is a not story until proven otherwise. So, I wish Kentawn Balmer the best on the things he is dealing with, and we’ll see the big boy when he gets back on Wednesday. As for the rest of the team, we need to put together a better practice then we had yesterday and get our minds re-focused. Go Niners!

  3. Great job Mike! I can see you now sitting next to your laptop, talking on you cell phone and gossiping about 300 pound men. Ah, what a life you live.

  4. And by “family issue” they mean that he’s meeting with his lawyers and the NCAA about buying trips for Marvin Austin.

  5. Nope people he’s just recuperating from Overtrained athlete syndrome and needed to catch his breath.

  6. I see we have the usual “I know better what to put on the PFT website than Mike Florio does” idiots in the house.

  7. I see we have the “I love Florio’s jock and believe every word he says” fan boy in the house.

  8. As long as Alex Smith is their QB, the 49ers will be a team stuck in nuetral. Alex Smith has proven year in and year out that he only excels in the injury and INC’s department.

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