Jaworski questions Marc Bulger's passion for football

The ESPN Monday Night Football crew met with Ravens backup quarterback Marc Bulger before Thursday’s game against the Panthers, and described a beaten-down man.

Mike Tirico called Bulger a “defeated guy” after going through a 5-30 stretch as Rams starter, and Jaworski indicated Bulger is struggling to shake the football blues.

“We walked into that meeting, and it was like ‘I’m not sure I want to play; I’m not sure I’ll be here next year’ ” Jaworski relayed. “I just didn’t see the passion, the enthusiasm you have to play at this level, to work at it week in, week out.  Maybe he’ll get it back.”

The Ravens better hope Bulger gets it back considering they are paying him $3.8 million this year.

(Meanwhile, Bulger’s first two drop-backs as a Raven: an incomplete pass and a lost fumble.  Like he never left St. Louis.)

39 responses to “Jaworski questions Marc Bulger's passion for football

  1. now i know this site is all gossip he just said that like a few mins ago and there already trying to start some negativity

  2. Jaworski later said that he certainly expects him to get it back in a winning atmosphere in baltimore and bulger performed well. Why do you hate on the ravens rosenthal?

  3. He’s been permanently traumatized from the vicious beatings he’s taken ever since Warner left. He’s got ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ syndrome… its like overtrained athlete syndrome but it causes an increase in estrogen production, instead of HCG. It causes the pussification of men… and yes pussification is a technical term.

  4. “Multiple posters question Gregg Rosenthal’s passion for actual objective journalism…. and women…”

  5. Yep, same thing we saw in St. Louis for the last few years: absolutely no passion for the game. When he lost that fumble, it was no surprise. Same Marc, different uniform.

  6. @farvesfoopa….exactly right my friend, i know some of these “polaks” and i can tell you their not the brightest players around. they just like sniffing stockings and licking polish sausage. not that i would know that. PLEASE PAM OLIVER!!!! LET ME KISS YOUR SWEET PANTYHOSE CLAD LEGS ANGEL!….PLEASE! go bills!

  7. Yet Florio keeps insisting how great the guy is and how hes 1 of the best if not the very best back up in the league.
    While Vick is 1 of the worst. The guy really knows nothing about football. I wont lie hes very good at getting the information going on in the NFL but his opinions and analysts of it is horrible.

  8. Bulger got absolutely killed in St. Louis. He took too much punishment for any QB much less one as small as him.

  9. Jaworski also questioned the passion of the janitor at his complex for “cleaning duties”. Just something about the way the old guy dragged himself around on the night shift.

  10. Shocker, the fag rosenthal with a negative ravens post. Hey Rosenthal, why don’t you do a little research you idiot. Bulger has been VERY good in training camp. Oh, and Jaws was talking about when he was WITH THE RAMS…Seriously, you are a joke Rosenthal.

  11. Way to take something completely out of context. Jaws was talking about Bulger’s time in St. Louis. You actually get paid to write for this site?

  12. After hearing Rosenthal’s voice on the radio, readers question his passion for puberty and boobies.

  13. He did look very sorry and mediocre. Hopefully he can sack up and resemble at least a typical average backup qb. Well, he has had his share of sacking ie getting creamed. Maybe a little more time carrying a clipboard and less time eating syntheticl turf.

  14. @ Rosenpenis: then he compliments Bulger later saying, “that is the Marc Bulger of old. That was a great pass to lead the receiver to the open area. Something that Flacco needs to work on and Bulger can help him with.”
    You’re such a chick……or maybe just a dude with an extremely low testosterone count.

  15. You know, I dread watching these clowns. I like Gruden, but Jaworksi and Tirico? Gimme a break. Sickening to listen to. There’s not many good announcers out there anymore. Leave Bulger alone.

  16. So, will this finally end Florio’s badgering the Cardinals for NOT signing Bulger this off-season?

  17. Gruden: That guy’s a football player! Ill give a PFT over/under on how many times a year we hear that comment. Ill start it at 40.5

  18. Marc Bulger may have lost his desire to play football? That’s been obvious for awhile now – the collapse of the Rams took a lot out of him.

  19. I call B.S.!
    That IS NOT what was said on the air!!!!!
    “PFT” has become “JUST MAKIN’ SHIT UP”!

  20. I question Jaworski’s ability to commentate without sounding like an ass.
    40.5 is kind of low, usually 20 guys per game are Football smart guys, and genuine Football players to Jon Gruden.

  21. Jaworski is one of the worst commentator’s currently working NFL games. All he ever does is pander to the top QB’s in the NFL. All he ever does is talk about QB’s and create his own hype for his favorites. He is much better breaking down passing plays…but he rarely does that anymore. He is the most annoying commentator on MNF. He needs to be talking about the football, breaking down the plays. How in the world would he know about a players’ passion for the game? I feel for Bulger…since I am a Cleveland fan, I am pretty much accustomed to horrific QB play. Since Bulger signed on to be a back-up QB, Jaworski assumes he has no passion. The reality is, Baltimore paid him more to be a back-up than any other NFL team would have to start for them.

  22. Honestly, I think the guy is a great QB that is just tainted with fear from the terrible O’ Line he had with the rams in his later years there . He needs to gain some confidence in a great O’ Line and offensive coordinator which he will definitely find in bmore. Keep your head up brother..

  23. mmcnulty says:
    August 12, 2010 10:29 PM
    Who cares. Guy was always just a product of his team.
    You just summed up every player in the NFL.

  24. Favreispoopoo if you are going to insult a whole country and my wife. Spell it correctly. Not sure if you are a racist or just plain stupid. Idiot.

  25. You fail to mention (like that’s something new) that he made several good throws and marched the Ravens down the field a couple times. If you wanna talk smack about somebody, talk about Smith, he looked like garbage.

  26. Blulger has been done ever since I stopped considering him for fantasy football in 2008. But you gotta be outta your mind to think it matters wheter or not he has the desire to play football. He has the DESIRE to be paid 3.8 million dollars to MAYBE have to play some football at some point (but probably not). You only have so many years to play the game at a high level- if you can squeeze a few extra years of “getting RICH *&^%&!!! honk honk” out of that, more power to ya.

  27. Jaworski was talking about meeting he had with Bulger in ST Louis, While he was still with the RAMS, last year. He was not saying that the meeting happened this week. The best part is, this inaccurate article got picked up by Rotoworld, and a number of other media outlets and is spreading around the net. Bulger is happy as a clam to be in Charm City instead of the meat grinder that is St Louis. Ya think Ozzie is gonna pay $ 4 million to a 2nd string guy who has no passion for the game?

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