Report: Urban Meyer blocks NFL scouts, too

Well, this is getting interesting.

A day after word emerged from a marginally-reliable Internet site that Alabama coach Nick Saban has advised NFL scouts that they’re not welcome in Tuscaloosa, due apparently to the ongoing agents-paying-players controversy, another SEC school apparently has joined the parade.

Chase Goodbread of the Tuscaloosa News reports that the University of Florida coach Urban Meyer has closed the doors as well, at least temporarily.

“Alabama is keeping guys out for the time being,” an unnamed NFL scout told Goodbread, “but, as I understand it,
that will be lifted at a certain point.  It also looks like Florida is doing the same

On the surface, the NFL has no power over agents.  Only the NFL Players Association regulates and/or investigates their behavior.  Even then, the NFLPA’s jurisdiction is limited to contract agents and financial advisors; marketing agents — like the ones involved in the Reggie Bush mess — operate outside the NFLPA tent.

Even though the NFL technically has no blame in this situation, Saban realizes that the league will tiptoe on eggshells when it comes to college coaches, given that college football provides a free farm system for the pro game.  Thus, by holding the NFL responsible for something it really didn’t do, Saban ultimately could force the NFL to clean up someone else’s mess.

Whether the solution comes from persuading the union to adequately beef up enforcement actions or imposing potential penalties on NFL players who have been paid at the college level or adopting rules compelling NFL players to cooperate with NCAA investigations or some combination of those and other ideas, slamming the door on the scouts gives the NFL a strong incentive to roll up its sleeves and work on fixing the situation.

15 responses to “Report: Urban Meyer blocks NFL scouts, too

  1. I think you are on the right track with this line of thinking but it seems to be incomplete. Keep thinking.

  2. Ahhh…you coined another moniker for this site: a marginally-reliable Internet site. Coming to PFT for information can be called Getting a MRI.

  3. I think this will hurt Alabama and Florida more than force the NFL to investigate agents-paying-players. I could see players saying “Seriously? NFL scouts aren’t going to see me play at Alabama or Florida? If i play somewhere else, I can get noticed…”

  4. Who cares? In his mind he probably lost the only one he ever loved. I’m suprised Urban hasn’t offed himself since the departure of the great Tebowski

  5. Let’s see… Saban is tight with Belicheck, and Urban Meyer is tight with Belicheck… Hmmm, smells fishy. I think the cheater is at it again!

  6. Does anyone think the BB and NE Patriots scouts will not be allowed at Florida or Alabama ?

  7. This is what you call a “shot across the bow” to get the attention of the NFL. There was a stink in the air a couple of weeks ago and now it is NFL business as usual but college coaches want a serious response and this keeps public attention on the problem a little longer.
    As for this hurting Alabama or Florida…no way. They would lift this ban in a heart beat when it gets to the point where it matters to their players.

  8. i dont think this will hurt recruiting like you people think
    Saban has barred them from PRE-season practice, its not like the scouts can’t watch their games whether in person or on TV, not to mention its not like the scouts dont get video of these players anyway
    i think they’re doing the right thing, and if more colleges follow suit, what are these kids going to do? not play in college?
    power in numbers, and with Saban and Meyer leading the way, i can definitely see more coaches following their lead

  9. There’s really no risk of losing recruits, because this ban is only temporary… a means to get the NFL’s attention & get them to take action on a very irritating problem with agents. The scouts will be allowed back in due time and the players will all be scouted properly. I think it’s a smart move, actually.

  10. I guess that the unions should start hanging around high school campuses to make sure that the coaches and their assistants are policing themselves to avoid secondary violations, right?
    You know what, maybe Urban and Nick should vote to part with some of their salary and their Nike money to help these kids with some walking around money instead of whining about this.

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