Bill Polian revisits the Colts' offensive line problems in the Super Bowl

In an interview on Jim Rome’s radio show earlier today, Colts president Bill Polian addressed whether he feels any better about the team’s offensive line than he did after Indy’s Super Bowl loss to the Saints.

“Well, I don’t know until we get some real action under our belt,” Polian said.  “I think we have some players there who are capable of playing pretty well.”

Polian also explained that the team struggled with the running game in short yardage and goal-line, pointing to the failure to convert a third-and-one play late in the second quarter as a “glaring weakness” in the Super Bowl.

Polian also said that the Colts “didn’t pass protect as well, particularly in the second half, as we are used to seeing.”  He said it’s something that can be corrected by technique and personnel.

In response, we’ve got a couple of comments.  (What?  Did you think we’d simply end it there?)

First of all, Polian’s decision to talk to Rome about the things that went wrong in the Super Bowl makes Polian’s “past is prologue” monologue from his final 2009 press conference seem even more, well, goofy.  He’s talking now about the Super Bowl, and there’s even less of a reason to discuss it than there was back in early February, in the days after the game was played.

Second, multiple members of the offensive line previously have expressed disagreement with Polian’s criticism.  Thus, his comments to Rome will serve only to rile them up.  An old-school football guy, which Polian is, would be inclined to say, “Good.  Be pissed off at me.  Maybe you’ll play better next time.”  Still, it’s not necessarily a good thing to have center Jeff Saturday and right tackle Ryan Diem and left tackle Charlie Johnson miffed at the boss.

So while many assume that the 2010 Colts will simply pick up where they left off last season, dominating the AFC South and pushing their way into another Super Bowl, there could be some lingering issues that may prevent them from getting back — and from winning it if they do.

23 responses to “Bill Polian revisits the Colts' offensive line problems in the Super Bowl

  1. Right now the only “lingering issues” I think they face have to do with recent injuries, not this silly argument again.

  2. Ya, the O-line is at fault….. lol you cant blame the guy that threw that last minute pick six

  3. The Colts still can’t get over the fact that they were beaten. Get over it.

  4. I would love to see Jim Rome interview and attack Mike Florio in a live interview. I am sure Rome would have a field day challenging Florio’s credentials to be either a journalist or radio personality. With no real background in either profession, internet hack would be Rome’s final judgment.

  5. It is kind of weird to just single out the line. Especially when it was good enough to get them an — if they wanted it and weren’t too afraid of playing the Steelers in the playoffs so they took a dive against the Jets and then again against the Bills because they would have looked like a-holes going 15-1 — unbeaten regular season and into the Super Bowl.

  6. The off line threw the int correct? Can’t wait for Mannign to retire and see the Colts be a 2 win team!

  7. I thought the “glaring weakness” was when the “greatest quarterback ever” threw a pick six in the fourth quarter, not when they failed to convert a 3 and short in the second.

  8. Rome has sold out.
    Why didn’t he ask Polian why he ignored the O-line in the draft?
    This is his last year for sure.

  9. BBBRRREEETTTTTTT FAAAAAVVVVVRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nothing all day about your ball licking man crush on FAVRE??????? Florio must not feel well today.

  10. Polian just loves to hear himself talk, about ANYTHING.
    biggest ego in sports, bigger than LeBron.

  11. HAHAHA NaPolian is such a douchebag.
    Don’t worry hoss, you publicly whined about offensive holding not being called enough all last year and this year (SURPRISE SURPRISE!)you and your Comp Committee get the umpire in the offensive backfield to help increase the holding calls. One day you are gonna have to admit your QB is a choker/playoff underperformer, just like every other 1st round QB you have ever drafted.

  12. “I’m trying to be a good teammate here, but let’s just say we had some protection problems”
    – Forehead Manning

  13. “I’m trying to be a good teammate where but let’s, let’s just say there were protection problems”
    – Peyton Manning following the 2005 divisional game
    Now this. Come on guys, the real reason they lost is because Manning is a huge choke in the playoffs. The only reason they won in 2006 was because Rhodes and Addai, the real MVPs of the SB. Well them and Rex Grossman.

  14. How bout aside from the fact that THE SAINTS JUST PLAIN BEAT YOU, your dumbass sat your starters…well your important starters at the end of the season. Nah, that couldn’t have anything to do with it.

  15. rome?
    infamous homophile and emerging replacement for larry king?
    i dont agree with much of florio’s political bent.
    i agree with none of rome’s.
    did the colts OL play great? no. they got outplayed, however. and the colts coach got outcoached BADLY.
    and polian is certainly covering for the forehead.

  16. Y’all mean to tell me that losing an impact player affects a team’s performance? Kinda like how the Jets dropped off after Gastineau? LOL!! Grip-o-Haters

  17. Polian throws the offensive line under the bus. It’s too bad the Colts coaching staff didn’t feel the need to address those short yardage issues while they were phoning in the rest of the season beginning with the Jets game.
    Pulling those starters out of the Jets game must have really pissed off some of the players. It is rare that a team goes undefeated in a season. To take that away from them only to lose in the Superbowl because you didn’t work on your short yardage play. It’s just plain stupid.

  18. Well, he’s gotta blame the O-line…god forbid any blame be placed at the feet of the guy who threw the interception that killed the colts chance @ a comeback!

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