More cooking with Robert Kraft and Tom Brady

So Patriots owner Robert Kraft said “we’re cooking” when asked about the Tom Brady contract negotiations earlier Wednesday.

It’s another positive sign that a deal is coming, but Tom Curran of Comcast Sports New England writes that Kraft tried to exit the kitchen when asked about the quote again by Albert Breer of the Boston Globe.  Kraft acted like he didn’t say anything.

From my vantage point in the cheap seats (my parent’s basement), Kraft probably was trying to do his best not to say anything during a sensitive time in contract talks. 

Curran is closer to the action, and talked to a source close to Brady.  The source said nothing was imminent but that “things change pretty fast.”

Translation: “We’re cooking.”

36 responses to “More cooking with Robert Kraft and Tom Brady

  1. Ehh, Gregg, I know you’re being funny with the parent’s basement thing, but I hope you realize that 100% of the monkeys who use that line on you are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY jealous of you, right?
    Good to hear on the Brady front. As expected (unless you’re a blubbering vagine who is, besides Rosenthal, also jealous of the Pats).

  2. Kraft is by far the cheapest owner in the league, and w/o Brady would have nothing. Brady should be the highest paid player in the NFL.

  3. That’d be pretty funny if he first said the quote in the kitchen while cooking, and his quote was taken out of context.

  4. If the number isn’t like 18 mil a year, its not enough. If Revis is looking for 15.1 and people are speculating Peyton could land 20 per year, this deal needs to be 18+. I still really wanna see Tom Brady end up in San Francisco, I don’t even know why. I just have a strong feeling that’s ultimately where he’s headed within a couple years if New England doesn’t throw enough money at him this time around.

  5. “From my vantage point in the cheap seats (my parent’s basement)”
    BEST LINE ALL DAY! (and most truthful)

  6. 1nationraidernation says:
    August 11, 2010 1:56 PM
    Kraft is by far the cheapest owner in the league, and w/o Brady would have nothing. Brady should be the highest paid player in the NFL.
    Really? Did we forget Bledsoe and the 100 million dollar contract he received before any other QB did?

  7. Translation: Things have been moving all along and all the reporting over Brady’s falling out with Kraft was based on nothing but speculation.

  8. How many articles do you need that all say the same exact thing?
    Brady and Pats in contract talks…
    Brady and Pats in contract talks…still…
    Brady and Pats in more contract talks…
    Favre might come back…or not…
    Favre still might or might not come back…
    Favre still undecided about whether or not to come back…

  9. Brady at the most should get 15 million per. If he declines that very fair offer, he’ll be shipped to Oakland like lazy Richard Seymour, and Brian Hoyer will lead the Greatriots from this point forward.

  10. I hope the Patsies make an offer that pisses Mr. Bunchen off and he walks after laying an egg this year.

  11. 1nationraidernation, please site your facts for Kraft being the cheapest owner in the league.
    That’s right, you can’t because our payroll is actually one of the highest in the league. Unlike the Raiders, we don’t pay players like JaMarcus Russell, Heyward-Bey and Darren McFadden outrageous contracts for proving absolutely nothing. In the business world, we call this “financially prudent.”
    By the way, thanks for Moss and your 1st rounder next year. Enjoy Seymour, he did *wonders* for your D-line last year… LMAO!

  12. “To help us get the broth just right, we have lawyers and agents on both sides helping out, along with members of the Brady family and close friends. Of course the NFL will be adding it’s contribution, along with league coaches, other players, the media, and fans on the street.”.

  13. # 1nationraidernation says: August 11, 2010 1:56 PM
    Kraft is by far the cheapest owner in the league, and w/o Brady would have nothing. Brady should be the highest paid player in the NFL.
    I really dont understand how people can justify calling Kraft cheap, saying he doesnt spend money, etc, when the Pats generally spend about 98% of their salary cap allotment. He spends as much money as he can.
    The difference is, he spends a smaller percentage of the cap, on each player. I will break that down further. To make things simple for everyone, we will say that the salary cap is $100 million.
    If Kraft spends $8 mil on Brady, that means he has $92 million to spend on the rest of the roster. If he spends $18 million Brady, that means he only has $82 million for the rest of the roster.
    With that being said, lets look at one more aspect. Lets take everyday people, like you and me. If you were buying a new car, and you had figured out you could spend $40K on your car, would you spend all $40K on the car, when you can buy a better one down the street for $30K? That is what Kraft is doing, Kraft is shopping smartly. If Tom Brady says, I want $18 million, Kraft can decide if it is worth it. If Brady decides, I want $12 million, why is that a knock on Kraft. Kraft isnt being cheap, Brady is just allowing himself to be more affordable.
    Successful business men dont over spend if they dont have to. Just because Manning asks for $15 million, and Brady asks for $8 million, doesnt mean Kraft is cheap… If the Patriots payroll was just barely above the cap minimum, then you can say Kraft is cheap

  14. Honestly why does anyone care about athletes contracts. Every year some player feels disrespected about his contract and come opening day we all forget about contract drama and enjoy football. I choose to start enjoying football now. Brady will sign. Manning will sign. All these stories are just lazy journalism. How about working on some real stories.

  15. Brady should give a home town discount.
    Its not like he has to pay child support or anything, he abandons his kids.

