Colt McCoy tries to prepare with limited reps

Browns rookie quarterback Colt McCoy is adjusting to his new role at the bottom of the depth chart in Cleveland. 

And it sounds like he’s not thrilled about it.

“It is hard, especially over the last four years when you’ve taken every
rep and every snap in a game,” McCoy said, per Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “That’s a hard thing to do.  I
just have to get used to it

Though team president Mike Holmgren has said that McCoy wasn’t drafted to play as a rookie, McCoy continues to hold out hope.

“Some rookies step right in and play.  Hats off to them,” McCoy said.  “I’m really trying to be the best that I can be in the situation that
I’m in.  And when it’s time, it’s time.”

Given that the guys in front of him are Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace, it could be time sooner than anyone realizes.

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  1. As a true Browns fan let’s hope he doesn’t play for 3 years. That means that Jake did a good job,(like I belive he will) and the team is winning games. As a fan you can’t possibly wan’t to see him any sooner. Just like those who want Mangini out. If he gets fired that means we are starting over again. Let’s starting cheering for the right people…P.S. Who cares about Lebron this is football country anyways. When Cavs sucked nobody showed up to watch but look at Browns stadium!! Go Brownies!!

  2. McCoy could be a big steal from this draft. He has talent. And yeah, he has a couple of stiffs ahead of him.

  3. Dude should get off his high horse he is horrible at best. This is the NFL not your pansy college ball

  4. doe22us – Go suck a lemon. He needs to got the C.Palmer, A.Rogers route. Be patient, Colt. Holmgren’s offense isn’t something you pick up in a few months.

  5. If you listen to this kid, and not just read the out-of-context quotes, you can feel his passion for the game…and for winning.
    Most rookies say the right things, and so does McCoy. But, in my opinion, he has the leadership qualities, along with the necessary skills, to be successful. And if that turns into stability at QB for the Browns, then things will REALLY start falling into place.
    When McCoy is ready to take over the team, he’ll play. Until then, the Browns are in good hands with Jake and Seneca.
    I hope…

  6. # doe22us says: August 11, 2010 10:16 AM
    Dude should get off his high horse he is horrible at best. This is the NFL not your pansy college ball
    sounds like you are a typical cry baby Sooner fan. must have been tough watching Colt kick your a$$ every year.
    btw…..where the faulk do you think QBs come from before they are rookies? “pansy college ball”.
    I swear……I wonder there is a “window lick” test to post around here.

  7. doe22us says:
    August 11, 2010 10:16 AM
    Dude should get off his high horse he is horrible at best. This is the NFL not your pansy college ball
    You sound like a dullard.

  8. This is good, you want players to feel like they should be starting…I’m glad Colt has alot of confidence. If he came out and said “Thank the lord I’m not the starter” then I’d be really concerned. And he’s right, backups have to prepare as if they’re starting otherwise if a situation arises where they are playing, they aren’t ready.

  9. For anyone interested, you can go to and actually listen to McCoy’s comments. You don’t need to have Florio hatred of all things Browns to taint your opinion. McCoy was comparing college with pro training camp.

  10. He redshirted his freshman year at Texas and he was a mid 3rd round choice. It sounds as if you think he should be be the starting QB from day one like all other 3rd rounders. Of course he wants to play and isn’t “thrilled” about sitting, what would you rather him say, “I just wanted to come in, hang out, collect a check like Jamarcus Russell” ? I guess your stock and trade is typing the dumbest things you can think of.

  11. Paul Carte thinks Colt will be the best QB in the AFC north by 2012. Paul also believes Colt is the next Drew Brees

  12. Mike Holgrem is nuts! I think McCoy should be given a chance to start. It’s not like we have 2 Hall of Famers in front of him. If you actually look at statistics, rookie QB’s thrive in NFL. Besides, neither Delhomme or Seneca have very much playoff experience.

  13. The kid has never said a thing wrong. It’s one thing to report rumors about things actually said and done and give your spin, or write an opinion post, fine. This is pure spin to get hits based on nothing the kid actually said or implied, which is bitchy.

  14. Daniel…I am a big Colt fan…but you may want to check yourself on the Delhomme and the playoff experience comment…a Super Bowl ring to me qualifies as “experience”. Let Colt sit and learn. He is a smart kid and a vet like Jake is the best thing for him.

  15. Daniel, “some playoff experience” is better than none at all. He needs to watch and learn. And if Jake is as bad as everyone thinks he will be, then he will learn what not to do!
    I watched him at the scrimmage that was held last Saturday, and although it was just practice he didn’t look all that good.
    Hopefully Colt provides stability in the future when he does finally take the reign.

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