Matt Hasselbeck lands in the middle of a practice fight

nfl_hasselbeck2-1.jpgSome coaches despise fights among their players in practice.  Others welcome it.  Others pretend to disapprove while smiling softly to themselves about it.

But none of them want the guys in the red jersey to end up in the middle of the action.  And that’s precisely what happened on Tuesday in Seattle.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck tried to intervene before a fight broke out between guard Mike Gibson and defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson.  Hasselbeck tried, and he failed.

“All the sudden there’s a red jersey in the pile and he said he thought
there was no way there was going to be a fight and that’s why he jumped
,” coach Pete Carrol said, per

Hasselbeck maintained his innocence.  “I really had nothing to do with that,” Hasselbeck said.  “I was pulling
my guy back and a fight broke out. . . .  Bad place to be.  Wrong place,
wrong time.”

It was the first of several skirmishes on the day, which ultimately involved players like receiver Deion Branch, fullback Owen Schmitt, safety Lawyer Milloy, and tackle Russell Okung.

“These guys have been banging on each other for a couple weeks,” Carroll
said.  “They’re ready to play another team and just turn the focus like
this game calls for.  It’s not OK, but it’s understood that it’s going to
happen sometimes.  We just have to learn to manage it.”

And that really is the challenge — teaching players when to flip the switch on, and then when to flip it off.  For some, flipping it off while between the lines makes it a lot harder to move the switch back to the “on” position.  That’s why plenty of coaches don’t try to stop their guys from mixing it up from time to time, even if it means that players will be at risk of injuring themselves and their teammates while swinging fists against hard pads and helmets.

11 responses to “Matt Hasselbeck lands in the middle of a practice fight

  1. Say what you want, but its nice to hear this time finally has some fight in them…actin like football players. maybe there is a little hope after all.

  2. “These guys have been banging on each other for a couple weeks,”…
    Is this some of that Southern Cal lifestyle people were talking about? Seriously, get a room guys.
    Oh, banging “on” each other…

  3. Deion Branch was FIGHTING? Excuse me. It must be a case of mistaken identity. After all, the guy gets a hangnail running out of the tunnel at Qwest, and he’s out for six weeks. What a HUGE waste of money and time, IMHO.
    Then again, if the big mean mans hurts his widdle finger, it’ll give some of the other guys a chance. You know, the guys that can actually catch something thrown at them, like Mike Williams and Deon Butler.

  4. Deion Branch FIGHTING? Get the hell outta’ here!
    That dude needs to fight just to separate from defenders.
    GO HAWKS!!

  5. Matt needs to learn to stay out of the middle of it when the big boys go at it . A busted finger on the throwing hand that gets caught between a pad and a helmet isn’t going to do the team any good …
    I have to say I’ve heard nothing but good things about Vickerson so far this camp . I initially saw him as a ‘throw-in’ during the draft , but he’s gotten into the backfield – and obviously into some of the O-lineman’s heads – a couple of times now . I like the fact that he has a little ‘tude about him . Now lets see it out on the field during a game .

  6. Howaboutdemcowgirls says:
    August 11, 2010 9:48 AM
    The Seahawks still have a team?
    You must be trying to block-out that playoff loss. Tony Homo is so bad with a football in his hands, that he couldn’t even hold it for a kick. Hahaha!

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