Trading Revis is a remote possibility

Many of you have asked us whether the New York Jets should trade cornerback Darrelle Revis.

We could write about it here, or we could talk about it for our in-home video shirt-coat-tie-boxers hookup.

Since we’ve already talked about it for our in-house video shirt-coat-tie-boxers hookup, we’ll choose that path.


53 responses to “Trading Revis is a remote possibility

  1. Cant watch the video but wouldnt it take 2/3 first round picks plus a $15 mill per year contract? Good luck selling that…

  2. You realize everyone hates when you post videos right? Article form is about 100 times better, never really understood why websites do this when everyone i know hates having to click on a video for information. We are not too lazy to read…yet.

  3. Trade him. Rexie says he has everything he needs. Let him prove it.
    Trade him to Oakland and get a 2012 1st rounder for him.

  4. Breaking News: Trading Peyton Manning is a remote possibility.
    Really guys? is it that slow of a news day? Go get some REAL stories and stop posting random thoughts that come into your head.

  5. Trade Revis to the Eagles for Ellis Hobbs, another player and a second rd pick. That would suck for the rest of the NFC East. Asante “Chop” Sameul and Revis Island. Wow, Just Wow.

  6. Revis controls this scenario as well. A new team would have to get him under contract, on his terms, for any trade to make sense.

  7. If you make a PFTV segment you need to post the transcript for those of us who are interested but cant watch the viedo while at work and dont feel like ‘catching up’ at the end of a long day when I finally get home.

  8. I look at it this way, you sign your name on the dotted line saying you will abide by the promise your making for however many years you agreed to. There are plenty players, even some in the Hall of Fame, who had to earn their contract after playing their tail off for very little money. I think Revis is greedy, and every single player in all sports are already way overpaid. There is no way Antonio Bryant is worth 286 teachers in Hillsborough County (Tampa, FL), this makes the world somewhat unfair and disgusting but who am I to say, right?
    Lets get real guys, we love to watch you play a damn GAME! Sign your name on the sheet of paper no matter what the number is, and go out and play the game you “so called” love. Or else you’re just a a new aged golddigger to me. Darrelle Revis, learn from Chris Johnson young man. Shut up and play!!!!!

  9. Revis doesn’t have much leverage. He’s only 3 years in to his rookie deal. Go ahead and sit out Darrelle, you will never see free agency.
    Poor you, $1 million isn’t enough pay for you? You only had one good season kid. I’m sorry that your friend broke his leg and got shipped to Seattle.
    Next time try getting drafted higher. Or sign a better contract. Until then, STFU and show up for work punk.

  10. The Jets need Revis. Ryan trying to sell the idea that a 1st round rookie may be enough to compensate for the loss of Revis is absurd. If the Jets hadn’t mishandled multiple player contracts or publicly state their feelings for “the best cornerback in the league” they wouldn’t be in this situation. They need to fix this… sooner rather than later. Without Revis that secondary will be tested… a lot… and they know that.

  11. He could go to Green Bay and be the 2nd best corner on the team. Until Al gets back, then he’d be third best.

  12. I’ll talk about it with as much insight as you.
    Here are my thoughts:
    They’re calling his bluff. They signed Antonio C. who is a little better than avg. CB. They can afford to wait.
    It’s likely they will come to a contract that is incentive laden, i.e – performance based bonuses, heavily weighted salaries in the long-term that may be discounted and ultimately reduce the PV of the contract. Think Andre Johnson. It’s a “good job, keep up the good work and you will get paid, now shut up” contract.

  13. Why would the Jets trade him? They hold all the cards.
    If Revis sits out, he doesn’t get a dime this season, loses a year of service, and won’t get a dime next season if there’s a work stoppage.
    Does anyone really think he is willing to go without pay for two years in the prime of his career?

  14. I don’t know which team would want him when these same problems of contract negotiations would carry onto the next team.

  15. Laxer37 says:
    August 10, 2010 4:52 PM
    Why would the Jets trade him? They hold all the cards.
    If Revis sits out, he doesn’t get a dime this season, loses a year of service, and won’t get a dime next season if there’s a work stoppage.
    Does anyone really think he is willing to go without pay for two years in the prime of his career?
    Good points. I am a Jets fan and the Jets also hold one other nugget against Revis. No Jets fan expects them to win with or without Revis. After, we are the Jets and we’ll find a way to F it all up — see the 90s montage of the draft or Vinny dropping back for a pass in ’99 or Blair Thomas or Marino in ’83 or ’98 NFC championship game Dave Meggett kickoff or Chadwich in the preseason vs the Giants. etc etc etc….

