Fun with depth charts, Bucs edition

It’s debatable how accurate or informational the unofficial depth charts released before preseason games are.

For instance, the Patriots depth chart sent out in their game release differs quite drastically from the one adjusted a day later online.  (Fred Taylor fell from 2nd string to third, Torry Holt moved up, Brandon Tate moved down.  Laurence Maroney was a starter both times.)

With that preamble out of the way, the depth charts can be used to make statements to veterans.  The Bucs statement about Michael Clayton is that they are sorry.

They are sorry gave him the single most inexcusable contract of the last two years, and look ready to move on.  Clayton was listed in the “other” category behind the top three units, next to guys that have virtually no chance to make the team.

The Bucs also confirmed that rookie fourth-round pick Mike Williams has emerged as a starting wideout, while second-round receiver Arrelious Benn sits with the third team.

No. 3 overall pick Gerald McCoy is also already a starter, but his second round defensive tackle teammate Brian Price still has work to do to get with the starting unit.

8 responses to “Fun with depth charts, Bucs edition

  1. Mike Williams will be the steal of the draft. Had he not quit on ‘Cuse and played out his season, he would’ve been round 1 pick.

  2. I understand the reasoning behind signing Michael “Hands of Stone” Clayton to an extension last year…they thought he had been under-utilized by Gruden and that they would be able to get him back to his rookie season form. What was befuddling was the amount of that extension. Way too much money.
    At least they’ve quickly admitted the mistake and he’s on his way out the door. GM’s are never correct 100% of the time but Dominik has shown the ability to realize his errors very quickly and remedy them immediately. Plus, since he’s been GM the Bucs have had two excellent drafts in a row, so it’s obvious he’s a good talent evaluator.
    Some other team will take a chance on Clayton, though, as he’s still in his prime, he’s physically gifted and he was offensive rookie of the year just a few years ago. If his new team can chisel the stone covering off his hands they might get themselves a player. Good luck with that.

  3. Who cares who plays receiver, the QB will be as good as JaMarcus Russell. No accuracy at all, just arm strength.

  4. @Horned Helmet –
    So you’re basically saying the reason Russell failed is because he was inaccurate…

  5. FLBoy… I agree, Clayton will probably catch on somewhere else, and I think probably with good results. We better watch the Michael Jenkins injury situation in Atlanta closely because Clayton might stay in the division and sell secrets to the enemy.
    Also, it should be noted that, despite Clayton’s “hands of stone”, he has made some good plays in his tenure with the Bucs and he definitely has not had a lot of balls thrown his way since his rookie year. He struggles to get separation, and definitely isn’t super sure when it comes to catching the ball. However, stone hands or not, he’s probably best characterized as Blocking Icon Michael Clayton. Props to for that fitting moniker.

  6. HornedHelmet says:
    August 11, 2010 10:55 AM
    Who cares who plays receiver, the QB will be as good as JaMarcus Russell. No accuracy at all, just arm strength.
    Idiot! You know so little about what makes a QB successful that you should probably be barred from posting on PFT. Josh Freeman completed just under 60% of his passes, far better than either Stafford or Sanchez despite having far worse players around him.
    Russell was a bust mostly because he refused to work, he came in late and left early… that is not the case with Freeman whose work ethic is unquestioned. He has been around the Bucs facility all year looking at tape and throwing to anybody that will throw with him every chance he gets. His work ethic is incredible… and yes, he does have a very strong arm, and he does have incredible size, and he does have excellent mobility… this guy is the real deal… of course you wouldn’t know that because you’re a complete moron.

  7. Regus Benn’s position at 3rd string is no big deal, the guys ahead of him are playing very well. As for Brian Price, he has been out quite a bit with a hamstring injury but regardless of whether he starts or not, Gerald McCoy, Roy Miller, and Brian Price will all see plenty of snaps this season.

  8. freeman also is taking steps to bring his oline closer together and keep them happy he took them to the Bahamas in the offseason I read somewhere

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