JaMarcus Russell appears in court, friend tries to take the fall

Former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell appeared in court today in Mobile, Alabama, where a friend attempted to accept the blame for Russell’s July arrest.

The friend, Marcus Stevenson, claimed the illegal codeine syrup found in Russell’s home belonged to him, WKRG in Mobile reports. After making that claim in open court, Stevenson was arrested on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

But Stevenson taking responsibility didn’t absolve Russell of responsibility. District Judge Charles McKnight said a grand jury will review the case against Russell. Russell has pleaded not guilty to the felony drug possession charge.

Although the testimony of Stevenson seems intended to absolve Russell, the testimony of Mobile County Sheriff’s Corporal Johnny Thornton told a different story.

“There was nine individuals inside the residence. I actually came into contact with Mr. Russell, who was inside the master bedroom in bed,” Thornton testified, per Fox 10 in Mobile. “When I asked him to show me his hands, he complied and I noticed a Styrofoam cup with an orange liquid in it and it looked freshly poured. The cup was on a night stand; still had ice floating in the top.”

Thornton went on to testify that the orange liquid was tested at a lab and shown to include codeine.

49 responses to “JaMarcus Russell appears in court, friend tries to take the fall

  1. Jesus. Someone needs to have an intervention. 9 people in a house and people doing drugs? I’ve seen that before, its called a crack house. I’m beginning to think that this is the real/main reason he was such a failure in the NFL. If the guy is a drug addict then someone should try to get him into rehab and see if they can make a QB out of him yet.

  2. Gotta love that cop dialog, pure Barney Fife.
    Jamarcus shoulda told him what I thought reading it …. ‘That ain’t NO Purple Drank, its orange!!’
    Who knew there was a new Purple Drank recipe … what are they serving now?? … Fruit Drank?!? Do you learn this in bartender school, or where??

  3. Well I guess Al’s money is being put to good use.. I mean at least Russell is smart enough to pay someone off to keep him out of trouble.. Big Ben must of had something to do with it..

  4. As a DieHard Raiders Fan.. I went and saw this guy play, and when this shit hit the news about the codein…
    I was like no wonder this guy was a mess in Oakland, that stuff can kill you.. Literally.. 3 known Rap Artist died of the combination just the past year or so..

  5. So that is how the kids are doing their drugs these days. I guess I am just old fashion with my pot and drink.

  6. JaMarcus: Okay, when we get to court, you tell the judge the stuff was yours.
    Dumbass friend: Okay, uh, how much you payin me again to do this?

  7. Just in case this “My buddy says it was HIS stuff” defense doesn’t fly, word is they are also working on a “My dog ate my prescription” defense as a backup.
    Dude is even dumber than we thought.
    Stupendously stupid.

  8. Ah. I long for the good old days when I was a kid and could by cough syrup with codeine over the counter.

  9. WarrenMoonGOAT – Guessing the “floating ice” had something to do with the ‘freshness’

  10. # WarrenMoonGOAT says: August 11, 2010 6:28 PM
    how does a drink look freshly poured? seriously, i would really like to know
    The cup is full, and not half empty? The ice wasn’t melted?

  11. The cup was next to the bed where Russell was sleeping. His “male” friend says it was his. At the very least blame it on the girl Russell was allegedly with. Russell as idiot and so is his buddy as well as his lawyer!

  12. So, “purple drank” is actually orange?
    Must be great stuff, if it makes orange look like purple.

  13. I can’t put into word how happy I’ll be when this fat, POS heads to Alabama pound-him-in-the-ass prison.
    “Yeah, Jamarcus. Just like when you were behind center, but just a little more bent over.”

  14. Love this stuff, such a turd this guy is. I usually don’t hope to see athletes go broke but I will be happy to read the stories about this loser in the next couple years……
    @MoonGOAT, did you read the post? It says the drink “still had ice floating in the top”, which would give one the impression that it did not sit around for a very long time.

  15. @jerryd……very funny, what a yokel cop that dude must have been. only the finest down bama way!

  16. Hey I don’t care for Russel but cops lie in court more than anyone else, including laywers. Shitty system in this country( lock up more and receive more federal money wtf).

  17. great grape – no.
    orange orange!
    cause nuthin rhymes with orange.
    jail them both. it’s the only way to make sure.

