Kraft on Brady negotiations: "We're cooking"

Maybe Troy Brown really knew something no one else did.

The prototypical Patriot said last week he thought Tom Brady would be signed before the quarterback stepped on the field for the Patriots’ preseason opener this Thursday.  Since Brown said that, Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft went golfing together.

Kraft publicly updated negotiations Wednesday: “We’re cooking,” Kraft said.

Two words say a lot.  Kraft sounds like a giddy kid who wants to tell his parents what he got them for Christmas.  The tenor surrounding the Brady talks has improved to the point that we’d almost be surprised now if a deal isn’t worked out before the season.

Heck, maybe Brown will be right and there will be an agreement in the next 36 hours.

UPDATE: Here’s a follow up, with a quote from a source close to Brady.

39 responses to “Kraft on Brady negotiations: "We're cooking"

  1. Was there ever really any doubt?
    Oh – almost forgot…..
    Patriots haters to respond with tripe in 3…2….1…..

  2. I’m not sure why the Brady negotiations are even news. There is such a small chance he isn’t playing for the patritos next year.
    for those hoping he leaves, it aint happenen so forget it.

  3. HAHA haters.
    Kraft and Brady have been saying the same message since day 1. Since then all you haters could HOPE for is the hack job reporting on this and many other sites saying Brady was pissed and going elsewhere.
    Foot meet mouth and insert deeply. How’s that hope working out for ya now?

  4. “The tenor surrounding the Brady talks has improved….”
    Improved from what, know-nothing reporters making negative assumptions to know-nothing reporters making positive assumptions?
    The tenor has been unchanged among the principles.

  5. The “tenor” of negotiations has been fine all along. There’s never been one iota of actual proof that the two sides were having any problems with each other. Negative reports concerning the tenor of negotiations have been completely fabricated.

  6. Clearly Brady has more to lose by taking the field without a new deal, as his cap hit is low. This would be good news and may also open things up on the Mankins front.

  7. So the idea that Brady “might not get a contract any time soon, if ever from the Pats” was kind of like the idea that “After surgery, Brady’s knee was infected, so badly, that he may need another surgery, and may never play again”?

  8. Kraft: “Tom, Bill, has told me he and Ernie Adams have come up with a few new ways to cheat”
    Tom: “Whew, I was starting to look like Matt Cassel there for a while”
    Kraft: “Take a lesser contract and we’ll make sure you keep fooling the entire league”
    Tom: “You got it Mr. Kraft”
    Kraft; “Someone pass me another bottle of scotch, one wasn’t enough this morning”.

  9. why is there no talk about peyton’s contract dispute? the one time id like him to get publicity, the media ignores it.

  10. The needle is pointing up. What will all of the Patriot fans who labeled Kraft as “cheap” say now?
    Having lived through all of Kraft’s predecessors (Sullivan, Kiam, Orthwein) Robert Kraft has been a blessing.
    Nothing better than having a former season ticket holder, who made himself into a billionaire own your team. I’m just saying…..

  11. # BleedingSilverAndBlack says: August 11, 2010 11:46 AM
    “We’re spying”
    I have a better quote for you:
    “After reviewing the play, the quarterbacks arm was moving forward. Therefore it is an incomplete pass, 4th down.”
    Never gets old.

  12. Are you guys serious? You patriot fans are hilarious. Your commenting on the so called “haters” out there, but I doubt anyone with a brain actually thought Brady wouldn’t get his deal eventually.

  13. I don’t think many opponents of the Pats hope Brady leaves. He is so on the downside of his career. It’s always fun to play against a QB whose aging body just isn’t what it used to be. After a couple of games, the aches and pains start to accumulate. It causes a lot of scatter-arm throws without the mustard.

  14. Brady should be more like Darrell Revis. Be good for just a couple years and demand insane money. THATS a team player…
    HAHAHAHA…Pats AFC East champs…again. Its ALMOST getting boring. But not quiet. the Jets debacle is somewhat ammusing though.

  15. I think you are the giddy one, Rosenthal, since you got another chance to write about your man-crush.

  16. If brady signs for say 15 million a season, there is no way Revis can ask for more. I think the Brady signing might help the Jets.

  17. With how Tom Brady played last year, If I were Kraft I’d be a litle worried about signing him to anything long term. Brady has climbed the mountain of the NFL, has reached the peak, and is now decending… for good. Expect the patriots to be moving on next season. Weather it be from the draft or a younger established QB that is seeking new diggs. You can count on NE moving on. Hell, maybe they will realize that their head coaching position is in need of some change. Without his spying, coach Belicheat is just another coach.

  18. Lol sorry pat fans no one is threatend by you guys anymore after your beating from the ravens all the haters have shifted to the jets cuz there the up and coming team, and no one cares about brady anymore he’s not the same quarterback he’s nothing without welker now.
    Nobody thought he would leave just get all pissed off and maybe not show up for camp and ruin your offenses timing even more for a few games. But no body cares that it won’t happen hence why there’s almost all pat fans commenting lol. I would love to know where all you pats fans go back to after they fall maybe the same place they magically appeared from before 2001 haha

  19. Thanks Real Shuxion and you’re right – it never gets old.
    I’ll go out on a limb and predict Kraft will never get as out of touch as Grandpa Al. But if he does Jonathan will be making the decisions anyway.

