Gary Kubiak met with Aaron Schobel

Texans coach Gary Kubiak says he’s spoken with Aaron Schobel, but Kubiak doesn’t know when Schobel will make up his mind about the 2010 season.

“Nothing has changed with Aaron.  I talked to him the other day, had a great visit with him,” Kubiak said.  “I think it’s just a matter of what does Aaron want to do, where does he want to it.”

We suspect Aaron wants to skip two-a-days, then show up to work closer to the season, probably with the Texans.

The Texans gained some leverage over the last few days in possible contract talks.  Mario Williams quickly returned to the field from a hip injury, and the Texans met with former Colts defensive end Raheem Brock.

UPDATE: When Kubiak said he had a “great visit” with Schobel, he meant on the phone. They didn’t meet in person.

5 responses to “Gary Kubiak met with Aaron Schobel

  1. Schobel would actually be a really good fit in Houston opposite Mario. But so would Brock. I can’t see them signing both.

  2. We suspect Aaron wants to skip two-a-days, then show up to work closer to the season, probably with the Texans.
    Ah, more bold wisdom from Rosenthal, who just happens to know for a fact that Favre texted his teammates that he would retired. How does he know? He just does, OK. Just like he knows Schobel wants to skip two a days.
    Is there anything you don’t know Gregg? For instance, I’d really like to know who killed Kennedy. I can only imagine how that PFT post would read.
    “Sources close to Kennedy’s great aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s nephew say there was indeed a second shooter on the grassy knoll. Jay Glazer has confirmed this report with several unnamed San Diego Chargers.”

  3. He may come to Houston – unless Dallas wants him. He may have been born in Houston but he played at TCU which is closer to Dallas. And he may want to play for a team whose Vegas odds are one of the best to make the SB. Or he still could sign for a team that everyone is overrating and could very well finish at 7-9. The Texans still have a coach with very poor clock management, they have no RB who can run out the clock, a suspect OL and DL, a QB who still has proven nothing, one good WR and a bunch of scrubs, a weak secondary who talk radio still speaks about Dallas castoff Jacques Reaves being their best CB, their best defensive player missing 25% of the season, and they’ll still be looking up at the Colts so they had better be hoping that one of Pats, Colts, Ravens, Dolphins, Bengals, Jags, Titans, Broncos, or Chargers don’t win more games.
    That’s a tall order and some pretty good teams that won’t win their divisions to get past. I have predicted for a while that they’ll be 7-9 or 8-8. I don’t think 10-6 will get ’em in the playoffs so they had better play up to that big talk and all those teams that just may be better than you.

  4. Wow u know nothing about the texans… Qb that threw for the most yards in the league last year proved nothing!!! Lol! And i guess it takes scrubs around him to do that also?? Ur a jackass..

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