  18. Nine people in the house and He was laying in bed? A codine drink beside him?
    Mother Mary of Jesus…. He is even too lazy to party.

  19. “# WarrenMoonGOAT says: August 11, 2010 6:28 PM
    how does a drink look freshly poured? seriously, i would really like to know”
    Uh, the floating ice may have been a clue.
    That is unless the Fat One was living in an igloo.

  20. codiene? thats weak how can such a little drug effect that big dude. Hes gota be doing atleast 4 or 5 30s(blues)

  21. WarrenMoonGOAT says:
    August 11, 2010 6:28 PM
    how does a drink look freshly poured? seriously, i would really like to know
    Seriously. goatboy? It explains in the post….
    The cup was on a night stand; still had ice floating in the top.”
    See the “still had ice floating in the top.”?
    seriously, how’s your reading comprehension?

  22. Jesus, sounds like the cops out there have just about as much as they have to do where I live because this is retarded. It’s freaking codeine, there are murders and real threats to society in the world and this is their priority? I Mean seriously, are all cops that jealous of anyone the got laid in high school? We all no none of them did. So much for protect and serve, ask a cop for directions and see what happens, Im Disgusted.

  23. “There was nine individuals…”
    It’s hard to tell whether Johnny Thorton’s bad grammar is his original quote or just another slip by Florio…

  24. In sweltering Alahbamer, any drink with ice still showin’ must have been poured in the last 3 minutes…

  25. Take the wrap? You have to be kidding me. My God, people, the words you speak and the words you write are NOT the same. Sounding alike is not correct! Idiots. Reading this kind of blather and stupidity is constantly degrading our entire society. Jason W, go back to English class. PFT posters, go along. I cannot take this any more. I’m gone.

  26. I agree w/Twan7272. & why did they go in there w/a warrant anyway? Was he supposedly dealing? How much of the stuff was found in the house?…..one 12 oz bottle? one hundred bottles? If there was only a small quantity, it’s quite plausible it was someone else’s. I have really never heard of an arrest like this before…where they come in to someone’s home with the intent to arrest them for doing drugs.

  27. Know your rights. Don’t talk to the police. You don’t have to let them in your residence without a warrant.
    You would think that the police department would have better things to do than arresting people inside of their house for getting high.

  28. “Raider Pride says:
    August 11, 2010 8:04 PM
    Nine people in the house and He was laying in bed? A codine drink beside him?
    Mother Mary of Jesus…. He is even too lazy to party.”
    Raider Pride, I almost peed. Even as I am typing this right now, I am still chortling to myself. 🙂
    Every now & then, someone will post something which will cause snot to fly out of my nose. I remember a few months back, when Ron Dayne had $100,000 worth of jewelry missing from his house. One guy posts “Elementary, my dear Watson. Dayne put the bling on, went 3.2 yards, fell over, & fumbled. Check under the couch & you will find the jewelry”.
    I love this site. The reader responses usually trump the original article for entertainment value.

  29. $39 Million will buy you a lot of alibis…thanks Al Davis…
    Too bad he couldn’t find anyone to put on his uniform and take his place on the field…
    …oh wait, the Raiders did. Hello Mr Campbell!

  30. Sad. Very Sad. If the cops show up…your friend lets them in…..your still in bed doing whatever…….it sounds like a KC biltz, and you couldnt see it coming and react?

  31. HAHAHA, I wonder how much of his stolen raider money he gave to this knucklehead to say he did it. And I LOVE that the state may still charge Jamarcuz AKA Capt. Skitlles, AKA Da Junkyard Dog AKA WHO GOT DAT PURPLE DRANK YO!!~!!

  32. rraider, they had a search warrant so his friend did not have to let them in they coulda kicked it in Legally. When undercover cops asked people around town Who got dat purple drank they all said go see Jamarcuz

  33. what kind of multi-millionaire has a mixed drink in a styrofoam cup? Can’t afford a glass? And if it had ice, it’s not like he just poured it in the bathroom.

  34. Aldavisisanidiot, thinks it is all a conspiracy against dead al and his wondeful and well thought out pick of Ja Junk ! See you in the black hole enjoying a decent team with very few dead al picks !

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