  20. Pats are in decline as is Brady. Homers better have as good memory as the best days are behind, not ahead.
    Patzies are a soft team… poser fan base

  21. This will somehow be spun by the mediots as “Kraft is steaming mad”. Or “negotiations between the Patriots and Brady have reached a boiling point”.
    Freaking morons.

  22. look at insecure pat fan go.
    I don’t think anyone hates the pats…i think it’s their insecure, know it all, look at me, my team is better than yours therefore i’m better than you, douchebag, fans.

  23. Yup..Pats are soft. Bradys no good. Blah blah…keep going. You sound Brilliant. Alot of teams win 3 of 4 superbowls. and when they dont..they go 16-0. Yup..I think SOFT is the perfect word. They lose to a better Baltimore team…OOPS!!..ALL DONE. Jets fans…GREAT JOB fighting for that last playoff spot last year. What a way to fight..and really grind out that spot. You really earned it. What do you think Patriot haters would say if the Pats needed 2 wins to make it in..and the teams they played, played their 2nd stringers? Anything? I think so. Players get old. Brady probably isnt at his peak..but you know what?..he is a top 3 QB in the NFL. Suck it Jets fans…stop being so miserable. Your team sucks. It always sucks…get used to it. They will suck this year too. Good defense..HAD a great run game..but they shattered that now. Greene is good..but we’ll see how good without Jones. LT…right..think Bradys washed up?..HAH!

  24. @Patsfansince73 says:
    August 11, 2010 11:30 AM
    Was there ever really any doubt?
    Oh – almost forgot…..
    Patriots haters to respond with tripe in 3…2….1…..
    @I didn’t hear no bell. says:
    August 11, 2010 11:39 AM
    You know when you guys make statements like that you sound like a f#*king Steelers fan so STFU idiots.
    Average team this year. Deal with it!!!

  25. SomeFans says:
    August 11, 2010 12:37 PM
    Pats are in decline as is Brady. Homers better have as good memory as the best days are behind, not ahead.
    Patzies are a soft team… poser fan base
    LOL “poser”? What are you, an 11 year old girl?
    Also, soft team? The Pats will walk away with the division this year, as the Jets are all hype and no substance and the Dolphins have the same problems the Pats have, only twice as severe.

  26. In answer to stupid is ( jetman) as stupid does (some fans), lets look at the 2009 stats
    Brady 4398 yds pass, 28 TDs, 13 ints, 96.3% rating
    Sanchez 2444 yds pass, 13 tds, 20 INT 63.% rating
    Henne 2878 yds pass, 12 tds, 14 INT 75.2% rating
    Any more intelligent comments?
    Jetman , your team is imploding and everyone who is not a Jets fan is laughing at the mismanagement and mistakes your front office is making. 41 years and counting
    Somefans, 37 years of mediocrity is not much to brag about.

  27. I was actually pretty surprised when Troy said that as I felt all along that the Pats would likely franchise Brady (The tag,while it may be modified, is not going away in the new CBA. I would bet on that.) Then when the new CBA’s parameters were known his new deal would get done. It would be cool to have that off the list when the season starts. I think the media etc. overestimated the Pats going into 09 and are underestimating them this year. We shall see.

  28. The Pats succeess from 2001 – 2008 will always have the asterisk called cheating. Until recently, they padded their wins with a weak AFC East for most of the past decade. Now the Phins and the Jets are strong contenders. The 2010 season will be interesting. May the better team win, and the fans stop whining.

  29. @jetman (jetchild)
    First, how the hell can you call yourself a man with spelling and grammar like that. Clearly you are under the age if 10. I could barely even read that train wreck.
    Second, your Jesters are a disaster waiting to happen. I see how well the Revis negotiations are going. Without Leon Washington and Thomas Jones the offense is going to have to rely on Sanchez a lot more, which won’t turn out well. LT and Greene will not be nearly as productive, especially after losing Faneca. Plus, LT sucks now. The implosion of the Jets will be fun to watch.

  30. SeriousRadio, You have the brains of an oyster. The term(s) “cheating or cheaters” never has diminished what they’ve accomplished, except in the minds of the ignorant.
    The Patriots were voted “NFL Team of the Decade” by Sportswriters. There is no asterisk.
    The SB trophies are on display for all to see at Patriot Place. When I take my sons to games we see the championship memorabilia all over the facility. I see no asterisks. I only see reminders a proud and successful franchise that is owned by a brilliant businessman and run by a man who is recognized as the best coach in the business.

  31. In my lifetime I have worked with people who were Cowboys fans, Niner’s fans, Rams fans and the like. I had no problem with letting them know about my distain for those teams. They would always just smile at me and say something like “If your team ever gets to be as good you will understand why I don’t care about your silly ass opinon”.
    To all you haters, the ones with the asterisks comments, the cheaters comments, read that last quote – it is SO TRUE…..

  32. To the Haters,
    Tom Brady just had the 2nd best year of his career (statistically speaking), and he played 2009 coming off major knee surgery. He is now TWO years removed from said surgery. Most say that you’re not 100% until the 2nd year. For those who think he is done, I pity you. He is fully healthy now unlike 2009. Watch out.

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