  16. “Kraft is by far the cheapest owner in the league”
    How can you be so stupid and still function on a day to day basis ? Do you always go around spitting out statements that have bearing on reality ?
    The Pats spend to the cap limit every single year. Just because the don’t pay out insanely large and stupid contracts to every last player and FA doesn’t mean they are cheap. Its called effective management unlike what the senile shell of a human being that runs the team you’re a fan of manages.
    Furthermore, the Krafts are virtually the only owners in the league to build their own stadium. While every other team like the Vikes are trying to extort public money to pay for their stadiums, or like the Irsays who got such a sweet deal for the Colts that the facility can’t pay its own basic operating expenses, the Krafts paid for their stadium themselves.
    They are in fact some of the most generous owners in the league and are as far from cheap as could be imagined.
    It’s called a clue. You need to get one, or at least check into the actual facts before you make statements like that.

  17. WAIT!! Whats all the fuss about?? I thought Brady was happy as all the post last week stated from the very loyal PAT fans!
    He still hasn’t signed yet?? Must have been more amiss than originally known.
    He’s a stand up guy remember? He just needs a few mil more so Gisele is not the over achiever within their union. Gotta be tough on the guy to make less than her!

  18. Cooking up a contract for a complete 6th round phony who benefited from cameras for a decade.
    Pay up dopes.

  19. The patriots are still trying to get Matt Walsh under contract, which is way more important than some QB.

  20. I don’t know why the deal “needs” to be anything besides a deal good enough for Brady to sign. If it ends up being less than people expect, more power to the Krafts for being savy business people.

  21. Brady would never intentionally lay an egg – who would want him on their team if he did? the Pats will bend their internal rules to get a deal done for him. Bob Kraft is keenly aware that all of Patriot Place was built because of what Tom did on the field.

  22. Love the Matt Walsh comments and Brady succeeding because of that whole situation.
    Idiots. Didn’t Brady set a record for TD passes in a single season after the whole spygate thing? Didn’t he put up his best year statistically that year also?
    6th round phony???? I’m sure that will be on his plaque in Canton. You freaking moron.

  23. Matt Walsh. Your right on buddy. A CAMERA made Brady as succesful as he is today. You dumb idiots seriously wanna make me throw up reading this. Bob Kraft is cheap. Brady is a phony. Oh God..I cant believe you honestly believe this. You MUST be just trying to get a rise out of Patriot fans. are most certainly partially retarded.
    Brady for example…when he marches them downfield with mere minutes left…You know what?..forget in your dreamworls you dopes. I guess thats what you must do if your a fan of the Jets..or some other bumbeling franchise. Oakland..HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
    You must criticize to makes sense of it all huh? So be it I guess. Good luck. I hope you reserve this idiotic behavior to sports talk..and dont bring it into the real world. Because if you are screwed my friend.

  24. @ Matt Walsh
    @ 1nationraidernation
    Kraft has consistently “paid” players. Since he has owned the team, he has made Law, Milloy, McGinest, Seymour, and Wilfork one of the if not the highest paid at their positions. He paid Moss 9 million per year as a 30+ year old WR. He overpaid Banta-Cain this year. He will pay Brady too. He also has to pay all the 1st rounders we keep getting from your team while Insane Grandpa Al pays for 3rd and 5th rounders.
    In trying to sell something, people usually ask what that something is worth. I say whatever someone is willing to pay for it. The same thing with Brady. What should Brady make or what should Kraft pay him? Whatever Brady signs for.
    If Manning signs for 18 milion with 50 million guaranteed and Brady signs for 12-14 million with 35-40 million guaranteed, you haters will still say that Kraft is cheap. I’ll say that Irsay overpaid for a QB who is older than Brady and has 2 less rings.
    And the Raiders will still suck!

  25. # Doctor Connors says: August 11, 2010 2:38 PM
    Brady at the most should get 15 million per. If he declines that very fair offer, he’ll be shipped to Oakland like lazy Richard Seymour, and Brian Hoyer will lead the Greatriots from this point forward.
    Come on Leon… I still think Zac the Knife is better than Brina the Lion. 😀

  26. @Donna
    Go make your man some dinner and leave the football talk to people with a clue. Brady is under contract.

  27. Why hasn’t a deal been done? Without Brady, Belicheck, Kraft, the Patriots, would be nothing. He, at the very least, has earned a big contract to pay for what he has given his team.
    Just get the deal done so I don’t have to hear about it.

  28. @ august
    august + 1 = 1
    august – 1 = -1
    august x 1,000,000,000 = 0
    On a scale of 0-10 showing how much a person’s opinion matters about taping signals having affected the results of games.
    Goodell = 10
    august = 0
    No competitive advantage was gained.
    Brady is one of the all-time greats of the NFL. To think otherwise makes one an idiot.

  29. benefited from cameras for a decade
    There’s been a lot to photograph.
    3 rings
    16-0 regular season
    Team of the Decade 00’s
    11-5 season with 2nd string quarterback
    Grand opening of Patriot Place
    The Doug Flutie drop kick was one of my personal favorites.

  30. BP…read my post again. slowly this time. and try to keep your mouth closed, while still remembering to breathe.
    P.S. youre an idiot

  31. My apologies august. I noticed that as soon as I saw it posted. I should have posted a correction before but I doubted anybody was even looking at the thread at that point. My copy and paste was f’d up. Obviously it was meant for that loser and degenerate Matt Walsh.
    And to show my true contrition I will not retaliate for your calling me a naughty word ;P

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