Jimmy Johnson says Survivor was tougher than three-a-days

Jimmy Johnson, the coach who became an analyst, the analyst who became a male-enhancement pitchman, the male-enhancement pitchman who became a contestant on Survivor, has completed his realty-show run and is talking about it.

Well, he’s talking about it as much as he can, given that he can’t talk about how long he lasted on whatever remote location they abandoned these folks with no food, but for the cameramen eating beef jerky and peanut butter sandwiches.

Johnson told the Associated Press that the experience was more difficult than three-a-day training-camp practices.  He calls it “a great adventure, but it was at times miserable.”

The former Cowboys and Dolphins coach explained to Michael Hiestand of USA Today that he tried to get on the show six years ago, but after being tentatively accepted he learned via the pre-abandonment physical that he had full blockage in one of his coronary arteries, and 70 percent blockage in another.

Survivor may have saved my life,” Johnson said.

We’ve got a feeling that, once Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, and Howie Long get a crack at cracking on Johnson for his male-enhancement habit and his Survivor stint and the potentially hilarious overlap between the two, he’ll wish he’d died.

7 responses to “Jimmy Johnson says Survivor was tougher than three-a-days

  1. I’ll have to watch survivor just for the possibility that Johnson’s hair might move at some point.
    I think he will win – he has had so much experience controlling drug-addled young adults going back to his Dallas days.
    I hear he got down to the final 5 and then got replaced by some dumb hick from Oklahoma who just slept all day and did no work around camp.

  2. My guess is if Jimmy’s talking about his experience, Bob Crowley’s reign as the oldest Survivor winner ever will remain intact.

  3. like the third one a lot @zilla. the second one is ok as well. the first is too easy.
    jimmy doesn’t care what terry and the boys say to him as long as he works a one day week and get paid like he does.
    now for me, if i had his place on the beach and his bankroll, i would hardly ever leave islamorada (just june july and august). but i’m guessing jimmy’s wife must be a spender, thus he does the viagra and promotional stuff to keep her platinum card going.
    i only saw jj in person once; he was at the bar in the middle of the casino floor at caesars atlantic city on a slow sunday morning. he was wearing a hawaiian shirt and drinking heineken on the rocks. he was the only guy at the bar at the time. one of my coworkers was a big cowboy fan, and got to go say hello. no one else seemed to notice.

  4. Don’t tarnish Viagra like that! JJ is a spokesman for MAIL ORDER Enzyte. A complete SCAM for your money if you are too embarrassed to tell your doctor that you have erection problems!

  5. Did it go like this..
    1. Contestant is a 21 year old girl from the south. “Are you the NASCAR driver or his dad?”
    2. 24 year old geek, “Jimmy I took Enzyte and now I am hung like a horse!”
    3. A Redskin, Bills, Eagles and Giants fan act like they love the Cowboys and Dolphins, let him be the leader, lose a challenge and then kick his ass off! When he is leaving they all scream, HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!

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