  16. BCGreg you are right let Ryan stew in his own B/S…. trade him!!! Miami Dolphins 2010 AFC East Champions!!!

  17. Does anyone think.. or hope… that ANY of this is fabricated for the sake of HBO Hard Knocks???
    Also, if a player holds out for an entire season, does it count against the cap???
    And if he doesnt play this season, does he still have 3 years left on his contract until he plays again?

  18. One great year does not make you a superstar, so you and Chris Johnson should just be prepared for a rude awakening.

  19. Christ if the guy won’t play for less than 16 million then it shouldn’t take multiple high picks to get him. He’s as damaging capwise as he is helpful skillwise.

  20. The idea that Revis was only playing for $1mm this season, as some people continue to suggest, is absurd… he’s a few years into his rookie deal, for which he received a hefty signing bonus… which equates to a very large advance on his salary… the man has already been paid up front; plus, he was guaranteed roughly $21mm over the next 3 years.
    F MEvis… I hope the Jets Shelve his a$$ this season… then with the lockout looming next year, MEvis will have lost 2 full seasons due to his greed… enjoy your popcorn Bitch!

  21. Here’s a thought…swap Revis to the Chargers for Vincent Jackson and Shawne Merriman straight up.

  22. Jerry Jones…
    Please trade Terrance Newman and next year’s #1 pick for Revis.

  23. The Vikings would make the most sense, they’ve got the money to send his way, and Antoine Winfield’s not getting any younger. Cedric Griffin is coming back from injury, and Chris Cook can be converted into a true safety. Revis would be the x factor in firming up the Viking’s secondary. I’d like to hear the “experts” call that the weak point on the Vikings roster then.

  24. Darrelle Revis, all NYJ draft picks in 2011/2012 drafts in exchange for fat piece of garbage and waste of millions of dollars Andre Smith?

  25. They want trade him..its there own fault for giving him the fat head. They tell him he is better than “the awsome one” and he takes it to heart. His stats may be nice..but thats just because the Jets have a good run D..Dude cant hold #21’s jock.

  26. Vikings should offer 3 #1 picks. All those picks will be in the #30-32 range though.

  27. Thank you Polorl69, my thoughts exactly. Over 50% of what’s posted here are just random thoughts and opinions, but hey, it is what it is, a blog spot.

  28. Revis is only trying to cash in on an opportunity that he knows wasn’t of his making. The Jets def. line is one of the best at pass rush…..teams had a hard time throwing against that front but yet revis, his agent, REX all allowed him to think it was HIM …REVIS ISLAND that did it all. He knows he had the one good year and the chance of him duplicating it are slim and none and we all know what happened to slim.

  29. bbq thats prob the most arrogant thing i have ever read…are you serious?
    Revis wants to be a jet for life, they will make him a jet for life sooner or later.
    take your heads out of your foolish ass’s with these trade scenarios…he is not going anywhere.
    lol bbw that post was still funny as hell…5-11 without revis…your an embarassment to the football community

  30. Crowder911 says:
    August 10, 2010 5:29 PM
    how about trading Revis for Haynesworth?
    Are you for real?
    Why in the world would the Jets want to trade the best defender in the NFL for a loudmouthed, fat, lazy, attitudinal bag of shit on the downside of his career?
    What’s next- are you going to suggest that the Pats should trade Tom Brady to you for Colt Brennan?
    Bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha…

  31. I’m a Ravens fan, I recognize that our secondary is our weak spot and there is no way I’d want to pay Revis $15 million a year. CBs just aren’t worth that much.
    That being said, the Jets have had more problems with a player being told “you’d be taken care of” than any other team in the league. They never deny that they told this to the player. WHAT IDIOT IS DOING THIS? Is it Woody? Is it Tennenbaum? I have a feeling it’s Woody because I can’t imagine a GM being this dumb and keeping his job.
    Note to Jets management: Learn from other franchises. Do not make vague promises to players about increases in compensation so you can be buddy buddy. You’re running a freaking team.

  32. Come on over to Cleveland, Revis. At least Mangini knows you are worth the money. Rex Ryan already said they are fine without you.

  33. Looks like Gilligan may be stranded on his island for a while longer. Perfect example of self worth overestimation. Me-vis is a good player but any decent player plugged into that defense will be fine. He thought he had the leverage and ability to extort a gigantic sum of money from the Jets. This is going to be a cold hard reality check that his uncle never mentioned could happen. BRAVO Jets! Stay the course and gradually lower the amount offered until he takes it. Ignore him and start signing the other guys


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